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Market research is a well-known technique that relates to gathering, storing, and examining data about marketing services and products. As the purpose of this type of research is to figure out how specific consumer behavior is influenced by changing factors within a marketing procedure. Big companies around the world utilize it when they are planning to expand their business. But most of the time, the targeted audience cannot speak English so these companies will indeed seek market research translation service.

The process of Market Research translation is the collection of information and data about a business’s buyers’ personas, target audience, and clients to manage how successful their commodity or service would be among these people. It allows and improves the understanding of consumers. Moreover, today buyers have some insight into how they think and what they appreciate goes a long way to marketing products and services. These worthwhile insights allow companies to grow and develop.

What does the market research industry require to translate?

There are many market research industries that produce plenty of survey questionnaires and collect responses from clients all over the world. These surveys and answers need to be treated to be converted into reporting data for their end-clients. Often those end-clients are large multinational organizations (Samsung, Microsoft, Sony), and they are eager to collect from all of the markets they’re in globally. This is where market research translation companies come in to offer a quantitative market research survey translation.

The main idea of Market research translation

What’s the point of using a Market research translation service?

Translation plays a significant role in assisting a company in expanding its customer foundation into new territories, interacting with potential clients in diverse languages and from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Market research translation is explicitly intended at asking questions of potential clients in a way that preserves the meaning across language boundaries and demonstrating the values and qualities of their products and services to customers around the globe. The use of a market research translation service enables businesses to obtain unbiased, reliable information about the audience they are striving to target with questionnaires and other marketing tools. Despite whether a company is expanding into new territory or starting a new product series, translation services present a unique advantage towards market research.

Asking the right questions

The market research could be badly affected if the translation of the questions isn’t processed the way it should be. Translation focuses on purpose; in this way, market research translation lets you communicate the purpose and significance of your questions in your native language in the language of the customer that you are targeting. Requesting questions utilizing the correct choice of words, and in the right syntax, guarantees that the answers received are more relevant and as expected.

As well as cultural differences, market research translation allows you to approach people explicitly relating to the cultural background they are in, keeping in mind emotions and attitudes towards the social standards that dictate behavior in the region.

Examination and a better understanding of the answers

As properly as helping you to ask questions, market research translation grants accuracy and understanding to the answers you obtain. The two-way nature of market research requires that translation addresses the language specifications of each party involved, as well as the cultural contexts within which questions are asked and answered.

Neglecting the use of translation services importance when trying to make market research globally can generate problems with time, not only would put a research project at high risk, but affect it and damage the whole process of launching the product. So, it is essential to seek professional help before starting any kind of market research.

When do the survey questionnaires need to be translated, Is it possible to use automated translation?

Market research client transfers surveys questionnaire to translate into all of the languages of the markets that they’re targeting. Survey questionnaires include information such as “screeners” and “demographic survey questions” which will possibly need to be adjusted, or restricted as we would describe it, to each one of the markets/languages they are targeting. Otherwise, there is a big possibility that the data can be affected if it is not adjusted, restricted, and translated by a qualified market research translation.

Behind the screener and demographic questions are the survey questionnaires themselves, which have been precisely crafted by expert researchers to reach and evaluate the data that the market research companies’ end-clients are seeking for. This importantly should be well translated, and the translation process must be precise, accurate, and done by translation experts. Any mistake in translation would lead to the risk of affecting or skewing the corresponding answers and data gathering.

Since survey questionnaires need to be translated skillfully, and there are many factors that we should consider before starting the process of translation. Then the automated translation will be the worse option to carry on when it comes to translation survey questionnaires. In short, it is advisable to use a human translator (Individual expert or translation company) to apply their translation skill to the process to end up with a translation that reaches the same purpose as the English questionnaire.

Why is it advisable to choose the MotaWord market research translation service?

It is known that qualified and high-quality quantitative survey translation produces higher response rates, higher completion rates, and quicker turnaround times.

The earlier your survey translations are concluded, the quicker you can get your survey out into the field and deliver global data and insights to your end-clients. That’s what MotaWord can help you with.

Where timely delivery is a critical factor, and as professionals in the market research translation industry, we’ve worked hard to improve and develop a unique technology and fine-tuned our methods for quick turnarounds and reliable responses.

We have widespread experience translating online quantitative surveys. Our expert translators work hard to guarantee that the original purpose and arrangement of the survey are kept during the translation process.

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