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How to Deal with Difficult Clients


Different types of difficult clients are among the challenges for many business owners. However, they are part of the business. The good news is that there are several ways on how to turn this challenge into profit.

Some clients tell you how to do your job, while others have no respect for you. These are some of the things that make clients challenging to handle. You cannot pick your clients. Dealing with difficult customers can be quite challenging and can drain your energy or shorten your patience; you still need to deliver satisfying customer service and strengthen the client relationship.

In this post, you will learn valuable tips on how to deal with difficult clients. Let’s get started!

1. Stay Calm 

Whether difficult clients are making a scene in your office or screaming at you over the phone, make sure to remain calm. Once you stoop to their antics or aggression, you are putting your and your service business reputation on the line. 

Keep in mind that you can trigger someone else’s anger or aggression when you are angry or aggressive. Instead, remain calm as it can also encourage difficult clients to be calm as well.

2. Practice Active Listening 

Most of the time, a difficult client feels as if the process is running away from them. So, they become eager to be heard. Take time to listen to them and prevent getting defensive. Active listening plays a key role to solve the problem.

You need to show and make clients understand you are focusing on their issues. Then, you may have follow-up questions you’d like to ask and acknowledge that you have heard and understood their statements.

3. Reply Promptly 

Prioritize to get the client’s issues sorted out as soon as they raise them. This will help in validating the clients. It does not follow that you are accepting the blame. While you do not need to say sorry, building a good relationship afresh is a necessary.

You can deliver a prompt reply to their concerns through an email. From there, you can acknowledge that you are more than willing to fix their issues.

4. Identify Where Things Went Wrong

When clients’ expectations are not aligned with your services, problems may arise. Communication issues may also lead to clients’ problems when they believe something, but the opposite is true.

If these things happen, make sure to identify where things went wrong. Next is to figure out how you can improve the communication and processes in the future.

5. Offer Realistic Solutions 

In this stage, you are not actually admitting that you are wrong. Finding a way and offering a solution to the client’s solution is a great help. 

In case you are the one who went wrong, you need to admit it up front. Then, show your willingness to make amends to get everything on track. If the clients went wrong, you could politely point out the relevant clauses in the letter of agreement or contract. Make sure to let them know that you are happy to fix everything. Do not forget to outline what they can expect from you.

6. Keep Dealings Professional

Solutions to difficult clients’ problems can sometimes come at a loss. It is like you are giving all your efforts to solve the problem, but you get no profit. However, always keep in mind that your integrity and reputation is more important than the bottom line.

Those solutions that come at losses may give you some benefits in the future. Your difficult clients may turn into loyal clients who can help your business go the extra mile.

Mind that some issues are not meant to be fixed, and you may need to terminate difficult customers. When you keep all of your dealings professional, you will become smarter and stronger.

7. Learn the Lessons 

You can evaluate what happened by identifying the reason why those problems arise in the first place. Then, know what is there to do in order to avoid it . Next is to analyze what lessons you have learned. Above all, figure out how you can apply them in the future.

As soon as you realize what simple solutions you did previously to handle the situation and solve the clients’ problems, you have the best chance to avoid them from happening again. You can review if the solutions are about re-wording the contracts, changing the workflow processes, or clarifying communications.

Final Thoughts

Don’t feel frustrated whenever you are dealing with difficult clients. They may be challenging to handle, but you can learn many valuable things from those experiences. During the face to face dealings, you can study the clients’ body language while listening to them attentively. From there, you can get ideas on how to react accordingly. 

Now and again, you have to deal with difficult clients. The best thing you can do is to stay professional and calm.

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