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The Art Of CopyWriting: How To Write A Sales Inducing Ad Copy


In the world of digital advertisement on average, a person comes across 1700 ads per day. Yes! That’s huge. So, how do you stand out & catch user’s attention to sell your products? Well, The art of copywriting can help you out. Roll up your sleeves to learn how to write a sales inducing ad copy.

The growth of your business does not depend on the one big thing you do excellently. It’s all about the little thing that matters a lot. When you’re running ads, there are no. of things that determine the ad campaign’s success. An engaging & persuasive Ad copy is one of them. Let’s understand exactly what ad copy is.

What Is An Ad Copy?

Writing an Ad Copy that sales are a mixture of art & science. You got to understand the science of customer behavior, what influences their buying decision, their pain point, challenges, and what engages them. And, then the art of writing comes in. Using the words that sound rhythmic and carry out strong meaning that arouse user’s desire & needs and persuades them to take action.

You have now understood how an excellent piece of copy is written that generates great sales. But, is it enough to get the massive conversion? No! Even though you have written a fantastic ad copy that catches attention and propels users to click. But what if your landing page sucks? Will customers still want to buy from you? No way!

For achieving tremendous conversions, along with an excellent sales-inducing ad copy, your landing page design, sales funnel strategies should be marvelous too. Don’t worry! You can’t only master these skills but also learn effective ways to scale your online business by learning digital marketing skills from the best digital marketing course in jaipur or from wherever in this world.

Now you know what other skill sets you need to develop to thrive your business online. It’s time to dive into how to write ad copy that sells.

The Art Of CopyWriting: How To Write A Sales Inducing Ad Copy

Copywriting has been there to increase sales of big companies for decades. People change, new innovation happens but there are some principles of writing a persuasive sales copy that never changes. And can be taken advantage of to increase your sales as well.

Most people think ad copy is all about writing a compelling piece of poetry. But, a compelling copy doesn’t necessarily sell your products. It may engage users, bring a smile to their face but don’t make them purchase the product.

The skill of copywriting is the same as salesmanship. You need to perceive yourself as a salesman, think about how you can sell the product through writing.

Don’t worry! If you don’t know how to ignite the salesman inside you that drives tremendous sales. Read on to learn how to write an advertisement script that sells masses.

1.    Figure Out What Makes You Stand Out From The Competition

Unless you have an innovative product that is enough to monopolize the market. You need to ponder on what is the one big thing that matters to your users that your competitors don’t have.

This can be your biggest weapon to wipe out the competition and bring customers under your influence.

Ask yourself why people should buy your product over others. What’s unique about your product that can be advantageous for your customers.

Constructive questions bring effective answers. And, you just need to find the one massive reason that stands you out from your competitors and impacts your customer’s lives positively.

This is called a unique selling proposition. Let me introduce you to what should be involved in USP for making it excellent.

An engaging USP involves:

Focus On What’s Valuable For Customer: Maybe your product has features that your competitors don’t have. But, if the feature does not provide any value to customers it can’t be a powerful USP for your products.

Assertive: The unique selling point of your product should represent what your copy says your product does truly. You can’t make anything your unique selling proposition you’re not, sure enough, will do what it says.

Memorable: Since childhood, we have come across many ads, and some of them successfully make home in our subconscious just by using a compelling slogan that represents the benefits of the product & services. This is exactly what you need to do here. Coming up with such a slogan that is only compelling but also reminds users about your product’s benefits and they remember the slogan for a long time.

Don’t worry! If you’re selling the same product with the same feature that others are selling you can still be the victor. Yes! You just need to brainstorm how you can represent the benefits of products in such a way the audience can’t go without.

2.    Grab User’s Attention With A Powerful Headline

No matter how compelling or persuasive your Ad body copy is. But if the headline fails to grab the user’s attention your ad body copy will remain unread.

So, now the question is how to write a headline that catches user’s attention and intrigues them to read more to find what’s in for them.

What Makes Your Headline Powerful?

Here are quite a few techniques you can use to craft a compelling powerful headline.

Ask Question: Headlines that ask questions are most powerful. It always works the best. But, for crafting a question headline you need to address the user’s intent, what does the user want, why is he looking for and what problem is he facing, etc.

Leverage Numbers & Statistics: People believe & influence through numbers & statics even though they forget it after 5 minutes. But, just by adding numbers & statistics in your ad copy headline, you can instantly boost the power of persuasiveness & trustworthiness.

Focus On The Benefit: Users never entice with the amazing features but

benefits always enthrall them. Instead of bombarding your products & services features in your ad copy. Think about how your product’s features are beneficial for your customers and craft them in a compelling way to add to your headline. Don’t if you can’t add them all. Pick the benefits that matter to the user most and feature it in your headline.

