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How to use content marketing to increase qualified leads


The ancient adage “ content is the king” has once again proven true. Generate new leads with strong content where a strong content marketing strategy is the key to achieving it. A qualified marketing leads are a request which would be received by the potential customer for better engagement. 

Successful marketing leads to ensuring that customers purchase your products or services. It is easy to generate tons of leads for your business, but only quality leads will be productive and efficient.

Why quality leads?

  • It helps you save time because you are talking with the right people.
  • Personalize and grow your business easily with lead generation.
  • Enhance your business revenue with qualified leads.

You can generate quality leads via different methods including email marketing, social media, landing pages, chatbots, and content marketing. 

Here are some of the effective strategies to generate leads with content marketing:

Design an effective content strategy

A content strategy defines how to create and use your content wisely. A successful content strategy attracts new customers and retains existing customers at every stage of the customer’s journey. A powerful strategy will enhance your brand awareness, drive more traffic, generate more leads, boost your revenue, and result in increased customer satisfaction. 

A ways to create a good content strategy for maximum lead generation are:

  • Make your clear objective
  • Determine your target audience
  • Audit your content
  • Pick the most appropriate content type

Optimize your content for search intent

Search intent is the basic principle behind every query. If you can predict this intent in advance, you can deliver the exact content to win your user’s hearts and trust. Do this enough times to generate qualified leads just with your content. 

You should align your content according to your user’s search query to rank your page higher. Boost your ranking and appeal by optimizing your content for search intent. Ultimately, you get more visitors to your website and feel excited with your content. When your content fulfills their needs, they are more likely to click and convert on your links. 

Plus, you can use high-performing PPC (pay-per-click) models for your website, which takes them to exactly where they should land. As a result, optimized content for search intent is a valuable asset for your marketing and sales teams.

Optimize for SEO

Around 64% of marketers invest their time and effort in search engine optimization(SEO). Even though SEO strategies have evolved, keyword selection and positioning remain crucial. Ensure that your site is crawled and indexed by search engines as well. According to the survey, 25% of the searchers click on the first organic link in the search engine results pages(SERPs). 

Hence, the implementation of on-page search engine optimization tactics becomes essential. When people search for something, they are more likely to click on search results that have relevant titles. Similarly, the exact keyword or its variation in the meta descriptions also enhances more clicks. You should also add the appropriate keyword or its variation in subheadings, intro, anchor text, and image filenames to increase your chances of getting clicks.

Make attractive lead magnets

A lead magnet is a freebie you can give your customer in return for their valuable information. It is an effective marketing technique and you can use different types of lead magnets including free downloads, newsletter subscriptions, free trials, free webinars, blog subscriptions, contests, and on-demand content. 

On a landing page, all lead magnets are behind an email gate. It helps to bridge the gap between you and your customer. They deliver immediate delight while also strengthening the brand-customer relationship. If your offer is compelling and your visitors trust you, they will share their information in exchange for access to exclusive content.

Effectively optimize a landing page

An excellent landing page is essential to grab leads or convert them. Landing page optimization aligns all elements to convert visitors into leads and prospects. However, you won’t be able to create a winning landing page overnight. Instead, you should evaluate data from page visitors and alter your landing page elements accordingly to boost your lead generation rate. 

Some of the best practices for generating leads through landing page optimization are:

  • Stay simple
  • Customize the offer
  • Spotlight the lead generation form
  • Key elements should be above the fold
  • Implement the scarcity technique

Map your content to the customer journey

Know your customer journey to boost your leads and effectively use content in your promotions. When you identify your customer journey and map it to the marketing content, assures leads. You can use the content for lead nurturing and engagement as well.

Employ different content formats

Content marketing efforts entice, engage, and delight your customers persistently. You can use several content types based on your ideal buyer personas, and appropriate content types like videos, and podcasts. You can also use  Blog writing services for your marketing campaign goals.


Lead generation will not happen instantly. You don’t expect to develop a landing page or fill your website with lead magnets, and you don’t anticipate instant results. Regardless of how amazing, and great your lead generation and content marketing is, you must keep to it consistently to achieve success, increased conversations, and lead generation on your website.

Author’s Bio

Harsh Dutta - Founder of Content Writing Agency - Italics

Harsh Dutta is the Founder of Content Writing Agency – Italics. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and Professional Copywriter with a heavy passion for digital marketing.

LinkedIn- Harsh Vardhan Dutta


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