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Must-Have Features of a Website’s Home Page


There are certain pages on a business or a service website, like Amazon, that play a crucial role in the way of the success of that business. No matter what your niche is or where you are located, some pages will always help you to grow, but what are they?

The most significant and effective page that will lead to growth is your “Homepage”. There are many factors to consider to have a good and complete homepage.

Homepage: The storefront window

Every site, all over the world, contains a homepage but most do not know the importance of this page. Many ignore their homepages because they think other pages are more important. So, they do their best to create strong pages rather than a strong and well-designed homepage.

This does not mean you should only be working on one page. When a customer searches you on a vast field of pages, like Google, the first thing that attracts them is your home page. There should be a vivid explanation of what you do and how you will help them.

If you have a perfect and catchy homepage, you will be able to control that person’s navigation on your site. By clear explanation, you can introduce your pages on your site to them and they are more likely to visit those pages and you can easily convert them into your clients and attract traffic.

Design is also important on each page of your website. You should hire creative graphic designers to help you with this issue. You can ask Web Design Services Australia to help you with this issue.


Specify the pricing of your products and services. How much money should be paid for each service or product? When the pricing is clear, people who tend to use your service or buy your products can make better decisions.

For example, you want to buy a car. You go and search the car type and brand, you will see some beautiful cars with no price tag under the posts. On the other hand, there is a website that clarifies the price of your favorite car. Which one will you choose? Absolutely the one that makes everything easy for you and gives you adequate information to pick what you need!

In this way, you will gain your customers’ trust.

FAQ page

Anyone who visits your website has a goal, but sometimes they may hesitate what to do or to buy. By using the FAQ page, you will help them to decide better and you get your products sold.

The FAQ page should include some basic questions that a person may ask themselves. After you have provided the questions that can meet the needs of your clients, you should give those questions, reasonable answers.

Note: The goal of FAQ page is to gain people’s trust.


A testimonial is a third party statement that comments on how good a product or service is.  Any business needs feedback from their clients to improve their services and businesses. If you do not have testimonials on your homepage or website, you have ignored one great point.

But, if you have it on your website and you are running it well, you are so many steps ahead of your competitors. Most site owners do not really care about it, which is completely wrong. And some who do this, do it not correctly, which is completely wrong again.

Ask people to leave comments for you to talk about your business. People who are new to your website and do not know if they can trust you can easily understand and believe you and your business if there are good feedbacks.


There are many other things that you can do in order to improve the quality of your website and homepage. But, these 3 mentioned parts are the most essential ones. Remember everyone who enters your website is not a client.

You should persuade them to choose you among all people giving the same service and this will be achieved by good and clear job both on your website and in your real shop. Having a good business website is like having chain shops all around the country or even the world.

Never underestimate the power of online marketing in your business. Most people, in today’s world, do not have the time to go out shopping and they would prefer to do their shopping online.


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