Use Fear To Your Advantage: Fear, doubt & suspicion is an infallible way to stop users scrolling and freeze their eyes on your ad copy. Contemplate how you can use these strong emotions to grab the user’s attention. And feature it in your headline in the form of a question to make it even stronger.

Emphasize On Usp: Featuring your powerful USP in your headline is great for catching user attention. It instantly sets your product aside a user can think of.

Promises & Guarantee: For making your product a safe deal to buy. Promise your prospects an advantage that they are not getting from the present products or services. This is the fastest way to get the customer in your loop. Besides, if you affirm the guarantee with your products & services it reduces the fear of spending money on a low-quality product, and customers are more likely to buy from you.

Focus On User’s Problems: What are the problems your prospects are facing that your product & services can solve? Sleep on it until you get the answer. Because most customers don’t buy because they like the product but for solving the problem they are facing. If you want to learn how to write a sales inducing ad copy. Learning the art of Illustration through words how your product or services solve your customer’s problems is the foremost thing you need to master.

What Makes Your Headline Powerful?

3.    Talk About The Benefits

Customers don’t care who you are, what you do, and the features of your product unless they find it profitable for them. I’m not saying that the features of your product don’t matter at all. But, customers don’t understand the language of features as they get hooked on the benefits.

Benefits of products & services put the users in a place to imagine how things will be simpler & easier for them.

Here is how you can turn your product features into benefits:

  • Write down all of your product features on paper or excel sheet.
  • Now think about what results each feature will provide to your user or how it’s helpful for them.
  • Write it down on the other side of the features.
  • Craft compelling lines that represent the benefits of features to add to your copy.
Talk About The Benefits

4.    Use Emotional Triggers In Your Ad Copy

Emotions sell more than logic does. People Are emotional creatures no matter how good their analytical mind works. Emotions find a way to win over.

Using emotions like fear, disgust, doubt, suspicion, happiness can make your ad copy super persuasive.

In response to negative fear, people take action because they don’t want to face the fear and who doesn’t want to experience exuberance.

For learning how to write a sales inducing ad copy you need to understand the behavioral science of your customers. And, pick their mind to get what they fear most, what makes them happy and what intrigues them to generate ceaseless sales.

5.    Create An Offer User Can’t Deny

Customers love to buy the product with an amazing deal. Whether they are getting freebies, exclusive discovery, coupons, free shipping, or anything you can provide your customer’s that they can’t refuse.

If you sell a product of 100$ and you give your customers a 20% discount for a limited time period. The calculation goes into the customer’s mind and saves 20$ voila! Rather than spending 80$ to buy the product.

So, let’s dive into it.

how to write an ad copy with an outstanding offer that customers can’t resist:

  • Calculate your product price and the estimated customer lifetime value. Set the profit aside that’s critical for you to run your business.
  • As you get how much money you have regardless of the profit into your pocket. Think about an awesome offer that matters for your user the most. It could be anything, such as discounts, gifts & prices, coupons.
  • Represent your offer proudly with a specific time limit that impels users to get the product right away.

Pro Tip: Provide your prospects as risk-free as you can. People are afraid of spending their hard-earned money on new products usually. For planting the seed of trustworthiness you need to vanish their fear by providing them a risk-free offer such as a money-back guarantee or return the product within a specific time.

Create An Offer User Can’t Deny

6.    Implement FOMO In Call To Action

Robert Cialdini the author of the bestselling book- Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion says. People are more likely to get spurred to take action by a fear of losing than gaining.

Yes! Creating scarcity or fear of missing out in your ad copy’s call to action is the way to get your users to take action.

For making it a success, you can craft a call to action which includes a sense of fear or an irresistible offer that the user can’t afford to deny.

If you’re making an ad copy for the landing page. For boosting the sense of scarcity you can use a countdown timer. And, for Facebook, email or google ad copy include a time limit that generates fear of missing out. Like sales will end in 2 days, only 100 pieces left. More precisely make it a now or never deal.

Pro Tip: If you want to make your call to action more powerful. Make sure you use an active voice in it and make the user feel as you are speaking directly to them. Plus, reassure the readers again through your call to action what benefits they are about to get with a playful phrase.

Implement FOMO In Call To Action

Conclusion: Advertising is the backbone of any company that makes people aware of their brand, product & services and brings massive money to the table by boosting sales. In this article, I have uncovered 6 secrets of how to write a sales inducing ad copy for email, social media ads, Google AdWords or display ads for skyrocketing your conversion rate.

The essence of writing a sales inducing ad copy is to understand your customer’s behavior, wants, needs, fear, emotions, and factors that influence buying decisions. If you can decode this & skillfully present it in a compelling way you’re on your way to getting tremendous conversion in your advertising campaigns.


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