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How to Use Google My Business to Get More Customers?

Everyone knows that showing on the top in Google Search result helps in improving the Company’s visibility on the internet. However, some of them seek for the free tools that can improve exposure and customer experience. In this case, Google My Business can be the best tool for you.

Google My Business is a medium to create a business profile on Google. Till now, it has improved the business of up to 76% businessmen by bringing more customers for them. Also, customers found it useful as they are able to understand about the company on Google itself.


Complete Guide to Google My Business


If you don’t know what Google My Business or GMB is, it is a free tool that helps you to easily take your business on Google and appear on the Google search and Map.


Here are some reasons to have a Google My Business account

There are many reasons to have a Google My Business Account:

  1. This will make easier for customers to find your location on Google and reach your store or office.
  2. It will increase your search visibility.
  3. GMB allows you to display some useful information on Google and let your customers leave some reviews.
  4. It is easy to use and free.
  5. It will help you lower the Google Ads cost.


Here are some steps to take advantage of Google My Business

Make your position on Map

Before you want to set up your profile, make sure that your address and information are fresh and it is not used by anyone else. Also, check for the old customer review, as you are starting new and anything old will create problems for you. After being sure, try to make your position.

Here, Google will guide you to make a profile. Lastly, ensure that your business is showing on Google Maps or not, so that potential customers can reach you.


Focus on your Listing


You should write a short and engaging description for your business using keywords, as this is what your customers will read first. Also, this will improve your search results. You can even add some videos and photos to describe your business, office, products, or employees. Also, be sure to mention the important information like physical address, phone number, and opening timing. When you will complete your listing in the right way, it will start displaying on the top google search results.


Customer Reviews are important

Customer Reviews are something that finds your target audience on social media checks first. It also affects Google My Business ranking. So it’s important to have happy customers and ask them to post some reviews on the internet. As you can’t pay your customers to write some positive reviews, some platforms that deal with review writing will help you.


Don’t forget the extra Features

When you have created your profile, explore everything offered by Google My Business. There are many different features and you don’t know what can help your business the best. So keep updated with that and keep on posting on websites, social media, and relevant platforms.


Using Google Analytics will help


Google My Business offers free access to Google Analytics Data. It will help you to identify the traffic on the website and how they are finding you. This data will help you to make the relevant changes and measure everything like posts, ads, CTA, and more.


Keep on reviewing your Listing

On Google, anyone can make the changes in your listing. So make sure to review it from time to time and make the relevant changes. Also, if you think that your competitor has a better listing than you, then update it accordingly.


Ways to get your business verified on Google

You can get your Google business account verified using a Mobile phone, email address, postcard, in bulk or instantly. And here’s how you can get it verified:


Sign in to Google My Business and choose the business to verify: When you are already logged to the Google Business account, simply select which business you want to verify.

Check whether you have selected the right business details like address, phone, email address, and contact name: It is important to have the right business data on Google.

Select the medium to verify your account: There are three mostly-used mediums for verification-

Via Mail or Postcard: Simply click on “Mail”, which is blue in colour- This can take up to 5 days. After receiving the Postcard, again login to your Google My Business account and click on “Verify Now”. You should enter the 5-digit verification code (on your postcard) in the area provided by google.


Via Phone: Simply click on “Verify by Phone”, and enter the right mobile number in the area. You will receive a Google Verification Code, so simply enter it in the area you notice on your screen.

Via Email: Simply click on “Verify by Email”, and navigate to your email account and check the Google My Business email. Once found it, simply enter the verification code from your email in your Google My Business Account and you are good to go.


Last Words

It is very important to manage your Google My Business listing with your Website and Social Media accounts as they all are interrelated. Make sure to follow all the above-given instructions and you will be able to easily take your business on Google. Good Luck!





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Im using my business for more than a year now and it helps me growing my lash business in Salzburg a lot. I’m uploading news and new pictures from time to time and people react on it. Very well written article.
Looking forward for many more articles like this.


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