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How to get paid as a Travel Blogger?


A few years back, when someone first got into travel blogging, it was mostly out of curiosity and a will and excitement to share stuff and stories online. And for the majority of the time, the only way to make money was via selling links and having 40-50 niche websites with Google AdWords ads. Press trips didn’t exist back then for bloggers and getting paid for the work they did was not easy.

Then came the much-awaited dawn for the influencer community. The industry boomed in opportunity and things were going fairly well until BOOM, the cooties hit.

But now that the game has shifted again and that too very drastically, how is it possible for you to make money and a living with a travel blog going into the year 2021?

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Do not worry, we are here to tell you how, it’s still entirely possible to flourish in this role, as long as you’re ready to put in the tough work and most importantly, passion,

Below are some ways through which you can make it happen in 2021 and beyond.

Use your blog as a CV to land freelance writing work

The biggest origin of income throughout the first couple of years of a blog can be freelance writing roles. At first, they may not pay all that well but you’ll be establishing yourself and in some time you can charge more proportionate with your expertise(and influence).

It is always convenient when a publication can see that you have a decent reach of yourself to help administer the article and get more innumerable views, and the more you grow the easier it will be to get work that pays better.

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Writing articles not only helps with your bank account, but it gets you backlinks as well which is great for SEO! 

Monetize videos

Oodles of bloggers make videos, but one does not really see much crossover between blogs and YouTube. People seem to be very dedicated to one or the other when they should be about both.

If you make exceptional videos and are steady, growing an audience on YouTube and putting ads on them is a great way to develop a steady income. This is also a long-game approach, as most of what we have suggested on here, but if you develop a strong and consistent audience you’ll have another passive income stream.

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Work as a virtual assistant for other blogs

Working under a more established blogger will surely help you understand the ways to become more efficient with your own blog. These jobs often come from in-person networks, but since that’s off the table owing to covid, we suggest finding online resources.

Facebook groups can offer you an insight into the kind of assistance that people are looking for.

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Whenever it is possible to attend in-person, you should attend them. It helps you to understand the industry and if nothing else it helps you to market your VA services, and to get aware of opportunities. Or, just reach out and offer your services to a blogger you love. 

Get into affiliate marketing

It’s never too early to commence with affiliate marketing. Does not matter if you’re just starting out, having affiliates in mind and endorsing products you love creates trust and paying possibilities. This is a lengthy game, and you may not perceive the results from the fruits of your labour for a year or two, but it can become very worthwhile.

You can become an affiliate for practically anything these days, so consider outside the box ideas. Below are a few great networks that you may use:

  • Amazon
  • Rakuten
  • CJ
  • Etsy
  • Groupon
  • The hotel booking and clothing sites you regularly use.
  • The travel insurance you use.

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The solution is to only promote products that you really admire and use yourself. To efficiently market products to your readers, their trust always has to come first. 

Sell your photos

Photography is surely a large part of travel blogging. What more enjoyable way could there be to encourage people to see the beautiful places you share? Having a visually appealing website is essential, and since Instagram is a useful marketing tool, it’s an excellent way to get paid work. Successful bloggers are always looking for ways to push themselves and get better. In current days, photography is a huge priority when these bloggers travel.

You can also market stock photos online. Many people make a generous passive income the aforementioned way. The rules are stern around what you can have in your photos, but if you are travelling and have a backlog anyway, it may just be worth it.

Develop Your Own Products

The most successful entrepreneurs, whether they are bloggers, creators or anyone in this industry have their own products for sale.

It may be a course, a book or several, tours, or a whole throng of other options. Honestly, it all comes down to how creative you can get with your products, and the more creative ideas you produce the more chances you have at capitalising on your audience.

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