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Stand Out on LinkedIn: 5 Creative Ideas for Your Background Photo


In 2022, you can’t reach the highest peaks of the corporate ladder based on merit alone. You must know how to market yourself. One way to make a splash is with a strong online presence. With over 810 million users, LinkedIn is the smartest online platform to grow and cement your professional identity on. 

How do you stand out in a sea of leading entrepreneurs? It’s simple: a creative background photo. Using a unique and eye-catching cover image, you can instantly distinguish yourself from your fellow corporate climbers and provide insight into your professional identity and values. 

Here are five creative ideas for your next background photo. 

1. Incorporate Your Logo 

Your face and your brand should be so deeply connected that they’re almost interchangeable. After all, you represent your company and your company represents you. One way to reinforce this link is with a background emblazoned with your company logo. Marketing Executive Michael Capiraso effectively illustrates this technique by overlaying logos from companies he’s worked for in his LinkedIn background.  

If plastering a large logo in the background of your LinkedIn doesn’t match your brand’s aesthetic, a small overlay in the corner is another effective way to unobtrusively link your brand to your professional identity. 

2. Think Local 

Recent research has found that consumers are becoming increasingly distrustful of big businesses, with Gen Z leading the charge. Whether your business is large or small, you can create a sense of credibility by highlighting your connection to the local area. Use a striking photo of your city’s skyline, a beloved local landmark or even a photo of your office. Don’t be glamorous, be authentic! This will cement your brand as a strong part of the community and dispel the notion that your customers are just numbers. 

3. Focus On People

Consumers are drawn toward brands that behave transparently. Give your company an authentic feel by humanizing your brand. You can do this by showing the faces behind your business in your cover photo. Ditch the stiff corporate photography and replace it with dynamic, candid images of your team in action.

Research has shown that humor correlates with positive brand feelings. Consider which image is more visually appealing: your staff sitting around a boardroom or someone juggling with your products. If physical comedy doesn’t suit your brand identity, you can keep things serious. The only criteria is that movement is key.

4. Be Aspirational

If the personal approach doesn’t suit your brand identity, an alternative way to attract prospective stakeholders is to appeal to society’s aspirational nature. You’re not just selling a product or service, you’re asking consumers to buy into a lifestyle. For example, if you’re selling apparel, a photo of a model in a stunning bikini might attract immediate attention, but it won’t be memorable.

Your audience should be able to picture themselves in the scene. Tap into consumer consciousness with a vibrant background image that inspires awe and envy, like a group of swimsuit-clad models lounging around the poolside sipping cocktails.

5. Use a Quote that Drives You 

No budget for a professional photoshoot? No problem. Another creative option for your LinkedIn background photo is a quote. Using crisp, clear typography and high-contrast colors (white on black is tried-and-true), communicate your brand’s message with a few simple words. If your brand has a memorable or catchy slogan, use it. If not, borrow a quote from the public domain that inspires you and encapsulates your brand’s mission.

Building a strong and memorable brand on LinkedIn is a cornerstone to professional success in 2022 and beyond. Use the ideas above to create a visually stunning background photo that will take your brand identity to the next level.

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