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Quick and Effective Solution to Migrate OST File to Office 365


Summary: Hey users! Do you have a “How do I import an OST file into 365?” kind of query? Don’t worry we are here to resolve your problem. You can better understand the OST file. It stands for the offline storage table, the local cache files created by Outlook. It is a database format used by Outlook to store copies of user’s email data like Contacts, Attachments, etc.

Whenever an account is deleted or removed from the server, all the OSTs become inaccessible. Just like that, if an on-premises Exchange server fails, the OST files become orphan and can not be accessed. If despite this, the user wants to open an Outlook OST file then it shows an error message. 

If you are facing such a situation, you can import OST file to Outlook 365 to restore them. This method is recommended if you don’t have access to EDB files, Well in this article we will see two prominent methods to import OST to Office 365. The first one is the manual way and the second one is the professional method.

Native Solution to Migrate OST File to Office 365

No Method is available that can upload OST to Office 365 directly. You have to migrate first OST files into PST after that you can convert from PST to Office 365.  So first we will see the method of migrating from OST to PST 

1. OST to PST Migration Process

  • Open your Outlook application.
  • Click New Items, then click More Items, and then Choose Outlook Data File.
  • If you have generated a new PST file once, you can move the data by selecting email.
  • Now right-click them, select Move then click Other Folder,
  • Choose the new data file folder and click the OK button.

Your OST file now has been converted into PST. You can import OST file to Outlook 365 now. 

2. Migrate OST file to Office 365 with the Network Upload Method

You can convert OST files directly with this method by using AzCopy. It includes a total of six simple steps that need to be followed carefully otherwise your precious data can be altered.

#1: Admin Roles Assignment

Steps to assign the role in the admin exchange center.

  • Open the Exchange Admin Centre and click Roles, Now choose the Import Export option
  • In the Assigned area, Click on add. And now select the users to assign the role.
  • Select the users and tap the Add option.

#2: Generation of Import Job 

  • Go to the homepage>> Data Lifecycle management >>Import.
  • Now click on Import PST files.
  • Click the + sign and then the New Import Job option. 
  • Rename the job 
  • Click Next, choose the Upload Your Data option, and hit the Next button.
  • Choose the option “Show Network Upload SAS URL”
  • Go for  “Copy to Clipboard” >>Download Azure AzCopy.

#3 Upload PST Files to the Azure 

  • Open the application and copy all the folders of PST files.
  • Go to the CMD Prompt,>>Extracted folder where azcopy.exe file is available.
  • Use this command (Azcopy copy “pathToFolder/ContainingPST” “SAS URL” –recursive=true) to Migrate OST file to Office 365.

#4 Verify the Outlook PST Files Uploaded Successfully

  • Open the Azure Storage Explorer and Now go to the Blob container. 
  • Now Paste your SAS URL 
  • Click the Next button and then tap to Connect.

#5 PST Files Mapping

Your mailbox has been mapped to the PST files. Now upload OST to Office 365 mailbox correctly. Using the command PstImportMappingFile.csv.

#6 PST Import Job Starting 

  • Check mark the box with “I’m done uploading my files” and “I have access to the mapping file” and click Next.
  • Click on the “+ Select mapping files” >>Validate option.
  • Go to the Submit and then Done option.

Once you have completed all these steps, you’ll have appeared a message “Import Completed”. Your manual method to upload OST to Office 365 has been completed now. Now we are going to begin professional method 

Professional Method to Migrate OST File to Office 365

You can go with the OST to Office 365 Migration Tool, which helps you retrieve your Office 365 mailbox data from the OST file. This tool is the best solution for complicated manual methods. Since It does not need any extra technical expertise. The software is equipped with an interactive user interface to simplify the migration. The OST to Office 365 migration software provides various exceptional features and a working demonstration. Follow these simple steps to import OST to Office 365.

  • Launch the OST to Office 365 Migration Software.
  • Click on the Select File/Select folder to add the OST file.
  • After that, check the mailbox Preview. Tick the required mailbox data and click Next.
  • Fill in your Office 365 login credentials and tick the Assign Impersonation right. Click Sign in.
  • Now, You can choose the user mailboxes as per your requirements and proceed further.
  • Then, Map the selected OST files with desired user mailboxes and then assign a mailbox type.
  • At last, choose additional features as per requirement and click on the Convert button.

If you have followed these steps carefully, your query ”How do I transfer Outlook files to Office 365?” has been resolved.


We have shared two reliable methods to easily Migrate OST file to Office 365. We discussed the advanced techniques used in the tool and outlined a few manual techniques for importing OST to Office 365. Despite the drawbacks associated with these manual methods, we recommend exploring a more efficient approach. This alternative method streamlines the process of converting OST to Office 365, boasting a user-friendly interface that is particularly well-suited for beginners.

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