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Killer Reasons to Get Refurbished Telecom Equipment


New equipment is what every company desires, but it can be costly. It could be heavy on the pockets. Every company cannot afford new equipment whenever there is a technology change. Companies need to look out for a possible solution and what is better than trying refurbished equipment.

Refurbished equipment is the used equipment with minor issues. It could be a brand new piece of unused equipment. Some companies still do not prefer the idea of buying refurbished equipment. It does not mean that refurbished equipment is of low quality and will create problems in the future. But that is not the case.

Why buy refurbished telecom equipment?

Buying refurbished equipment has numerous benefits which you need to know. Here are a few:

1. Refurbished equipment has lower costs

The main benefit of buying refurbished equipment is the price. The reason is compelling enough to get them rather than buying new equipment. The discount can range from 10-15%, and it can be more depending on the vendor. If you are a company that is going through a merger or cutting down costs. It is a more viable option than buying new equipment. Therefore, choosing refurbished equipment is the way to move forward.

2. Refurbished telecom equipment are certified

It clears all the doubts regarding the quality of the equipment. The telecom equipment comes with a title and sticker of refurbished. The refurbished equipment meets the requirements and is suitable to get used in various companies fulfilling the desire.

The manufacturer who is selling the refurbished equipment does not want to get it returned from the buyer. Therefore, the buyer has a sense of satisfaction that you have paid less for the item.

3. Companies source hard to find equipment

Technology is evolving at a pace and new telecom trends are in place, but it does not mean that there is no need for refurbished telecom equipment. Spares or replacements are frequently required to maintain existing systems. These parts may become even tougher to come by, putting a premium on their supply. With the advent of the internet, it is now possible to connect with more suppliers in less time than ever before. Companies can sometimes post what they’re looking for so that other businesses can flag it and divert any equipment that gets recycled to a reuse channel.

4. Beware of refurbished equipment that is counterfeit

When evaluating the telecommunications company’s service quality, it’s also important to emphasize not purchasing counterfeit equipment. This point of caution should be self-evident, but because it is so common. We want to emphasize its significance when buying refurbished telecommunications equipment. Unfortunately, there are some untrustworthy suppliers in the global telecom market, and purchasing these products can seriously harm your service’s operations and brand reputation. As a result, pay close attention to the refurbished telecom equipment supplier. Make sure it’s a reputable company with high-quality assurance standards.

5. Refurbished equipment is sustainable

Buying refurbished equipment helps your company meet its corporate responsibility goals by effectively recycling the product through reuse. Each refurbished line card, router, switch, or server you purchase reduces the amount of equipment that gets discarded. Reduce your costs and help the environment at the same time!

6. They provide maximum flexibility

IT procurement requires a great deal of flexibility. Every organization has different IT requirements, whether it is upgrading remote working solutions or refreshing large data centers. Refurbishment specialists frequently offer a selection of new, refurbished, and third-party devices at the component level. You can also create hybrid IT solutions, which are a mix of new, refurbished, and third-party IT. Combining services is a great way to stretch your IT budget while still meeting all of your technical requirements.

7. Refurbished telecom equipment have better warranties

When buying new telecom equipment, it’s common to get a 90-day or limited lifetime warranty, which is just what it sounds like: limited. It gets tough to benefit from the warranty. Limited warranties frequently necessitate inspections and other stumbling blocks before your equipment can be serviced or replaced. One of the advantages of purchasing refurbished networking equipment is that, depending on where you buy it, it usually comes with a better aftermarket warranty than new networking equipment.

8. Availability of a variety of parts

Parts availability is an ideal factor to consider when purchasing IT equipment. If the part is for an older model, there are likely to be more of them available because they’ve been in circulation for longer. That means parts or products are readily available and can typically ship faster, with in-stock items often arriving the next day. When you have a pressing need, you won’t have to wait for parts. These parts are dependable, and you get the added benefit of receiving them sooner.

What should get taken into account before buying used telecommunication equipment?

It is critical to conduct a thorough analysis before purchasing new or refurbished telecommunication equipment. As a result, ensure that the following topics get covered by the companies that provide the equipment:

  • Do they have a good track record?
  • Is there a warranty on the equipment and parts you sell?
  • Is their customer service up to par?
  • Do you have any quality assurance certificates? (For example, ISO9001, TL9000, and so on.)

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Chris Klow is Telecommunications Business Owner at Telecom Recycle

Chris Klow is Telecommunications Business Owner at Telecom Recycle. He is working relentlessly towards bridging the gap in the telecom industry by providing solutions for old/excess telecom equipment.

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