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How to reduce the risk of using free or public wifi?


Using free wifi is just like icing on the cake. But if you eat a lot of cake at a time it becomes trouble for your stomach. Free wifi is like a golden thing but we never know that using free wi-fi is not so safe. Public wifi collect your all detail and may cause harm to your personal information. So on this holiday or while sit in a café, sip a cappuccino with reducing the risk of using free or public wifi.

What is a Public Wifi?

Public Wifi can be found in popular places like restaurants, hotels, café, airports, etc. It is easy to connect and allows all the users to connect internet for free. The hotspot of the free wifi is spread very wide and connects with it without thinking twice about is it safe or not. Although connecting with the public wifi is not so safe. If you use public wifi then all the activities that required login that is a risky task.

What are the risks of Public Wifi?

What are the risks of Public Wifi?

If you use Public wifi then you will face numerous risks. Any of the free wifi providers think that they are serving the best services to their customers. But while using the public wifi chances of the security are less & fictional.

Man in the middle attack

Man in the middle attack is one of the common online threats. An attack is a form of eavesdropping. In this, a middle person secretly detects you’re all the activities and collect them. Like if you are browsing over the internet with public wifi, then you sent data from the computer (A) to point (B) service or website. So, it allows the attacker to get in between these and collect/read your information. If you are thinking that your browsing information is safe then it not so safe anymore.

Your Data is Unencrypted

Encryption is when you browse over the internet then the data is sent between you and your computer is sent in a form of Secret Code”. The secret coding is called encryption. With this encryption coding, no one can read your information. But when you use public wifi then there must be fewer chances of encryption.

False Hotspot Connection

If you are connecting with the public wifi then might be it not true and set up by the cybercriminal to snatch your details. Like if you are staying in a hotel and connecting with the Hotel Wifi named “Golden Chamber” you click on it and you haven’t connected with it. Instead of that, you connect with the rogue which is set up by the cybercriminals. The cybercriminal set up that hotspot to view your sensitive data.

Snatch Your Details

Cybercriminals can snoof and sniff your personal details with special devices. With the special set up it collects all your details whether it is bank detail, browsing history, etc. They do this with the help of public wifi setup.

Ways to reduce the risk of public wifi

Ways to reduce the risk of public wifi

All those who want to overcome the threat of using public wifi then they can do it with the following methods. Easily go with the mentioned solution and make your browsing safe while using public Wifi.

Use Of VPN

If you are connecting with the unsecured connection of wifi then Virtual Private Server is necessary. With the help of the best VPN software, you can avoid all the middle hackers. If you use the best VP then your all data is encrypted and safe. Using the best VPN is quite tricky for many of the user. But you can make it easy by using Zenmate Coupon Code. This one is reasonable and manageable software if you choose its long-term plan.

Browse HTTPS instead of HTTP

If you are browsing with the public wifi then must visit the SSL certified website. The SSL-certified website permalink starts with the This will keep your all personal details safe and secures.

Off the wifi when you don’t need it

In a public area if you don’t want to use the Wifi then turn it off. This will keep your information safe. Hackers are pretty smart and they can collect your information easily when you connected with the hotspot.

Don’t share anything while using public wifi

If you are using public wifi then do not share anything. Depends on your system please switch off the sharing option. This method keeps your data safe if you choose an unsecured network.

Use the Best Antivirus Software

This one is the other security method to use when you connect with the public wifi. Antivirus is the best security solution that makes your online browsing, sharing, and other Information safes from all kinds of cybercriminal threats. Kaspersky and Norton is the best internet security solution that keep your information safe.


Digital security is a must for all online and internet users. With the help of the above-mentioned steps, you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe from online data theft. The mentioned tips to reduce the risk of public wifi are safe and easy to use. This could save your personal digital life from cybercriminal hackers.


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