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7 Essential Tips On Performing Conversion Rate Optimization


Essential Tips On Performing Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate has been an Achilles’ heel for online businesses for a long time. All your efforts go in vain if you get huge traffic, but only a small portion of that traffic translates into real conversion. Moreover, doing online business has become an essential engine of growth for all kinds of industries today. Therefore, ecommerce website development have emerged as a leading choice for businesses these days. Whether you wish to optimize a single landing page or the whole website for a higher conversion rate, doing so is not a moment’s task it requires a lot of effort and planning. In this post, we will discuss some helpful conversion rate optimization tips for your website.

7 tips on conversion rate optimization

Your conversion rate tells about how much of your total traffic is getting converted into customers or subscribers. Conversion rate optimization offers methodologies to turn your existing web traffic into customers. There are many suggestions for conversion rate optimization like designing good call-to-actions, adding short forms, avoiding menus on landing pages, etc. But all these suggestions are too common and smart marketers go beyond what’s common to get a competitive edge over rivals. We have provided some of the essential tips on conversion rate optimization below.

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1. Analyze your competitors

Getting an insight into what your competitors are doing is a good start for your conversion rate optimization (CRO) program. Your competitors may have been working on a CRM program that is reflected on their websites. They might be getting good results in terms of better conversion rates with the changes they committed to their sites. Whenever you go to your competitor’s website and see something different just take a screenshot and analyze the picture to get an insight into what they did that improved their conversion rates. Apart from this, you can also look for some loose end that they are not working on and take this as an advantage for your own business.

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2. Use a heat map

Set up a mouse tracking tool or heat map on your landing pages to find out where the eyes of people move on the page. Heat maps are quite useful to understand the user behavior as it allows us to map the user clicks on different parts of your site in terms of colors. So, it helps you find out the places where visitors on your site click more and where not. It can save a lot of work like you may be surprised to see that only a few visitors are clicking on the button on which you spent a lot of time doing optimization. All this data helps you arrange things properly and test varied layouts to choose the best one.

3. Make a sense of urgency

A considerable barrier to increasing your existing conversion rate is the ability of your website to convince shoppers to buy from you. Several ways can help you to encourage people to buy from you like providing attractive deals and offers. However, creating a feeling of urgency is one of the best ways to inspire people to buy from you. Try to instill a feeling of urgency by using catchy phrases, headlines, images, or other elements on your website. Things like “get free shipping if you order within 20 minutes” can work well for you. Try to be as creative as you can to convince shoppers and it will help you boost your sales. You can hire custom web development experts to add tailored features to your site. Time limits are useful and they create a sense of urgency that makes people perform the desired actions in real-time. Avoid using any dubious lines or headlines that exaggerate.

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4. Build a relationship with micro & macro interactions

Both macro and micro-interactions are useful to boost the conversion rate. Micro-interactions occur when your prospects engage with your brand in some way. This type of interaction includes signing up for your newsletters, watching services’ explaining videos, or following you on social media. So these are the ways that enable your prospects to connect with you. On the other hand, macro interactions are the big picture of this phenomenon. For instance when a visitor converts into customers on a primary offer available on your site. They may buy something, fill up a form or subscribe to a service. With the rational use of both macro and micro-interactions on your site, you can increase your conversion rate.

5. Use the right keywords

CRO is helpful when the right people are landing on your site. To bring the right people to your site, the first step is to target the right keywords. Suppose if someone is searching for the conversion rate of a currency and he/she lands on a page that explains conversion rate optimization, he/she will be quite annoying. To make sure that this doesn’t happen in your case, use the right support keywords in your content which help search engines to understand the content on your site. By adding the right keywords to your content help you make sure that all your efforts don’t go waste.

6. Try using step forms

While using simple and short forms on your site can be useful, it may not be a perfect choice every time. Don’t assume that the less is always good, instead, you should test multiple-step forms on your site. Step forms collect information in multiple steps. It might seem counter-intuitive, but it makes people feel compelled to complete the process. For instance, you might ask for an email address in the first step, then ask for a name and other information, and so on. However, one thing that you must keep in mind is that adding too many steps can have adverse implications as visitors will find it annoying. You can create a Photoshop design for your landing page or web page with appropriate steps then give it to a developer to convert it into a real web page.

7. Referrals and testimonials

Referrals and testimonials are useful manners for building trust among your prospects. They appear after the details and descriptions of products are displayed. The reason why referrals & testimonials are useful in that they emphasize that whatever is being presented is true. As per research, 92% of people will believe in a recommendation when referred by a peer. Similarly, 70% of people will believe in a recommendation from people they don’t even know. The significance of testimonials and referrals lies in the human tendency of getting inspired by others’ experiences. So, when some people are satisfied with your products or services, their testimonials will encourage more people to become your customers.

If your website is very convincing but the visitors are still hesitant to make a purchase, then by using testimonials you can instill trust among them to boost their confidence. In addition to showing testimonials on your site, you can also utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc that work as social proof for your business. Showcase the success stories of your satisfied and happy customers on your social media profiles.

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What conversion rate is considered as good?

Some webmasters may wonder about what conversion rate is considered as good and try to find out the answer. However, it’s difficult to ascertain a good conversion rate because it may be different for different industries. As per the analysis of various industries, it has been found that a 2% to 5% conversion rate can be considered as a good conversion rate. However, there are many marketers out there who are getting a much higher conversion rate than this. Ideally, it is hard to say which conversion rate is good as every website in every industry differs from each other in some way. So, the real answer to your question of “what’s a good conversion rate” is the rate which is better from the previous month.

Wrapping up

Driving huge traffic on your site doesn’t mean that you will get hefty sales. The conversion rate of your website might be very low despite having good traffic daily. To boost your sales and reap the higher benefits from your website, you need to optimize the conversion rate. While there are tons of ways to boost your conversion rate, hopefully, the conversion rate optimization tips we have provided in this post will be helpful for you. Another good advice we can give you is to try and test new ideas with your site that will help you improve your site. By adopting new strategies and ideas, you can boost conversion and increase your sales. When starting an e-commerce business, begin by choosing the best ecommerce web design company to build the right website.

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Emily White is a senior web developer at CSSChopper which is custom web development. providing solutions globally. Emily likes coding and she also loves to write blogs and articles in her free time for her audience. She wants to educate and provide information to everyone through her quality content.



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