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Best Tech Hacks for Melbourne Business Travelers


Tech Hacks for Melbourne Business Travelers
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Melbourne is the tech hub of Australia, so it’s fitting that if you’re a business traveler out of Melbourne, you should take advantage of the best travel tech hacks that are available.

Melbourne Airport (also known as Tullamarine Airport) has a variety of international and domestic non-stop destinations, which makes it a perfect launching point for business travelers. The airport is the second-busiest in Australia and serves over 30 million passengers each year.

If you are traveling through Melbourne Airport, then we have compiled the top ten best tech hacks you need to know to enhance your business travel experience.

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#1 Check Traffic Apps

Don’t make the mistake of assuming you know how long it takes to get to the airport. Of course, that will be the time there is a huge traffic accident. Check Waze or Google Maps a few times before you plan to leave to make sure there are no delays. The real-time traffic updates and detour suggestions will be a trip-saver if you run into any trouble.

#2 Pre-Arrange Your Airport Parking

Pre-arranging your airport parking spot at Melbourne Airport will be a big time saver. Your spot will be waiting for you when you arrive so you don’t have to waste time searching for an available parking space. Go online before you leave to compare the prices, reviews, and security measures of various car parks to find the best Melbourne Airport parking option. Then, you can conveniently reserve your preferred parking spot online.

#3 Download Melbourne Airport App

Before the day of your flight, download the free Melbourne Airport app to simplify your airport experience. Receive flight status updates, navigate the car parks and terminals using the maps, and save with special shopping and dining deals from the app. The app also has a parking calculator and taxi calculator to help you plan your trip. Once you park at the airport, use the ‘find my car’ tool to remember exactly where you parked for when you return.

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#4 Choose the Best Plane Seat

Seasoned business travelers know that the seats on the wings of the plane offer the smoothest ride. The seats near the nose or the tail of the plane are more sensitive to turbulence. Be sure to avoid the seats in front of the exit row because they won’t recline. If you have the option to reserve your seat, check SeatGuru to find airline seat maps for your specific plane. Read the seat reviews to avoid the worst spots and pick your ideal seat on the plane.

#5 Relax in an Airport Lounge

Wait for your flight in one of the five airport lounges at Melbourne Airport. If you travel with a specific airline often, it will be worth purchasing a membership to receive special perks like access to their airport lounges. They usually offer conference facilities, business centers, and workstations if you want to get extra work done. If you would rather relax, most lounges have comfortable reclining seats, complimentary food and beverages, and showers. The five airport lounges at Melbourne Airport are:

  • Plaza Premium Lounge: Day passes for $45 for 2 hours, located at Terminal 2
  • The House: Etihad Platinum/Gold guests and Virgin Australia Platinum/Gold guests receive complimentary access, or day passes are $80 per person, located at Terminal 2
  • Qantas Club: Members only lounge, located at the Domestic and International terminals
  • REX Lounge: REX Members and day passes are $33 for guests on REX Airlines, located at Terminal 4
  • Air New Zealand Lounge: Members only, located at International Departures

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#6 Invest in Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Whether you are relaxing or working, noise-cancelling headphones will drown out distracting sounds. Technology has really advanced in this area so that if you are playing soft music, you truly cannot hear babies crying, people talking, or the loud hum of the aircraft. Invest in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones and we promise the cost will be well worth it.

#7 Bring a Portable Charger

Long haul flights or extended layovers will quickly drain the battery life of your phone or laptop. Avoid the endless search for an available outlet at the airport by bringing a portable charger with you in your carry-on luggage. Portable chargers and battery packs have come a long way so that now you can find mini-sized chargers that can fully charge your devices.

#8 Use an Itinerary Planning App

There are many moving pieces and important reservations to keep track of on your business trip. It’s easy for things to fall between the cracks and to get forgotten. Use an app like TripIt to help keep all your travel details organized.  Simply forward your confirmation emails (flights, car rentals, hotels) and the app automatically creates your travel schedule. You can sync the app with your calendar, so all of your business meetings, restaurant reservations, and events will be included in the TripIt schedule, as well.

#9 International Cell Service

International business trips will require figuring out how to acquire cell service abroad. Your company might provide an international phone plan or will compensate for roaming fees. If not, then you will need to check your phone to see if you can use a local SIM card. Your phone must be “unlocked” in order to use an alternate SIM card. Most phones in Australia come already unlocked, but if you bought a prepaid device, then there is a chance your phone is locked to the network. Call your telco and ask about unlocking the phone. It’s easy to do, but they might charge a nominal fee.

#10 Download Offline Maps

Offline maps are handy because they don’t require cell service or wifi to use. If you’re navigating a new city for business, then offline maps will create a seamless experience. You can download the maps for a city, region, or country using Google Maps,, or Here WeGo.

Have you ever traveled out of Melbourne Airport? Do you have any great technology tips for business travelers that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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