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The Basic Steps To Building Your Own PCB


Building your own PCB isn’t an easy process; it takes a lot of planning and care to make a PCB that will perform how you need it to. Every component and trace you make will impact the final product. But it’s possible to do it, especially if you use a good PCB design program. Here are the basic steps to building your own PCB.

Make Core Decisions

First, you need to choose some of the basics, like how many layers your PCB is going to have and what materials you plan on using for the board. It’s key that you choose the right materials, so learn about how to choose the right materials for your PCB.

Make a Blueprint

Each PCB design program is a bit different when you go to design your PCB. The next step you need to take is planning your PCB design. This blueprint is what you can send off or follow yourself to make the PCB.

Place the Components

The first part of making your blueprint is placing all the components. Give enough space between components to prevent overheating and leave direct paths open between components for connections.

Drill First

You should look to plan your drilling spots next, as vias and mounting are going to be the most important parts after the component’s placement.


Once you have enough vias and places for the components, you need to plan the traces that connect all the parts of your PCB. Try to keep these as direct as possible to save space.


After you finish all the other steps, label everything you have on your PCB. This will help you alter your plans and help others understand what you’re talking about. This step is important, as it keeps everything orderly and consistent.

Send It In

After you have done all the other steps, it’s time to send in your PCB design for creation. If you aren’t outsourcing your PCB manufacturing, you’ll need to print up the blueprints and iron them onto a blank circuit board. This will help guide you as you create the PCB by hand, as you can just follow the blueprint on the board.

These are the basic steps to building your own PCB, though it’s a lot harder than it sounds. If you need help designing your PCB, some places will help you create the design to meet your goals.


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