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How To Do Live Streaming For Graduation Events


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How To Do Live Streaming For Graduation Events

Live streaming not only help brands and businesses to expand the reach but can even be used by schools and colleges for live streaming education events or live webcasting college functions. Live stream classroom sessions are being shared by many schools and colleges around the world, to impart the knowledge to the students who are at a distance. Apart from Live webcasting for education, it can be used for a lot of things. Starting from live webcasting college functions to live education broadcasting to sports event Live streaming it serves all.

The most essential event for one’s life after completing the education is the graduation ceremony. Live Streaming of a graduation event is very crucial for any college. Following the right measures and techniques will make your graduation event look professional when you are streaming live. People become more concerned about accurately live streaming on special events like graduation ceremonies. But the question arises here is why you want to live-stream graduation ceremonies.

Why live stream graduation ceremony?

Graduation ceremonies play an important role in one’s life. Family members want to share the ceremony with their friends and relatives, but unfortunately, they can’t. They can share static pictures and recorded video clips that don’t serve the purpose completely.

A live webcast of college event, allows students to catch the ongoing event who can’t attend it personally. Live streaming allows people to view the ongoing event on the screen and can be part of the same while commenting in real-time. It’s no doubt that Live streaming is much more effective than simple recorded videos, which are viewed later on to recall memories. To live webcast college functions all you need is advanced equipment to record the event, encoder, a strong internet connection for buzz-free streaming and an online streaming platform.

Let’s take a look at how to live stream college events like graduation and other functions effectively:

Invest in the best quality camera

To make your live stream of graduation ceremony look professional and have its impact, investing in a high-quality camera is the right choice. Graduation is a real-world event and cameras are the lenses through which your audience will view graduation live stream. It gives your audience a clear viewing experience. The market is full of recording devices; you can choose the best suiting your pocket and requirement. Webcam, DSLR and a video camcorder are the top priorities when one chooses to stream live.

A video that is recorded in1080p 30fps quality makes your graduation live streaming crystal clear. When you are live streaming college functions, top-selling brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc. can help in making live videos look much better, delivering an overwhelming experience to viewers. Check the specific detail too on which you want to focus.

Encoding software is a must when you live stream college events

When you plan to live stream college events or use live webcasting for education the most important thing after the camera is an encoder or encoding software.

Camera signals are converted by the encoding software in a format that can be simply broadcasted over the internet. Some encoding software like Wire cast allows you to manage the look of your live stream. It allows you to switch from one video feed to another and insert other things like graphics in your live webcasts to make it look more effective.

A strong Internet connection

A strong internet connection is a must when you plan to live webcast college functions like graduation ceremonies and annual functions. As functions last for a longer duration, strong internet connectivity becomes a must. A weak internet connection results in breaking and unclear live streams which will turn off the audience and they will leave as soon as they tuned in. You must have a reliable connection that doesn’t cut off in between the crucial time of the event. An internet connection must have a good upload speed and bandwidth that can hold a large number of people when they tune in at the time of live webcasts. Always make sure to test the uploading speed beforehand at the location before going live.

Select the right online streaming platform

Selecting the right online social media live streaming platform is a must to reach your audience and interact effectively. YouTube is the platform that clicks one’s mind when they plan to live webcast college functions as they last for a longer duration. YouTube allows to Live stream for up to 4 hours. But if you want to live Stream College functions privately and want a specific audience to view it you can change settings from public to private or can even opt for white label hosting platforms. Various white label hosting platforms are available nowadays that specializes in hosting live streaming various events. If you want to keep your live stream private due to any privacy concerns, it allows restricting the video content on public portals and keeps it private completely.

While live streaming for graduation events, just keep in mind to be simple. Give your audience the complete view of the graduation ceremony starting from closeups of speakers and graduate students. You can even add text in your live stream mentioning the names of the students who have graduated. In today’s era of digitalization, family members can view their children being graduated, who are sitting afar and can’t be present in person via graduation event live stream.

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