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Mistakes to Avoid While Hosting a Virtual Event


Let us take you on a trip down memory lane, you are attending your friend’s wedding or a conference; physically. You are meeting new people, having a good time, and enjoying to the fullest. Feels like decades ago. Doesn’t it? Now, fast forward to 2022; the outbreak of the pandemic changed everything.

From event planning to execute the plans, everything got digitized. Virtual events have overshadowed the long-followed and only way of hosting events. Now that people have realized that it is an efficient and more convenient way of hosting events, every other organization is trying its hands on online event management. Let’s say you are also planning to host virtual events; what you will do is research about the things you are supposed to do; to make your event successful. However, let us tell you something; learning about things that will help you make your event a success is necessary, but understanding the points that you shouldn’t do is more important. Many organizers tend to overlook it, and as a result, the final outcome is not as per the expectations.

Keeping it in mind, we thought of coming up with a guide that will help you understand what is all that you aren’t supposed to incorporate into your strategy. Let us look at the top mistakes that you should avoid while hosting a virtual event.

1. Not Having a Proper Plan:

Do you know what’s the most stupid mistake you can make as an event organizer? Not having a proper objective. If you don’t even know what you want to achieve with the event, what would you work for? All your efforts will be directionless and won’t help you in any possible way. The objective of your event will give your event a structure; ever seen a building without a plan or map? No, right! Hence, never commit such a mistake. Always have a well-thought-out plan and an objective in mind. An organized plan will, in fact, make you lose your audience.

2. Extra Content:

While you can share information and content in bulk with your attendees in case of a live event, don’t involve it in your virtual event strategy. Every format of hosting and attending events has its own limitations, and it is fine. Not all the formats are perfect; what makes them unique is the advantages they come with. One thing that virtual events lag behind is that you can’t overshare information with the audience. Since the audience attends the event through their screens, they experience Zoom Fatigue. Hence, if you schedule long and stretched sessions, the attendees will probably lose their interest and end up leaving the event midway.

3. Using Complicated Virtual Event Platform:

Virtual events require the attendees to join the event through virtual event platforms. Hence, a little technical knowledge is a must. However, as an organizer, you should always keep in mind that not all your attendees are technically advanced. In that case, if your event requires advanced technical skills or is complicated to join, you will hardly have any attendees making it to your virtual event. Hence, when you are looking for a virtual event platform, ensure you get your hands on the one which comes with an easy and user-friendly interface.

4. Choosing the Wrong Virtual Event Platform:

Moving on the next mistake that you should avoid doing is getting your hands on the wrong virtual event platform. In the case of a physical event, several components such as venue, logistics, catering, etc. come together to form an event. However, in the case of virtual events, right from planning to execution, everything happens on the event platform. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that the entire success of your virtual event depends on the platform you will pick for your event. In short, your online event solution can make or break your event. It is, therefore, required that you should select the most appropriate and the best Virtual Exhibition Platform for your event.

5. Selecting Wrong Presenters:

When you are hosting an event; be it physical or virtual, always keep in mind that the presenters you will choose would act as a bridge between you and your audience. Hence, the bridge needs to be strong. It becomes altogether extra important when we talk of virtual events as your session or event moderator would be the only representative from your brand who will be interacting with the attendees. Everyone else would stay behind the screen. At that given time, your moderator will be the face of your brand and therefore; ensure it impresses your attendees. It is, therefore, extra important to pick a person who has great communication skills and can handle things seamlessly.

6. Not Practicing:

They say, “Practice makes a man perfect” for some reason. Another mistake you can commit when it comes to hosting virtual events is not practicing enough and not having enough understanding about the platform. No matter how pro you have become at hosting virtual events, experts recommend that you should host a rehearsal session before any of your virtual events. Every time the demands of the event are different, the target audience is several, and in many cases, even the platform is different. Hence, experts suggest you go through the platform at least twice before the main event. It will enable you to know the loopholes of the platform and get them corrected in due time.

7. Not Giving Enough Networking and Engagement Opportunities:

Talking about the next and probably the most repetitive mistake organizers do is not giving enough networking and audience engagement opportunities to the attendees. And, not many understand that it is one of the most significant reasons people don’t like to attend virtual events. However, if you are not incorporating any networking and engagement activities in the event, you are just proving them right. Always include audience engagement and networking tools in your virtual event; it will make their overall experience memorable.

As an organizer, you should have an idea of things and strategies you should incorporate into your event strategy. However, more than that you should also know the things you shouldn’t include in your planning. We hope you found this guide helpful, and it will add value to your virtual event.


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