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A Complete Guide To Hiring Remote Database Administrators



Now-a-days Remote working has become more popular for the last three years. According to research, it is proved that 35% of candidates who need jobs have got nothing because those offers didn’t have any remote working option. That survey showed that 35% of women and 28% of men are looking for jobs which are based on remote work expectations. If anyone is looking for remote positions then this blog will clarify all your doubts on the remote hiring process.

ServiceNow is one of the popular platforms used by many organizations because of its usability and low cost.  If you are an individual who wants to improve your skills in administration and grab the best job in a top company, then a ServiceNow online course will help you. For hiring a Remote Database Administrator, you have to know some of the important things below.  

Hiring of a Remote Database Administrators

Remote Database Administrators takes forward the company or organization in Remote Database Administrators support and the infrastructure present in the database management. Hiring remote database administrators is very important for any business, and which deals with difficult challenges to succeed. There are very important things to follow when you are recruiting a remote database administrator. This includes the candidate’s experience, skills, technical background, and many more. We should follow these things whenever we are hiring a remote database administrator.

Qualifications Required

The candidates are eligible for both who have completed their schooling and graduation. Even it is possible with any degree or any Higher National Diploma (HND) to work as a database administrator. Infact, it will be easier for a candidate who studied some important subjects like mathematics, computer science, software engineering, information technology or electronics engineering to have a very good advantage. For graduates with no experience or no required specific qualifications will also be taken. Also, post-graduate students who are doing IT or any research in this field are more beneficial. It is possible for a person to enter into this field without any degree or a diploma.

Work Experience

The candidate must have a work experience of at least three years in the IT field. He should be experienced in some specific roles like Data Analyst or any IT Support Specialist. They may be taken from the other IT fields such as programming or development backgrounds also.

Skills Required

The key skills required for hiring a database administrator are: 

  • Patience: The candidate must be patient. He will be scolded if the work is not done in the ontime but he should not react and he has to complete the work on the next deadline at least.
  • Meticulous Attention: The candidate should be attentive in any conversations that are happening there. He should listen to everything that they are saying and give a clear cut idea on his basis to the expressed thought.
  • Logical Work: The candidate must think in a logical manner to solve the given problem quickly. The logic for any problem to solve is quite important than any other to complete the given task.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks: The tasks assigned for a particular candidate should be prioritized by himself because it is the important thing that a candidate must do. He should complete the task in the order of priority.
  • Problem Solving Skills: Candidates must possess problem solving skills to solve any problem in a simple manner. Any real time problems should be solved in a fast and simple manner to complete the given task on time itself.
  • Good Organizational Skills: The candidate must have very good organizational skills to organize any event. A good event organization shows required skills for the given work.
  • Communication Skills: The candidate must have very good communication skills to interact with others. Not only good communication skills are required for hiring but also interpersonal skills are required to hire a database administrator.

Technical Background

The candidate should understand the technical requirements of the provided database to make the best decision on which service you are hiring the person. The candidate must be experienced in the software field so that it would be easy for the candidate to work. And also the Relational Database Administrators must be experienced in several aspects of software which involves Oracle and SQL. These people handle the threats for the software, hardware and the protection of the data. It is very important for hiring a database administrator to check the candidate’s technical background.

Responsibilities of a Database Administrator

The responsibilities that a database administrator must have:

  • Server Software Installation: The candidate must know what software he has to install for doing the given work. And he should know which server he has to use to make sure that the proper software is installed or not.
  • Configuring Database servers: The candidate must know the configuration of a given data or any device.
  • Maintaining Security: The candidate must know that the security plays a key role in database administrator’s work. The data must be secured and it should not be hacked at any cost.
  • Backup: The candidate must know the process of backup for any file or any server. By using Replicas, many industries backup their important data which is lost or hacked.
  • Disaster Recovery Protocol: It is a very important protocol that every database administrator must know. It is used whenever a disaster like earthquakes, tsunamis, etc., happens then it will be very helpful for them.


In this blog, we have gone through the hiring of a remote database administrator, the qualifications required for it, skills required for a candidate, work experience and the responsibilities of a remote database administrator are seen. A remote database administrator is very important for managing the data and providing security for the provided data.

Author Bio:

I am Keerthi, Working as a content writer and Research Analyst in HKR Trainings. I Have good experience in handling technical content writing and aspire to learn new things to grow professionally. I am an expert in delivering content on the market demanding technologies like Cyberark training, Workday, Informatica Cloud, salesforce etc.


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