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Paying for TVchannels even though we watch ads


We all would admit to the fact that nothing freaks us more than annoying commercial ads in the middle of watching our favorite shows, especially if it is a much-awaited climax scene. This does make us ponder why we have to bear these intruding ads while we pay for the TV shows that we want to watch. We dig in for a plan like Spectrum TV Silver for instance, with the most exhaustive channel line-ups at a more cost-effective price. We want to enjoy watching our desirable channels and shows. No doubt TV commercials have been there for a long time. Back in the 70s and 80s, shows would have a couple of ads from the sponsors before the viewers are back to the show again. So it makes sense to have 10% ad time and 90% show-time. But with the passing years, a shift in this percentage has been observed. Let us dive in to find it out!

How Much TV Ads the Audience Tolerates?

You will not be so happy to know that in 2016, as much as 40% of the time would go to TV commercials while the viewers got to enjoy the remaining 60% of the time as their show watching time on their favorite channels.  And this percentage has likely increased in the past years. Cable networks rely mainly on these ads for earning revenue and they know that their high ranking TV shows would allow them to earn more monetary benefits by airing maximum ads. And this is what happens.

The question here is that viewers generally see an increase in the cable bills now and then. This makes them question-why do they pay the hefty bills when they often feel that there are more commercials to watch than the shows. And it is no exaggeration to say that sometimes you even end up feeling is the show ever going to come back since the ads do not seem to stop rolling. Ten or twelve minutes gone and still no sign of the show again will make anyone freak out.

Dealing with the Ad Annoyance

What you often end up doing is flipping through the channels or searching for something else interesting in the meanwhile. But accept it-it often kills the whole vibe of the show you are watching and the never-ending ads seem to be the culprits behind.

None of us wants to sit in front of the TV to watch commercials. You are always looking for some good quality content to ease your mind. And what is worse is often when you realize ads are going on everywhere. How come all these channels are airing these annoying ads at the same time?A question that often pops into our head. Well, it could be since at times one company owns multiple channels so you mind seeing ads running at different channels at the same time. The reason behind could be the fact that they might be owned by the same company or it might all be a coincidence.

Considering Alternate Options

If you think you cannot cope with the commercial breaks then it might be the right time to switch to other non-advertisement options where you get to enjoy non-stop content of your choice. This is where online streaming services come to your rescue. Most of them do not have any advertisements running in the middle of your favorite shows. So you can binge-watch all your favorite content without any interruptions. This is also one of the reasons there has been a recent increase in cord-cutting trends. Since viewers seem to have had it with the nonstop advertisements and do not feel there is any point in paying the heavy cable bills. So they switch to any of the desirable streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, or others where they can access massive online libraries with hundreds of TV shows and movies. You do not have to experience any advertisement breaks to interrupt watching your favorite content and all this at a cheaper cost most of the time.

Final Thoughts

It is all about your preferences and choice. Some might bear commercial ads for the love of having access to hundreds of cable channels along with live sports, while for others it can be something pointless. So if the commercial ads bug you enough, it is time to switch to ad-free alternatives including online streaming services to serve your entertainment needs.


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