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How to Create a Video Speed Dating App?


As we are busy in our daily life, it becomes harder to take time out to socialize regularly and find the right guy/girl to hang out with. This challenge of how to manage a lack of time and boost your social life has spawned a range of speed dating apps. The online speed dating business is huge, for reference if you look at the US market alone, then according to Statista, there are 26.6 million users of dating apps.

What is video speed dating?

How to Create a Video Speed Dating App

As the term indicates, users of video speed dating apps meet several like-minded singles virtually for a short period and talk to one another. And in this short time, they try to make up their mind whether they should take the relationship forward or move on to the next person.

If you are fascinated by starting an online speed dating business and want to build an app, then you should follow the steps given in this article.

Important steps to build a video speed dating app

These are some important steps that you need to follow if you want to build a successful video speed dating app.

Know about your competitors

If you are trying to build a video speed dating app, then you must be aware of what your competitors are offering so that you can better them to gain an advantage.

Therefore, thoroughly research other video speed dating apps that are available in the market. Select your main competitors so that you can analyze their strengths and weaknesses before you start building your app.

When you research your competitors who have successful video speed dating apps in the market, you get an idea regarding what are those features that work and should be included in your app.

Concept validation from your target audience

You must validate your idea with your target audience. To validate your idea, you can create wireframes or clickable prototypes to get feedback from potential customers. If the feedback is positive, then you can go ahead building the speed dating app. You can also look at various surveys relating to the speed dating business to find whether the app you are trying to develop has a good demand in the market?

Get the right team

Once you have drawn a rough plan of the app, then the next step is to find the right team to build the app. To develop the speed dating app, you can either hire a freelancer or contact a well-established mobile app development company.

Both of these alternatives have their pros and cons. For example, if you hire a freelancer, then while the app development cost will be low, you cannot guarantee the performance and overall quality of the app.

On the other hand, if you give the contract to build a video speed dating app to a well-established company, then the quality and performance are guaranteed but the cost would be very high. Therefore, you must carefully analyze the options and choose the right one.

Select technology stack

To maximize your profit, you must choose the right technology stack. To find the right technology stack, you have to consult with experts in this field. The experts would guide you regarding which technologies and tools you would need to develop a high-performance and secure speed dating app.

How to make your app unique

Once you have selected the team who would create your video speed dating app, the next step is to sit with them to decide how to make your app attractive and easily accessible to the user. You should also decide whether you want to build your app native or hybrid (for both Android and iOS).

Make the interface easy to use and attractive by adding a simple layout, beautiful colors, and cute-looking animations. Your app must also have some essential features to improve its utility amongst the user. Some of the important features include the following.

  • Easy accept or reject request feature (like swiping right or left).
  • Sign in with a social media account and delete the account.
  • Photo and profile verification.
  • Live video calls and text chat.
  • Filter search option.
  • Abuse reporting, profile hiding, and blocking.
  • Search and like profiles.
  • Online and offline access.
  • Dating tips and suggestions.

In addition to all of these features, there should be some important admin features to ensure it offers a better service to the user. Some of these admin-related features include the following.

  • Instant notification management.
  • Privacy and report management.
  • Age, sex, religion, and language management.
  • User preferences and status.
  • AI-based matchmaking system.
  • End-to-end encryption for chat privacy.
  • Subscription and payment management.
  • App support and settings.

Launch MVP gauge the market reaction

Before you create a complete video speed dating app with a live feed, you should launch the MVP of the app first. This will help you to not only test its performance but also check the market response.

Select app monetization method

Once you have fully developed the app, the next step is to monetize it. There are multiple ways through which you can earn money that includes using advertisement services integrated with your app, and offering premium features for some users who are paying a subscription.

Launch your app

Once you have positive feedback from your MVP, then it is time to complete the app and launch it in the app market. If you want to launch it both in the Apple App Store and Android Play Store, then follow their unique listing requirements to get your app listed in them.

Once your app is listed in these App Stores, the next step is to launch a digital marketing campaign so that your target audience becomes aware of your app and they download and try out its various features.


Video speed dating is a new concept and it is still evolving. You should carefully look at its market demand and if it looks positive, then find the developer with experience to build the app that offers your users the features they are looking for in such an app.


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