5 Guaranteed ways to Motivate your child in Study


A young child’s mind is vulnerable, fresh and open to new thoughts and there are a thousand possibilities for a child to excel in. In the battle of whether genetics or upbringing makes a genius, repeated studies and interviews of geniuses have revealed that both elements play critical role. However, an upbringing with a conducive environment is comparatively important, because, without this, there is no point in having those “good genes”. However, even if an individual does not have the upper hand on the side of genetics, good upbringing will enable him or her to shine. 

Ways to Motivate your child in Study
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Hence, it is crucial for parents to find ways to motivate their children to study instead of constantly helicoptering them and setting them on a fixed schedule every day that is carefully mapped out by your “parental OCD” characteristic. 

So, here are 5 ways you can motivate your child to study well!


Parents need to understand the importance of making sure their child follow a healthy lifestyle. Parents unfortunately cave into the tantrums that children throw and end up buying the junk food and soft drinks that they ask for. Children develop unhealthy eating habits and other habits like staying up late in the night, and staring at the screens of their devices. All this collectively affects their well-being adversely. In order to break this cycle, parents need to first instil discipline in their children.

Prepare healthy home-cooked meal for your children and encourage them to hit the sack early and be an early riser. Following the Circadian rhythm, the body maintains homeostasis at ease and that gives clarity to the mind. We may think of the mind and the body as separate entities, however, our gut is our “second brain” and hence keeping the body healthy is of utmost importance!


Encourage your child to create To-do lists and set agendas for him or herself for that day and inculcate the discipline in them to stick to the plan they made; however, don’t make the grave mistake of doing the planning for them. Children need to be given the freedom to do things by themselves for themselves and making a timetable for them will push them into a cycle of stress and hatred for studies because it is too limiting. You need to give your child the breathing space and let them take ownership for all that they do. Your job is to guide them, not to dictate them on what they should do. 


The society has tuned our brains into thinking that we go to school and then to college to earn a degree to land a job to ultimately earn lots of money. Learning has been unfortunately equated to money-making which is horrible.

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Teach your children that acquiring knowledge is crucial as it is the only wealth that no one can take away from them. In fact, it is the only wealth that brings joy when shared with others. Knowledge encourages healthy discourse, it gives rise to great ideas and thoughts, it spreads positivity and gets rise of the darkness created by ignorance. 


This has become almost something essential for all students because the education system is admittedly stepping up its game on the difficulty level. Much more is expected from students today. They start tuition to achieve their academic goals. Also, tuition teachers understand these expectations. They are particularly experienced in dealing with students of different learning capacity and of different attention spans. So, tuition teachers have the skill to customise their teaching skills to accommodate each and every student’s learning needs.


Children might get upset by a bad grade on a test or might feel that they struggle to understand concepts at a rate at which their peers manage to pick them up. Parents need to be the backbone for their children through tough times and pat them on the back to continue working hard despite bad grades on class tests. An expert was once a beginner, so one needs to be determined and hard-working continuously. 


Children need to be constantly motivated to keep them going on the journey of education. There might be moments when students feel like giving up, however, parents need to be the ones who have to be there for them and guide them through!

Author’s Bio: 

Steffen Carter is a professional tutor cum writer associated with ChampionTutor – One of the top tuition centres in Singapore. He is dedicated to his work. His passion is to assist and motivate struggling learners. He assesses the learning style of students and uses different teaching approaches to teach students.


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