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Job Acceptance Letter: Key Elements & Samples | Receptix


Job Acceptance Letter: Key Elements & Samples

A job acceptance letter is an official document that you send to a company to communicate your acceptance for a job. It is written to officially agree to the terms and conditions given in a job offer letter. Even though writing a job acceptance letter is not mandatory, it shows your professionalism and makes a good impression on your future employer.

Moreover, it allows you to confirm the details of your role before joining to avoid any miscommunication on either end. Besides, writing a job acceptance letter is the perfect opportunity to express your enthusiasm as well as gratitude for the new job.

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Key Elements Of A Job Acceptance Letter

Understanding how to write a job acceptance letter is vital because it is necessary to include all the information correctly. The format of a job acceptance letter resembles a standard business letter and should not be longer than a page. As a result, the contents of the letter should be concise and to the point.

Whether you decide to send a handwritten job acceptance letter or via email, there are some key elements that it must include. Here is a detailed overview:

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Contact Information

The job letter should have your contact information right at the top before writing anything else. This includes your full name, address, phone number as well as your email address.

Current Date

Write the current date right below the contact information. In an email, the date is shown anyway but for the overall structure and fluidity of the letter, it is recommended to mention the date.

Subject Line

Writing the subject line is an essential element of a job acceptance letter. This is the first thing the recipient will read when they receive your email. For clarity of things, just mention “Job acceptance” or “Acceptance of job offer” as your subject line.

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The Recipient & Business Address

After the subject line, write the details of the person who hired you. Make sure to address them by their full name, followed by their job title as well as their department. Right below the recipient details, write their business address. This will include the company name, followed by the street name, city, state and the zip code of the company.


A salutation is greeting the person you are writing the letter to. Address them directly and start by a “Dear” followed by their last name. Don’t forget to add the necessary titles like Mr./Mrs./Ms. etc. Also, avoid addressing the person by a “To whom it may concern”. Address them directly like, “Dear Mr. Jones:”.

Body of the letter

Now comes the main part, the body of the letter. The body will comprise the most important pointers of the letter. Start by stating your acceptance of the job and thanking the person for the job offer. Remember to address the title of the job correctly when stating your acceptance. Also, remember to emphasize your joining date during this part to avoid any confusion.

Make sure to address other terms and conditions as well. For example, the salary, benefits, paid leaves, other remuneration, shift timings, etc. If there is any part you feel like negotiating with the employer, do that on a separate email before dropping your official acceptance letter.

Lastly, wrap up the content of the body in a few lines that express your gratitude for becoming a part of the organization and how much you look forward to it. Tell the employer where and how to contact you in case they want to reach out to you for any further discussion.

Closing & Signature

In the end, remember to add a complimentary closing like Best Regards, Kind Regards, Warmly, Sincerely, With thanks, etc. After the closing, remember to add your full name at the end of the letter. You may also add an e-signature or attach a scanned copy of your actual signature.

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Points To Remember When Writing Job Acceptance Letter

  • The tone of your letter should be professional.
  • Address the terms and conditions of the job offer letter precisely.
  • Proofread the letter a few times to ensure it covers everything.
  • Check for spelling, grammar as well as punctuation.
  • Do not add any postscripts in the letter.
  • You must add your signature at the end of the letter.

 Sample of Job Acceptance Letters

Sample #1

Applicant’s name


City, State, Zip Code


Full name of the employer


Company Name

City, State, Zip Code

Subject: Acceptance of job offer

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. [Name of the employer]:

I extend my appreciation to you for offering me the position of [title] at [company name]. I am thrilled to accept your offer and look forward to commencing work at your company from [joining date].

As discussed previously, my annual salary will be [salary package]. Moreover, health benefits will be provided to me and my family after 60 days since my joining date.

Kindly let me know if there is any other information that you might need from me or any document that I have yet to submit. You can contact me here, [phone number] or revert to this mail. I expect to finish all the formalities before my joining so that I can initiate my work efficiently.

Once again, thank you for providing me with this amazing opportunity. I am excited to be a part of your team and make my remarkable contribution to it. 

Kind regards,

[Name & signature]


Applicant’s name


City, State, Zip Code


Full name of the employer


Company Name

City, State, Zip Code

Subject: Acceptance of job offer

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. [Name of the employer]:

I would like to thank you for offering the position of [Job title] to me at [Company name]. It makes me more than happy to be a part of [Company name]. Please acknowledge this email as my official acceptance of the job offer. Working with an esteemed organization like yours is a dream come true for me. I assure you I will endeavor for the best and be a valuable addition to your team.

As discussed, my annual salary is [Salary package]. However, I have a few doubts regarding the health benefits and insurance facilities. So I request you to kindly provide me with details about the same. I am fine with the rest of the terms and policies of my employment.

I have already sent all the necessary documents through a separate email. However, if you need anything else, feel free to reach me on my number [Phone number] or revert to this email.


[Name & signature]

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