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Search Engine Optimization Site In 2021-2022


Optimization of a site (English search engine optimization, SEO) is a set of measures to change a number of pages in order to maximize their compliance with the requirements of search engines, and, as a result, increase the visibility of a site in search engines.

Search engine optimization of an Internet site takes a key place in the success of promotion, since it is, in fact, its basis. Search engines pay less and less attention to external ranking factors, the link component, and more and more they take into account the quality of the content, as well as its optimization. It allows the pages of text to be ranked correctly and in a timely manner by search engines, to show the necessary pages in the search results, and is the main way to bring a large pool of low-frequency users to the top 10 by topic.

Search engine optimization of a site usually involves the following steps:

  1. Compilation of the semantic core.
  2. Content analysis, allocation of pages for the promotion of key queries.
  3. Formation of URLs.
  4. Writing optimized texts.
  5. Correction and addition of information in the meta-tags of the pages, as well as the title.
  6. Internal linking.
  7. Providing convenient and optimized site navigation.
  8. Technical optimization of the site code.
  9. Correct and complete design of the robots.txt file.
  10. Drawing up a sitemap (sitemap.xml).

And the 11th point is to check the site with the service. Here is an example of website information

Compiling a semantic core is a key point in optimizing an Internet site, since the final result of the promotion directly depends on the correctness of this process. Correctly selected keywords that reflect the topic and bring the target audience are the cornerstone of website optimization for any topic.

Today search engines are very picky about the content on the promoted pages. Therefore, it is extremely important that the information on them matches the key request as closely as possible. In addition to better ranking in search engines, such site optimization significantly helps to increase the conversion of visitors to real sales.

The text on the site is a very important component of promotion. It is imperative to find the right mix and keyword saturation of the page, as well as write sales copy that will attract buyers (and be unique!). Often, search engine optimization of a site just means writing the texts necessary to promote key queries. However, there are sites where the text component is not dominant, and there other factors come to the fore.

The exact occurrence of key queries in the Title tag is one of the most important ranking factors, therefore, when searching for a site’s search engine optimization, it is necessary to fill in this tag for all promoted pages. Also, the content of this tag is often shown as a title in the snippet, which helps to attract the target audience. In addition, the Google search engine uses the content of the Description tag to form the body text in the snippet, so you shouldn’t neglect it either.

Internal links on the site also have a significant weight in the eyes of search engines, so website optimization implies their placement on its pages. In addition, at this stage, the quantity and quality of existing links are analyzed. If there are any inconsistencies between the content of the links and the pages to which they lead, then they are immediately eliminated. This method of website optimization is convenient because we can supply the required number of internal links without any costs, except for the time of a specialist.

Site navigation is a key method of increasing conversions as it directly affects the number of clicks before ordering. It is also often possible to include key queries in the names of sections and subsections, which will also be internal links.

Website load time seriously affects the decision of the user, who may simply not wait for it to finish and switch to a competitor. Also, this factor is already beginning to be taken into account in ranking by search engines. Therefore, the technical optimization of the site must necessarily include measures aimed at reducing the page load time. Correction of code errors can also be referred to this stage. The so-called code validation plays a rather important role in website optimization.

The robots.txt file is a guideline for search engines to ensure that your site is indexed correctly and quickly. It is necessary to pay special attention to its correct filling in order to avoid further errors and troubles associated with incorrect indexing of pages.

The site must have an xml file (sitemap.xml) containing links to all pages of the site.

Reference weight and age . If the promoted resource is referenced by a sufficient number of natural links (from news portals, from press releases, ratings, regional directories, etc.), then the link budgets will be minimal. For young projects, it will be necessary to develop an additional link strategy for promotion in the TOP-10 of Google, which is especially susceptible to external links.

Regionality, which is directly related to the number of competitors in search results.

The number of requests for promotion . Every 5-10 search queries form a new landing page, on each of which you need to place content, get links, optimize the Title and Description meta tags (minimum scope of work).

Professional website optimization

From all of the above, it follows that search engine optimization of a resource is a task that requires a clear understanding of ranking factors, knowledge of the basics of site building, content management skills, and experience in promoting projects on the Internet. It should also be taken into account that high-quality website optimization is not only improving the position of resources in search results, but also improving them in terms of user friendliness. This means that your resource and your entire business will only benefit from this. That is why website optimization should be carried out by qualified SEO specialists.


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