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Security is a foremost need. With the world getting more chaotic with each passing day, the need for fast and effective security is becoming an immediate necessity. CCTV cameras have been in use to monitor, private properties, businesses, institutions, office buildings even streets and roads. Though with time they are becoming increasingly outdated and redundant.

Network Cameras or generally known as IP (internet protocol) cameras are the next big thing. The reason for their popularity is that unlike CCTV (Closed-circuit television) cameras they can be attached to a network or internet directly. Because of this instant connectivity and higher resolution, the network cameras are becoming the more desirable option. The video data can be received directly and in real-time, which can make all the difference in criminal and unfortunate situations.

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Things that make Network cameras alluring to consumers are as follows:

Ability to store a vast amount of data

CCTV cameras could not be connected to a network directly, First, they are connected to a DVR (digital video recorder) and then to a network or internet. Secondly, you have to monitor the CCTV camera footage 24/7 to catch an anomaly in it. The storage of video footage also took up a lot of space and the footage had to be expunged after some time. With network cameras, you do not have to worry about any of that. The network camera can detect the anomaly and notify you on the connected device and you can check the footage quickly to see what’s going on. Network cameras don’t store all the footage but only the footage in which there is a change in pixels. Network cameras can be connected directly to the internet or a local network for ease of access. Though they also work fine without being connected to any network on NVR (Network video recorders) too.

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They are easy to install

There are many misconceptions about network cameras. It is generally believed that they are hard to install and use. That might have been true before but today the technology has evolved a lot. They have been made so easy to use that they can be put up within a few minutes and start monitoring. The analog system of the older surveillance systems can easily be replaced by this new quicker technology by the same companies as axis cameras. Network cameras don’t consume any more power than the CCTV ones. Their basic design is based on the fact that they are easy to install and use for consumers.

Better quality video footage

Everyone is well aware of grainy image quality produced by CCTV. They were useful enough on the close range but for things far away from getting a quality image was next to impossible. IP cameras have much better resolution quality. Network camera gives you the option for the first time on surveillance cameras to have video footage in HD quality. One can even zoom in to see faces or license plate at a distance, making it very useful for surveillance purposes and keeping tabs on criminal activity.

Security need

It’s just basic common sense to secure your business and institutions. Having a network camera will instantly send you a notification if an alarm has been set off on your property. That means you can notify the authorities quickly. Having cameras installed in schools, offices and other institutions improve the security situation and helps with surveillance. Bullying, student fights, cheating, use of illegal recreational drugs, harassment, property damage, theft, and misconduct can be caught this way. The video footage is watermarked by date and time, so it is also solid evidence. As IP cameras are much smaller in size and by design made to be less obvious they can be installed discretely anywhere and connected to a network.

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They are installed all over highways in many countries to catch your vehicle’s speed, they take pictures of in real-time send them over to headquarters of the ones who were speeding or breaking traffic rules. IP cameras have proven to be effective in catching vehicles that are wanted or are on run, as they have better resolution and are on a larger network.

You can install it in the children’s room to monitor them and make sure that they don’t hurt themselves doing something. Network cameras are the most sort out surveillance technology in the age of the internet as they are made according to the needs of the time.


Network cameras are being eased slowly into the existing analog system. As they can be connected to any network DVR or NVR or direct, that means they don’t become a problem for the other devices in the older systems. As the older systems hit their age are retired they are replaced and upgraded by network cameras. This saves the owner and the company the installment cost of replacing the whole system. The network cameras are also quite cost-effective and are becoming increasingly available at competitive prices. These cameras also come in multiple forms. The basic system remains the same their design and function changes for different applications. For example, IP cameras for the front door help you check out who is ringing the bell.

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