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The Future Of Virtual Reality in Software Development


The Future Of Virtual Reality in Software Development

The software development company has made 2020 to be an incredible year for Virtual Reality. It is among those technologies that are reinventing the way we live, get around, and work. It’s advancing at the pace of innovation.

The inception of a fully riveting computer-generated world to innovations like the “Ready One Player” offers you a glimpse of the real world, undoubtedly the advancements in Virtual Reality Technology are breathtaking.

As a matter of fact, Virtual Reality is a pioneering medium for creating intuitive and captivating experiences. By computing multiple senses (tactile, visual, olfactory, and auditory) for the unforgettable user experience, the virtual environment provides user entire lookout of the world and simultaneously provides a higher degree of customer engagement.

Adding to gaming and entertainment, VR Technology is stepping forward to streamline corporate activities. Moreover, they find myriad applications as technologies for solving numerous practical problems including equipment maintenance and installation, surgery simulation, business data visualization, pilot training, etc.

These were a few examples of VR Technology changing the spree. Nowadays, this emerging technology is replacing physical prototypes with digital simulations, helping organizations accomplish time and cost savings.

1. A Look Back Of VR Technology In Software Development

A Look Back Of VR Technology In Software Development

Did You Know!

The history of software development services commenced before the first electronic computer.

It’s weird but true!

As per the history of Computing Project, Charles Babbage coined an analytic engine in the mid-1800s. This was considered as the first computer to the world but was totally mechanical. It was a build-up of wheels, axles, rods, and gears. Moreover, punch cards were used to deliver software for computation.

Afterward, Integrator, Analyzer, electronic numerator were developed in 1945. This was the first-ever electronic computer and it utilized punch-card software. Over time, this method evolved and developed around 1950. This is the time when the term “Software” was framed by John Tukey, and with increased complex code development, the demand for the right software development company upsurge.

With the evolution of the computer, the complexities evolved too. This was the time when computer studies started to be known as legitimate science.

Let’s take a look at the evolution:

  • “Intel”, the forerunner in developing small and faster micro-processor.
  • Paul Allen and Bill Gates wrote an interpreter that compiled well with their chosen compiler and established a company, popularly known as “Micro-Soft”.
  • Then, Apple ||, launched in 1977, commenced software development services amalgamated with advanced operating systems. This technology blend leaves an ever-lasting impact and micro-computers were found everywhere.

This welcomed “Software Development” as an industry of its own.

2. Today’s “FocalPoint“ – The Software Development Company

Today’s “FocalPoint“ - The Software Development Company

Looking at today’s software trend, technology access on daily tasks is mind-boggling. Smartphones and smart-devices are seen everywhere, while mobile is there in everybody’s palm making it easily accessible and operational.

Software is referred to as a service that is paid for monthly services and is flexible too. For instance, Xicom is an offshore software development company epitome in providing a Saas solution that can be customized and tailored as per the client’s requirements to unfurl the success.

The right choice of digital partner helps you with communication, collaboration, and management and lets you accelerate business growth.

3. Virtual Reality Trend For 2020

Virtual Reality Trend For 2020

a) The VR & AI Augmentation

The list of trends in Virtual Reality can never be complete without the blend of Artificial Intelligence. The duo holds the capabilities to transform the world. They both are in their infancy, but to start with, they had already made some appearances.

Let’s take the example of social Sites like Snapchat and Instagram. The caricature and animal stickers are the creation of AI and VR. Now, talking about a scientific example, the Machine Learning microscope of Google is the right example. This tool is equipped with a feature of highlighting the cancerous tools.

This was the blend of Artificial Intelligence with Virtual Reality. Now, is the turn for Augmented Reality with Virtual Reality.

b) State-Of-Entertainment

The partnership of Oculus with the NBA is “The New” in the era. The brand is solely dependent on VR technology to provide impeccable and state-of-the-art experience to its user.

