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How to buy the right laptop | Laptop Buying Guide


Whether you’re a user of Windows, Mac, or some other company, you should know how to buy the best laptop for yourself before investing. There are a lot of factors to consider than just the operating system, such as the screen size, ports that support peripherals, games quality, and many more. Here in this laptop buying guide, we will explain what you should look for in a laptop, and what you need to avoid. Continue reading to find out which laptop works for you.

Which Brand is Worth Invest?

Firstly, you should consider the operating system of the laptop. The most popular are Microsoft’s Windows, Google’s Chrome OS, and Apple’s macOS. Although the hardware and features of these platforms are comparable, there are a few major differences between them that are important to consider.

1. Windows

Windows-based PCs are a diverse category where several manufacturers make them, and the quality and pricing depend upon the model and brand which you consider to purchase. Many companies designed their Windows PCs for a specific system, such as gaming or business. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes whether you opt for a manufacturer, such as Dell, Lenovo, or Microsoft’s own devices, there are a ton of options.

2. MacOS

Apple has always been protective of its brand standards, unlike Windows or Chrome OS. Any product released by Apple follows its standards, as a result, they are user-friendly and stable. Apple is known for its creativity, and Mac is not behind it. Mac is designed to look great, elegant, and have amazing displays which certainly explains why Apple Mac comes with a higher price tag as compared to its competitors. Apple products are known for their cheap prices. Unlike other PCs, it’s impossible to upgrade the components of a Mac, so you would have to use the same specs.

3. Chrome OS

Google’s Chrome OS is different from its competitors, it is based on the Chrome browser. It primarily focused on web-based apps and affordability however, it has evolved over the years to support more desktop software and mobile apps. Chrome OS powers Chromebooks, these devices are an alternative option compared to Windows-based PCs and MacBooks. They’re great for students to use at their schools, and institutions, and for people who only need a laptop for browsing social media and making online purchases.

What are the Different Types of Laptops?

Now, in this laptop buying guide, let’s talk about different types of laptops. There are several types of laptops available in the market, manufactured with a certain use or specific audience in the mind. Before shopping for a laptop, make sure to decide which type of laptop you intend to use. Here are some types of laptops for you to decide on:

· Entry-Level

Laptops can be as expensive as the manufacturer wants, however, most of them know that not everyone can afford a $2,000 or $3,000 machine to purchase. Customers who need the laptop for their basic purposes can find great entry-level laptops for less than $500. These laptops are a great option for people who only need a device to carry out their standard tasks. Despite their price tags, they are built to last for a long time with sensible keyboards and touchpads. They are light on hardware so you won’t find high graphics or loads of RAM. You can find Chromebooks, and other options from Windows in this category, however, MacOS doesn’t come under $500.

· Mainstream

These category laptops are affordable for many professionals who look for better internal hardware, high-powered graphic chips, fancy materials, and premium features at great prices. There are dozens of laptops in this category to choose from, so you won’t have to struggle a lot to search for one. These laptops have great battery life, displays, processors, and many more features which makes them a sweet spot for the industry.

· Premium

For a little extra money, you can find the best laptops in the industry in this category. You surely get long battery life, powerful internal hardware, higher-resolution displays, and great build quality. Laptops are filled in this industry from every operating system manufacturer, if you’re an Apple product user then here you may find your ideal laptop.

· Business Laptops

Business laptops target professional users with premium features. They are usually expensive since they offer larger displays with colour accuracy, protective systems, and professionally oriented software packages. They have exceptional battery life as most of their features are built keeping the professional customer audience in mind.

· Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are built with high-end processors, graphic chips, and enough RAM to run a big game. Professional gamers opt for gaming laptops for larger screens, and better desktop-like hardware. These laptops’ price depends upon the user’s requirement, you may tailor a laptop according to your needs.

What’s the Best Time to Buy Laptop?

One of the most common questions people ask about buying a new laptop is when to shop to get the best deal. There is no rule that good laptops cannot come at cheap prices, by following a few different ways you can time your purchase to find a good deal. Consider these timelines before making your laptop purchase.

Ø  Black Friday and Other Events

These shopping events in the shopping industry are the most favourite ways to find a good deal. You can easily find great saving deals on laptops since most of the stores offer online discount codes for these events. However, you need to shop fast since the laptop supplies quickly sold out.

Ø  Months after Another Big Release

It’s common to see that whenever a company is releasing a new model, they lower their previous model prices. You may wait for a few months and soon after another model is released, you can go and buy the previous model. Usually, there are some minimal differences between the latest and previous models so it’s not a bad way to get a good deal.

Ø  School Season

Many retailers offer laptops at lower prices to students who need new laptops for their school. They may offer students discount on laptops through online voucher codes, special deals, or student discount coupon.

Last Words

So, that’s a laptop buying guide for you. We hope that all of the information we have collected for you would be of great use to you in deciding which laptop to purchase.

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