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Legendary Online Marketing Tools 2019


I love to work with marketing tools because they make things much easier, faster and more beautiful. So that you do not lose track of the vast array of tools that exist today, here are the Best digital Marketing Tools 2019 . With them you can make your marketing more efficient, so to go to the next level.

I think there’s hardly a marketing thing today that does not have an online tool that helps you work more efficiently. Be it the design of an appealing presentation or a way to record webinars and broadcast them automatically. The offer is just amazing and extremely helpful.


With Canva you can easily become a super graphic artist. Here you can prepare Instagram or Facebook posts and orientate yourself on the many templates. But also for flyers, posters or e-books you will find a lot of great designs here. Especially when it should be fast, a great tool.


How often do you need pictures for posts, presentations or your own website? Unsplash is an image database full of royalty-free images that you can easily use. With that, you do not have to worry about copyrights as far as these pictures are concerned.

Click tip

Click-tip is one of my favorite marketing tools when it comes to email marketing. Classic newsletter programs often have the problem of sending everything at the same time. With click-tip you have the option to send any registered user individually to a specific order information. So you can build an effective marketing funnel and reach your customers in the best possible way.

Mouse flow

If you really want to know how your visitors behave on your website, Mouseflow is for you. You have the opportunity to track exactly how the visitor moves on your page. So you see the areas that are of interest and can perfectly optimize everything.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is probably the “tool” for analyzing website visitors. The possibilities are endless here. With this online marketing tool, you should keep yourself busy. The integration is simple and usually does not require much programming knowledge. Use this tool to keep making your site better.

Google Search Console

I love the Search Console . For example, here’s where you can see exactly which search terms people come to your page when the visitor uses Google. Also, you have the opportunity to see exactly which pages link to yours and if something does not work from the perspective of Google.

Google My Business

Do you know the information boxes on Google, which are partially displayed on the right? There you will find the address, ratings or pictures of the names or companies you are looking for. You should definitely use the tool Google My Business and present yourself in the best possible way with complete information.

I use Google Trends to know what’s happening in my market. Google Trends shows you in graphical diagrams, what the search volume for certain terms over time looks like. So you get a good feeling, whether a topic is trend or rather on the way down.

Google Alerts

The alerts from Google serve you to always be up to date on your relevantesten terms. You can create an “alarm” for your name, company name or industry and receive an e-mail as soon as the term appears on the net. So you are always informed in the best possible way.

Google Keyword Planner

You want to know how often a specific term is searched on Google? No problem. That’s what Google Keyword Planner is all about . You can enter any terms and see how often the term is searched per month in the specified region. Especially for the planning of videos or blog posts and the search engine optimization absolutely essential.


The online marketing tool Zapier is like Tinder and brings two things together. You want, for example, that your appointments are automatically entered in an Excel list or your Instagram posts land in your cloud? This is exactly what Zapier can do – connect your services here with different rules.


If you want to sell digital products and do not want or have your own shop, Digistore24can be just the thing. Digistore24 takes over the entire process for you such as invoicing or payment processing. So you can focus on the most important thing – the creation and design of new products.


Seorch is just great to start in search engine optimization. You can enter your website and a chosen keyword and Seorch will review the key factors. So you get a perfect guide, where you have opportunities for optimization.


In addition to the number of backlinks, the speed of a website becomes more important. With Pingdom the check is no problem. You can also see exactly which plug-ins or images are slowing down your page, making it simple and easy to tweak and speed up your page.


To get a first overview of a page and the traffic, Similar Web is great. Here you can see, for example, where the traffic of one side (yours or that of a competitor) comes from. You will also be shown potential competition pages, so you get a better overview.


Often you search for new keywords to bring more traffic to your website. The online marketing tool Hypersuggest should not be missed here. Enter a keyword and see alternative suggestions. Even if you are looking for questions that your potential customers may enter on Google, the tool is highly recommended.


Do you have a lot of social media channels in use and want to vote and link the post? Then the Marketing Tool Buffer is right for you. You can plan your posts here, you can look at various analyzes and manage all accounts in one place.

Tube Buddy

Especially when you’re on YouTube, Tube Buddy is the right partner for you. With the extension, you can take your YouTube marketing to the next level. I use the tool daily to bring my channel forward. You’ll find new relevant topics, see the strength of the competition, or get an analysis of your competitors. If you’re on YouTube, then Tube Buddy is yours.

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