Did you make any guesses?

The time you are wearing the Oculus VR headset while relaxing on the courtside, you will realize you are actually in the game playing it.

Interesting, right?

This technology is becoming more and more accessible than before. It’s not just confined to gaming and gamers. The TV aficionados can too get entertainment as well.

c) Education & Training

The education and training industry are one of the rare and expensive exercises in the workplace. With the introduction of VR technology, organizations cut-off immensely on their cost and provide the best training to their employees by exposing them to the risk.

Recently, Walmart has used 17,000 Oculus Go Headsets for training their staff in the customer service department. This is just one example in the corporate world. Following the trends in the market, the U.S Army has been using Microsoft HoloLens technology to provider soldiers with real-time updates for their surroundings.

d) Travel & Tourism

Had you experienced VR traveling?

Traveling through Virtual Reality Technology is one of its own kind of experience. The immersive videos let you enjoy your destination much before the time you pack your luggage.

It’s right to say, VR Technology provides “try it before buying experience”.

For a better understanding, let’s take another example.

If you are claustrophobic in the cruise room, it’s better to test the water with Oculus.

What say?

Might be you will feel better after VR experience and feel comfortable in the room. This technology lets you explore the cruise rooms and hotel rooms before you check-in or much before you book it.

Moreover, besides from checking the rooms and hotels, you can have look at the street, venues, and eating points near-by. So, with the virtual tour, you can be sure of your choice for the hotel, stay, and food is good or not.

It’s not all, VR has a lot more. You can relive your vacations with VR travel apps. Isn’t it something to cherish for life?

4. The Future Of Virtual Reality

This seems one of the promising technology in the spectrum of software development. And, for an in-depth understanding, we asked 3 VR expert commentators to have a look into their crystal ball and share their views on what to expect from Virtual Reality in 2020.

Here is what they say:

a) “ A Gold Mine Of Opportunities “

A Gold Mine Of Opportunities

Matthew Wren, the co-founder, and chief technology officer at BUNDLAR, was asked what VR technology will bring in 2020?

He said wireless was a big jump, and it is expected to come with seeing resolution and motion tracking improvements, with some successful innovations in Haptics. While from the consumer perspective, I’m not sure how much useful eye-tracking feature will be. But from the aspect of developer and software development services, the data produced is a gold mine of capabilities for optimizing experience and production of usage metric.

Adding on, there will be a lot of location-based entertainment driving consumers and experiences soon. Beyond this, many industries and organizations have already adopted this technology.

b) “New Possibilities With 5G”

Sara Hill, the CEO and chief story-teller at Healium by storyUP XR. She forecasted VRceutical and ARceutical industry leveraging its power as a drugless solution to the present pharmaceutical.

They have the foresight for more sensor data from consumer fitness wearables turning into VR realities. This will make it easy and accessible for the user to rely on the experience and take the mandatory step that comes on their smartwatches or other accessories.

Even, their company is all set to develop a pair of a user-friendly set of glasses that allows the user to seamlessly swap between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

c) “Easy Accessibility Of VR With Facebook”

Easy Accessibility Of VR With Facebook

Micheal Boland, Founder, and Chief Analyst at ARtillery Intelligence said “ The debut of standalone VR headsets like Oculus Quest” – with Facebook’s investment in the cost and technology competition – the high-end VR will be accessible to a larger audience.

And, this revolution is expected to push the movement a step forward for VR as a consumer product in 2020 and ahead.

These were the technology experts, betting big on the VR technology as VR is a trend rapidly exploding. If you are among those curious heads, looking option to invest in VR and gain momentum across the consumer market, start right with the Free Project Estimation.

Wrapping up:

VR holds the potential to play a vital role in the coming era from learning to medicine. With Virtual simulations, the user can feel real-life experiences with a fraction of cost.

Lastly, make a wise choice for selecting your digital partner to get real about what’s happening in the virtual world.



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