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7 Content Marketing Mistakes Costing You Time and Money


Although we have more content published in recent times, there is not much quality content out there. These days, content marketers just jump online to publish content that provides little or no value.

Another thing we have found out is that the presence of more content does not necessarily translate into more engagements. So, perhaps, content marketers approach content marketing wrongly.

Content marketing goes beyond merely publishing content, and it involves doing deep research and planning. Unfortunately, content marketers are most times found-wanting of mistakes, and that is why we have put this blog together to help you find out the mistakes content marketers make. We will discuss the seven content marketing mistakes that can cost you your time and money.

Content Marketing; What it involves

The trick to creating content is not about publishing much content but publishing better content. The purpose of creating content is to provide value. Once that is missing, you would most definitely not get the results you are supposed to get.

When creating content, ensure your content provides value. It means you must create quality content that will solve the problems of your customers. Everyone that will see your content aims to find out what they will get from it. So if you are not doing it correctly, you cannot get your desired result.

7 Content Marketing Mistakes

Let’s go straight into why we are on this blog. First, we want to discover seven different content marketing mistakes that have probably cost you time and money or are still costing you your customers.

1. Lack of Content Marketing Strategy:

The common mistakes beginner content marketers and some experienced marketers make is lack of strategy. You must not go into publishing content without having an approach you plan to use. You need to know the best method you can use to captivate your audience and deliver them value.

This is where keyword research comes in. Before you proceed to publish content, you must always undergo research and planning. The research stage is when you will find out the topics you want to cover and how you want to cover them. You will also need to understand the relevance of the issues to your business and how you plan to provide value to customers through them.

2. Lack of Quality Content:

Creating low-quality content is also a turn-off for your audience. If you plan to captivate your audience, you have to publish quality content. The aim is to publish content that will provide value to your customers.

For instance, if you want to rank higher on search engine result pages when your potential audience looks for you, your content’s quality will fetch you out. This is because Google and other search engines have a way of knowing whether your content is valuable or not.

The bounce rate and how long your audience spends on your content will determine the quality of your content. The trick is to produce content that will proffer solutions to the problem of your audience. It will keep your customers coming.

3. You don’t know your Audience:

If you want to succeed in content marketing, you must define your audience and understand who they are. You have to find out those willing to engage your content or purchase a product from you. Knowing your audience will help you understand those you need to target. You will also be able to find out how you can satisfy them.

4. Your attention to SEO is not good enough:

If you want to be successful at content marketing, you have to take your SEO journey seriously. If you must have a content marketing strategy, you must also have a search engine optimization strategy. SEO is an essential part of your content production, and you must not publish anything without being sure of the SEO approach you are taking. If you want to rank higher on search engine result pages, you must not joke with your SEO.

5. Lack of Content Promotions:

Another big mistake people make when publishing content is that they post so much that they forget they need to market their content. Content promotion is a must if you want to attract new customers.

PPCexpo believes that if you are a website owner, you shouldn’t only rely on building your SEO to rank high on search engine result pages. Instead, it would be best to do pay-per-click ads to promote your business to new customers. The advantage of the promotion is that it will generate new customers faster and expand your customer base. However, you will cost yourself time and money if you produce quality content without getting the right customers to access it.

6. Publishing too much content:

One of the ways to produce low-quality content is to publish too often. Expert content marketers take their time in publishing content because of the research aspect of content marketing. If you want to create quality content, you have to do deep research about the content to provide enough value for your customers. This usually takes a long time to finish. There is no way you can publish every day unless you are a news outlet.

7. Lack of proper tracking:

Another content marketing mistake people make is to neglect to track their content marketing progress. Remember, we started with having an appropriate content marketing strategy. Once you have a standard marketing strategy, you can always return to your blueprint to adjust and follow up on your growth. There are several tools you can connect to your website that will help you manage your stats and reports as well as track your project. An example is Google analytics. One of the functions is to ensure you know what works and what does not. It will help you manage your strategy by regularly adjusting it.


The first thing you should know about content marketing is that it involves hard work. If you think you just need to create content, then you are getting it wrong. The best you will get is that you will waste your time and money.

People make several content marketing mistakes, but if you can follow what we have discussed in this blog, you can avoid making those mistakes. First, you must have a strategy, and other things can follow. If you are yet to read this blog, this is the perfect time to read it.


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