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SEO can help SMEs Achieving Rapid Growth


Small and Mid-Size enterprises are those whose revenue, number of employees they have hired or assets fall below a certain point. These businesses are in their struggling phases and trying to reach the top. Generally, we can say that these are the firms that do not depend on any high-class company and they have employees less than 50 in number. Usually, these businesses take a lot of time to flourish because they have no link to the upper business industry and it takes a great period of time to get recognition among consumers. However, Search engine optimization can help them to a great extent in getting recognized among the buyers that too in a very short period of time.

How SEO can help SMEs in achieving rapid growth?

Since the new generation does not like to hop on the streets to get the product they are looking for, instead, they quickly fire up the phone, go to the top searches and find what they are looking for. Therefore, to keep up with the new generation and new trends, you have to have websites that must be developed by some professional. There are many web design services that can help you in building the greatest website of all. However, only developing a website is not enough since you must have SEO service to make your website recognizable. You can find various SEO services in Islamabad and hire them to handle the SEO content of your site.

SEO can enhance the quality and quantity of your online store since there are uncountable websites present on Google searches but we only reach the websites appearing in our top searches. Hence, these websites are the ones visited most by the people and they have the largest traffic and acknowledgment among people globally. SEO is used by all the top websites through which they reach the top Google searches. SEO can help small businesses in many ways such as:

  • Steer Traffic to Your Site
  • Gives Credibility to Your Brand
  • Good Conversion Rate
  • Awareness
  • Enhance Engagement
  • Cost-Effective
  • Long-Lasting Effects
  • Overcome the Competitors

Steer Traffic to Your Site

One of the main functions of SEO is that it can drive a huge amount of traffic towards your site which is otherwise impossible to attract. The more traffic your site will have the more acknowledgment your business will get. More acknowledgment means more sales and greater revenue. SEO will make your website and business stand out among your competitors by making it easy for consumers to find you out. It increases the visibility of your business not only nationally but also globally; since, the internet is used by the whole world.

Gives Credibility to Your Brand

It is human nature to trust something they see oftenly, if you notice your behaviour you will analyse that you trust those people you see daily even though they are strangers. Hence, the more people see your website oftenly in various google searches the more they will acknowledge it and the more they believe in the credibility of your business.

Although, it will take time for your business to be credible among consumers; since, it is not an overnight task. People will take time to get familiar with it as it requires a lot of patience. Moreover, with SEO, you need to make sure to give them a good user experience and quality products to enhance the essence of trust.

Good Conversion Rate

SEO can make your website better looking and faster loading; moreover, it can increase the user interface for visitors. Hence, the more people have uncomplicated experience the more they will stay on your site and find the product they are looking for. The increase in time of staying is directly proportional to the conversion rate. The traffic will convert into customers.


Another important factor that SEO will help in is to create the Awareness of your brand. The awareness will lead to recognition and make your brand trustable among consumers. Strong internet presence surely affects the thinking of consumers in your favour.

Enhance Engagement

Through SEO you will have a more engaging site and it will allow the consumers to interact with you and your product. The consumers will feel related to your site and brand and the more they will feel involved the more they would want to be a part of it. Involving your consumers is a great way to know their needs and complaints and set your brand accordingly.

The engagement will also help you in forming a relationship with your clients; such as, introducing a chatbox to your site where consumers can  ask their queries or problems and get answered quickly. This relationship will help you in converting the consumers into your customers.

Cost Effective

Since a lot of people with new business or small business struggle with paying the heavy costs of advertising. Therefore, SEO can rescue them as it is very cost effective with definite and guaranteed results. They can save their money and have guaranteed results together.

Long Lasting Effects

SEO can provide a long lasting and positive effect to your business unlike other forms of advertisement that has a very short term effect. Hence, you can get the benefits of SEO for a very long time.

Although SEO will not provide results overnight; therefore, you have to be patient and as soon as you start getting results  be sure that it will benefit your business in the long run.

Overcome the Competitors

Let’s suppose two websites are selling the same products or offering the same services but one is optimised and the other one is not. Who do you think will get the more audience? The answer is obvious that the optimised one will have more acknowledgment among the consumers and they will have more customers as compared to the non optimised one. Thus, SEO will help you in overcoming the competitors and be the number one in the market.

Some SEO Tips For SMEs

If you are planning to optimise your site there are some tips that will be helpful for you:

  • Exploring the right keyword will have a great impact on your site.
  • Do not over do the keywords. Your site should not be filled with the Keywords as it will cause a bad impression.
  • Develop a website that can be easy to navigate and scroll even on different devices.
  • Make sure the images you are using are optimised.
  • Make sure your content is easy to understand by others instead of just focusing on fixing the keywords.
  • Keep a check on your website to get a better understanding of SEO techniques.
  • Nobody likes websites that take a lot of time to load; therefore, make sure your website will not take much time to load by decreasing their loading time.
  • Keep yourself up to date with all the latest trends of SEO to be the number 1 in the market.
  • Make sure your website offers something unique to the visitors that will keep their interest in your product.

SEO for SMEs

Optimise your site today and transform your small business into a big one by generating greater revenues.

Author Bio:

Sarmad is an Outreach Manager at Ebridge, a software company in Islamabad, Pakistan. She looks after all the publications and outreach queries regarding business. Also, he has a passion to serve blogs with his expertise in the form of write ups.



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