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Effective YouTube Marketing Strategy: 5 Tips to Grow On YouTube


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YouTube marketing has become more relatable in today’s global business. You may have noticed some reasons that make YouTube one of the best online marketing channels available, or you may not.

YouTube is the largest video-based platform that has generated over 2,500 million active users. On top of that, the big red also overtakes its forerunner, Google, as the biggest search engine.

The popularity of YouTube doesn’t seem to waive any time soon. So, businesses of all sizes should join the trend. Keep scrolling to learn six tips to build a YouTube marketing strategy and grow your business on the platform!

#1. Identify Target Audiences

Knowing your target audience is essential for any marketing strategy, including YouTube marketing. Identifying your target audience helps you decide and create content according to their preferences.

You can run demographic and psychographic segmentation of your target audience. Demographic segmentation lets you know their age, gender, education, race, nationality, and more. 

Meanwhile, psychographic segmentation lets you know the target audience’s personality, interests, opinions, and attitudes. You may also consider doing competitive research to study your competitors.

#2. Create Quality Content

Quality content is essential for YouTube marketing. It’s better to focus on quality over quantity. Audiences will appreciate and engage more if you provide valuable content. On the other hand, content with poor-structured and click-bait content will get you nowhere.

There are various options for video ideas. You can create tutorials, reviews, explainer videos, Q&A, etc. Also, consider generating user-generated campaigns to enrich your YouTube marketing strategy.

Many marketers state that user-generated content helps them convert more prospects. Additionally, 85% of buyers consider visual user-generated content more convincing than product photos and videos.

#3. Invest More in Short Videos

The fast-paced world has affected people’s behaviors in receiving information. Short videos are preferred as they are quick to follow and straightforward. You can try and explore YouTube shorts to escalate your marketing.

Viewers don’t need to spend much time just to find the points they’re looking for. Besides, short videos are more beneficial for creators. They’re cost-effective and easier to make compared to long videos. 

#4. Optimize Video SEO

Video SEO is a crucial part of your YouTube marketing strategy. It helps your content to have a high discoverability through search engine and recommendation sections. Therefore, users can find your content easier.

YouTube video SEO deals with keywords. Run keyword analysis to find the potential keywords for your video. After you decide on the video keywords, continue with optimizing elements on your video.

Optimizing SEO includes creating keyword-friendly titles, descriptions, tags, and hashtags. You can also consider adding subtitles or closed captions to have better engagement and reach a broader audience.

#5. Engage with Audience

Engaging with audiences can give you long-term benefits. It allows you to build stronger relationships with audiences and make them feel like part of the business.

You can engage with audiences by answering their questions or responding to their reactions in the comment sections. Consider pinning valuable comments from audiences to provide further information.


Developing a YouTube marketing strategy is necessary for this age where videos are the king of content. Besides, videos are the most engaging content compared to blog posts and images.

The above tips on YouTube marketing strategy can help you build a robust plan for your business. Best of all, YouTube marketing is suitable for companies of all sizes, helping smaller enterprises to grow.


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video production company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

Twitter: @breadnbeyond


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