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Looking for a Team of Developers for Your Project? Here’s How You Build One


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The gap between having an idea and seeing it implemented might be difficult to bridge, especially if you lack experience in the respective domain or have limited resources to rely on. Building the perfect team to make your ambitions come true is one of the most challenging aspects of implementation.

From the earliest preparatory stage, business owners and idea generators run the risk of frustration due to the lack of skilled professionals available under the conditions they can offer. Luckily, Sibedge is there to help you with this task. Read the steps below to find out how you can partly delegate team forming to a third party without undermining your ability to stay in control.

Step 1. Shape the Image

The first step to take is inevitably to make up your mind as to what you expect. Straightforward as it may sound, it often proves a challenge to business owners, especially where many people are involved, so plan for some negotiations.

There are three aspects on which all stakeholders need to agree before they can start looking for developers. These include budget, scope, and timeline. Each side of the triangle influences the others as it changes, so finding the perfect balance is a recipe for success.

Don’t be shy and contact Sibedge professionals if you have doubts and concerns regarding the best implementation for your project. They will use their experience with numerous projects to find a fitting model and help you achieve your goals.

Step 2. Convey Your Expectations

As soon as you have formed an ideal picture, make sure you make it clear to everyone involved, including Sibedge. This includes conveying your idea of the hard and soft skills that developers on the project should have and which of those are mandatory or should be regarded as an advantage. Remember that few things go without saying when it comes to hiring people, so be specific when expressing what you expect. Good communication is key at this stage.

Step 3. Delegate the Search for Contractors

Once the enrollment criteria are finalized, Sibedge’s Resources Manager will be able to initialize the search for the perfect candidates. Depending on your situation and how soon you want to launch the project, this process can take as little as a couple of weeks.

Conversely, there’s nothing to prevent you from prolonging it until you are absolutely satisfied with your new dev team. The timing is up to you, and so is the extent to which you need to be involved in the process, from merely giving final approvings to exercising more granular control.

Step 4. Remain in Control with a Dedicated Manager

When the team is there and ready to start, it’s vital that they don’t go unsupervised and are aware of what is expected of them. To make sure that work is progressing the way it should and all potential blockers are dealt with efficiently, Sibedge engages dedicated managers who will keep you informed and execute your decisions regarding important aspects of the project. Just like with hiring, you can be more or less involved depending on your needs and preferences.

Build a Skilled Dev Team in Just a Couple of Weeks

The time and effort it takes to build a powerful team is reduced significantly when you delegate it to a specialized company like Sibedge. Do you feel like the solution might fit you? You are welcome to share your ideas and concerns, if any, in the comments section using the Reply form.


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