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Most Convenient Approach to Convert CDR File Into PDF


It always comes to the mind of designers how they save their work with CorelDraw for longer. So, here we are to assist you in this scenario. This article will tell you the easiest way of doing this and that is to convert CDR files into PDF. There are numerous paths to performing this such as manual techniques and professional tools i.e., CoralDraw Convert.

Before this let’s get a better understanding of CDR File. CDR is an acronym for CorelDraw, and CDR file is a distinctive file for CoralDraw Software. CDR files contain vector graphic data, which means they store images as mathematical equations rather than pixels. This allows for the scaling of images without a loss of quality.

On the contrary, A PDF file is an abbreviation of  Portable Document Format. A PDF file is a common way to share documents. It works well on different operating systems and doesn’t depend on the type of software or computer you have. In addition, This makes it easy to send and receive documents without worrying about compatibility issues. Since we have learned the basics about CDR and PDF now we will know how to convert CDR to PDF in CorelDRAW.

Why It’s Crucial to Convert CDR File Into PDF

So far, we have known about CDR and PDF format. Let’s have a walk through the need to convert CDR files into PDF. 

  • Broad Acceptance and Consistent Viewing: PDF is a popular and widely accepted format that ensures your document looks the same on any device or platform. It can be viewed and printed without needing special software. This is especially helpful when sharing files with people who don’t have CorelDRAW.
  • Maintaining Format Consistency: Exporting CDR to PDF ensures that the design’s layout, fonts, images, and other elements are retained. This guarantees the visual consistency of your document, irrespective of the viewer’s system.
  • Simple Sharing: Sending PDF files via email or other online platforms is easy. PDFs are usually smaller than CDR files, which makes them more convenient for sharing. This is especially important when sending files online or collaborating with others.

Now, we have a standard idea of why it is essential to convert CDR file into PDF. To perform that we need to understand the different methods to export CDR to PDF.

Three Simple Methods for Transforming CDR into PDF Format:

In this guide, we’ll take you through three straightforward approaches for converting CDR to PDF format. We’ll explore two manual methods alongside a professional and efficient solution to accomplish this task.

Approach 1:Utilizing the Export Function in CorelDRAW:

Using CorelDraw, individuals can easily change the format of CDR files to PDF with just a few straightforward steps.

  • First of all, open the CorelDRAW application on your computer.
  • Next, access the CDR file that you intend to change into a PDF.
  • Navigate to the Menu Bar and select File to explore the various options related to files.
  • Afterward, choose the Export or Save As option from the menu. The exact phrasing might differ based on the version of CorelDRAW you are using.
  • Moreover, opt for PDF as the preferred export format from the available list of file formats.
  • Based on your CorelDRAW version, you may find settings that allow you to customize PDF configurations, including compression, color space, and security features.
  • Proceeding, please assign a name to the PDF file and select the location where you’d like to store it.
  • At the end, select the OK or Export button to start the conversion process.

Moreover, utilizing the CorelDRAW Export functionality enables a seamless conversion of CDR file into PDFs. Alternatively, users can employ the CorelDRAW Print feature for a similar outcome. The steps to execute this using the Print feature are outlined below.

Approach 2: Using INKSPACE To Convert CDR file into PDF

If CorelDraw is not available on your system, Inkscape can fulfill your vector graphics editing needs. This robust and free editor serves as a useful tool for converting CDR files to PDF. Follow the steps below to seamlessly convert CDR to PDF using Inkscape.

  • To start, Download INKSPACE and Install it.
  • Subsequently, launch the CDR file using Inkscape.
  • After that, Evaluate and modify the design.
  • Access the File menu and choose the Save As function
  • Afterward, opt for the PDF format as the desired output. A dialogue box will emerge, enabling you to customize additional settings.
  • Following with, Select the Portable Document Format (*.pdf) option from the Save as Type dropdown menu.
  • Afterward, select the Save button to initiate the conversion process. Inkscape will then produce a PDF.

However, the methods outlined above address how to convert CDR file into PDF, but they have certain limitations.

Constraints of Manual Methods:
On the other hand, manual methods are generally considered safe, secure, and reliable, users may encounter some of the issues listed below.

  • Converting CDR files to PDF manually can be a time-consuming process, especially when dealing with bulk or large quantities of files.
  • The effectiveness of manual conversion methods may hinge on particular software versions and updates or alterations in software configurations could impact the compatibility of the manual process.

No need to be concerned; We are introducing another technique that is more efficient and straightforward to CDR File into PDF.

Approach 3: Professional Approach for Exporting CorelDRAW Files to PDF:

This guide will demonstrate how to efficiently convert Corel to PDF format using the professional tool, DRS CDR File Converter Tool. This software ensures a streamlined and precise conversion process, providing users with an efficient solution for transforming their CDR files into PDF format.

  • First of all, Open the DRS CDR File Converter Tool on your computer.
  • Select the Add File button and locate the desired CDR file for conversion by navigating through your computer directories.
  • Preview the selected CDR files now. Proceed to the next step by clicking the Next button.
  • Following that, opt for PDF as your preferred file type by selecting it from the choices available in the menu labeled Select Output File Format.
  • When saving your PDF file, you have the option to establish a password to enhance its safety and security.
  • Following with, select the Convert button to advance through the procedure.
  • Finally, you can obtain your freshly generated PDF file by selecting the Download button.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to test the converter tool at no cost before making a purchase. The complimentary version allows you to convert only 50 files and includes all the features available in the paid version.


Now it seems that your query “Can I convert CDR to PDF?” will have disappeared ultimately, our exploration of CDR and PDF files gives you enough knowledge. We discussed the advantages of exporting a CorelDRAW file in PDF format and outlined a few manual techniques to convert CDR File into PDF. Despite the drawbacks associated with these manual methods, we recommend exploring a more efficient approach. So that, This alternative method streamlines the process of converting CDR to PDF, boasting a user-friendly interface that is particularly well-suited for beginners.

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