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Stressed Out? Relax With These 5 Free Apps


Stressed Out? Relax With These 5 Free Apps

You might use a multitude of applications that help you in many ways – helps you in getting from one place to another, connects and shares you with friends, or set reminders and alarms. But you might not be aware that millions of applications are available on App Store and Play Store that focus on mental health.

If there is one thing that is experienced by every individual in the modern world, it is stress. But what exactly causes stress? Could technology be a primary factor? While the advent of technology has escalated the ease of our lives, it has also increased the speed at which it moves.

It is supposed to make our lives easier, but it has also increased the stress rate among people of all ages. Phone calls and emails are rolling every time. And special thanks to the Internet – now businesses can be conducted anytime, anywhere. Work never seems to end, and that is not cool, right?

How does technology cause stress in your life?

– Tech-savvy lives make people juggle too much.

– There is a negative impact on your sleeping patterns due to having electronic devices in the bedroom like tablets, iPods, laptops, etc.

– Instead of interacting physically, people spend more and more time on social media platforms.

– No matter if it’s a kid or an adult, you will always find them on phones.

– People don’t walk. They drive because it saves time.

Luckily, there are a plethora of ways to overcome stress. Well, it is beyond the bounds of possibility to unplug your life, so now is the time to try these free five applications that are built for both IOS and Android users.


These are a few stress management applications that might work effectively as stress-management tools. Go through the entire article to know more about stress-management applications.


It is one of the simplest and easy-to-use applications that guide users through a series of controlled breathing exercises. It plays an intrinsic role in relieving stress and making you feel more energized. Breathe2Relax is an application with an amalgamation of visual and audio cues that slows down your breathing rhythm while the soft and light music plays in the background. With the help of this versatile and well-functional application, the users can easily adjust the inhale and exhale length, and the number of cycles.

It is the best smartphone application development with various instructions and exercises. This application tends to include all the detailed information about the effects of stress on your entire body. This smartphone application has many instructions and exercises with documented stress-management skills.

Zen Spaces

If you are most commonly faced with a creative block, try to spend a few minutes rearranging your virtual Zen Garden. This application helps you free your mind from overthinking and stress. This application usually comes with four soothing sounds. Additionally, if users want, they can add songs of their own choice from the iTunes playlist for a more personalized experience.

This application has flexible and cost-effective plans so that it becomes a convenient option for all types of users.

Pocket pond

When a lot of things are going on in your mind, you need a break. Refresh your mind by watching colorful fishes swimming in crystal clear water. This free-of-cost pocket pond application allows the application users to add additional fishes and dragonflies to the pond. You have to feed the fish and touch the water. How relaxing and refreshing would that be? Also, this application has a thunderstorm mode that is full of energy and exceedingly entertaining.

Features of this application

– There are millions of fish that users can collect.

– Any user can visit the ponds of their friends.

– The ponds are beautiful and serene with a relaxing ambiance

– Decorate your ponds the way you like

– It is completely interactive. Just touch the fish, and it will respond to that touch.

Relax with AJ (Andrew Johnson) Lite

If unwinding becomes troublesome for you, try to use the relaxation applications guided by one of the famous hypnotherapists Andrew Johnson. Johnson tends to speak in a slow and polite tone. That relaxes your muscles promptly. This free-of-cost and easy-to-use application are designed for users who can sit in a chair and run this application for fifteen minutes. This is a simple relaxation meditation that is particularly designed to let users have a deep state of mental and physical relaxation. (Andrew Johnson has been working with both individuals and groups for several years. He teaches people how to relax, meditate, and have a stress-free mind. He developed his first application in January, and now he continues and comes up with helpful applications and online courses).

 Relaxing sounds of nature lite

It gets disturbing and frustrating to work sometimes, isn’t it? Well, relaxing sounds of nature lite is an application that is an ideally suitable solution for you. Just put your headphones on and launch any soothing sound in this application yourself. This application includes natural sounds like sounds of rain, whale calls, and a variety of beach sounds. The app users can also use the mixture and combination of sounds from their soundtrack and the application’s soundtrack.

Are these applications specifically designed for relieving stress?

A few applications on Play Store and App store are specifically designed for people who are dealing with stress and need stress management techniques. Many of these applications tend to provide a digital form of strategies that have been highly recommended for stress management.

Whether it’s a battle you go through on a day-to-day basis or any other occasional flare, the effects of depression and stress take a toll on your productivity, and more specifically, your health. The aforementioned applications can help you alleviate stress management easily. Examples of applications that help in alleviating stress include meditation applications, symptom tracking applications, therapy applications, and more.

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Linda Hartley is a digital marketing manager at Appstirr, who loves to write content on the latest topics, including Blockchain, B2B business models, application development and much more.


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