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How to Integrate social media on a website – Try different ways?


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A business website is all about the content available in it, how successfully it is showcasing the products and services to the audience.

Integrating social media with websites has just become a trend nowadays because social media is the largest hub of every kind of audience. It consists of not only the niche customers but also the potential business influencers, investors and who not. 

It is not difficult to integrate social media with the business actually because almost every business today has its presence on social media. Secondly, there are various methods to integrate social media with websites which we’ll be discussing ahead.

One of the main reasons why the integration of social media with websites is getting popular is user-generated content. And social media is a hub of UGC. It would be not only good to integrate something genuine like UGC into business for more audience engagements but also it helps in building social by showcasing your global recognition to your customers.

What does social media integration with the website mean?

The term ‘integration’ generally means to add or join two things. Here again, the ‘integration’ means the same.

Social media integration with a business website is a concept of adding social media content relevant to the business with the website. But what does that social media content really consist of? Where does it come from?

Well, after the businesses came into social media, their customers and fans started connecting to them. By posting, tagging, mentioning, and using their hashtags, the user-generated feed take

Importance of social media integration with a business website

Social media nowadays has become obvious and a mandatory thing to everyone. Then why would only human beings have all the fun?

Brands and businesses are nowadays printing their foot impressions on social media as well. And further on they take the help of their social media acquaintance to leverage the business.

Some social media networks like LinkedIn and Pinterest work best for B2B businesses whereas Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are best for customer-based businesses.

Different ways of integrating social media on website

There are multiple ways of Integrating social media that we’ll be discussing now onwards-

Embedding UGC through social media aggregator

Social media aggregators are the best means of embedding social media with websites.

They are just made to integrate social media with businesses along with some other functionalities too.

The user just needs to have an account and to fetch the social media content through hashtags, location tags, mentions, lists, boards, or keywords. Once the content gets curated and takes a shape of a UGC feed within the aggregator, you can now embed it by generating the ‘HTML’ embed code. The code would be easily copied and pastable.

The benefit to embed through aggregators is that it allows to even moderate as well as personalize the content.

Moderation helps you to filter the content whereas personalizing features like themes, banners, background, custom CSS, and font styles help you transform the social media content look native to your website.

An ideal social media aggregator not only help in embedding but also keeps the social media feed updated in real-time.

• Embedding through social media network itself

Many social media networks offer the embedding feature at their individual level.

Like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow embedding their post, story, and timeline respectively to embed on their website.

The differences you’ll observe in between embedding through an aggregator and the network itself are as follows-

  • You have to embed content from every social media network separately, whereas, an aggregator allows you to embed the social media content from all the networks in a single attempt.
  • With an aggregator, you can even personalize the content but not with the social media network.

• Social Media Integration through Plugins

Plugins are the quicker solutions for CMS (content management system) based websites. In case you have one, you can just embed a plugin to your website and extract as much benefit as possible through it.

Plugins are a set of code already built for the particular functionality. For say, an Instagram plugin for Php or WordPress based website is built dedicatedly to embed Instagram feed into the respective websites.

Social media plugins are quick and easy to make sure to utilize the social media plugins according to your business. As plugins are very easily available but that requires subtle consciousness regarding the use of them.

• Embed Video content

Video content is considered to be the king of visuals and embedding video-based content can be beneficial for your website and business both.

Videos illustrate the idea in a quicker and more comprehensible way than any other visual. Reportedly, video content on YouTube converts at 1.16%, which is considered to be a satisfactory value when you have a billion of users.

Social media aggregators can assist you in curating videos out of the aggregated social media content. And also offers you video related functionalities like 

FYI: Role of UGC in Social media Integration

User-generated content is something that may consist of unmanipulated, unscripted, and genuine visuals. Integrating it into the website would be a wiser step for your digital marketing campaign.

Usually, the websites have just interactive infographics, transition effects. Having UGC on your website additionally could turn the game completely to the other side by increasing your website engagement and so business sales.


Social media and websites are like two platforms for a business. One lets the product or service run in the market and the other makes it popular and nowadays even helps in the purchase through the new marketing behavior called “shoppability”.

Social media integration could not only take the business to the summit but also checks the obvious mark of the social media presence of your business.

The market has smart solutions like social media integrators like Taggbox, that are apt in social media aggregation, curation, moderation, social media embedding, social wall embedding, converting UGC into shoppable and whatnot. I think one should not delay in integrating the website with social media and enjoy the exceptional benefits of it. 


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