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Software Companies That Have Made A Significant Mark in the Industry this year


Customer Relationship management

The pandemic was hard on every business and especially the workplace environment and employees. From shaken financial markets to layoffs, it was quite a journey. 2020 has been a rough road, and we must appreciate and honor everyone who has come out of it with flying colors. Here are a few companies that conquered the challenges the year threw at them.

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Customer Relationship management is the most efficient tool required to run any business, which is exactly what Salesforce does. One of the first companies to pay paramount attention to SaaS and has now pioneered it in every way. Essentially it utilizes cloud technology to let companies connect to customers, smoothen workflow and increase profitability. In 2021 almost all companies are using the software, from Amazon to Adidas.

Salesforce is almost always hiring, so if you are looking to bag yourself a seat in the house, you must email your department of choice right now. Confused as to how you will get there? Just use email finder tools like that lets you find any professional’s official email in the world!


As the world made a 180 degree turn from offline to virtual, one company that had almost a 50% boost in their numbers was Canva. Canva is a platform that helps people design graphics, presentations, posts, documents, and much more easily with their drag and drop features.

Tons of brands have been using it for their social media and websites. They had an astronomical 87.5% increase in their valuation from 2019 to 2020; it has got all website designers, graphic designers, and professionals under its charm.


One of Forbes’s top newcomers in 2020, Dave has reached around a 3.5million users. The company aims to let people maintain their personal budgets between paychecks. It is a digital banking service that lets users understand their expense cycle and pay loans sufficiently.

Almost every American faces the challenge of paying fees on their overdrafts, and Dave wants to resolve this issue. The app has already created huge ripples across the market, and the road ahead for them looks smooth and a successful one.


Figma has been in use for a pretty long time now; however, 2020 was a huge milestone for them. The company reaped a new valuation of 2 billion dollars as online became the new normal. It is a free browser-based site wherein designers can design their prototypes and collaborate on design projects in real-time.

There are ample tools that you can utilize to create designs. Unlike Canva, this app allows you to build your graphics from scratch. A lot of professionals and teams have been using this to create websites, pitch presentations, vectors, logos, and a lot more.

In Conclusion

These top companies played smartly and used the pandemic and virtual shift to their advantage. The last year has been a train wreck for many, but these few diamonds in the rough have emerged as strong competitors to a lot of software companies. They have left their mark and made the world realize the importance of online software tools.


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