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How to Add YouTube Videos on Blogs and Websites


In this digital landscape, businesses have a wide range of ways to market their products and services. Digital channels have opened gates for them to gather more audiences and effectively spread their message.

While talking about digital channels and measures, videos stand as the prime influencer. According to Wyzowl, 96 percent of people rely on explainer videos to know about a product or a service. And we are mentioning about video platforms, no one can afford to missout Youtube on that topic.

Youtube is growing exponentially over the years; with around 5 billion videos viewed on the platform every day, it stands as the major video streaming platform, which provides a great way to reach more audiences. And as videos provide more traction and engagement, businesses are extracting more benefits from the platform as they are actively embedding YouTube Videos on their website.

Adding YouTube videos on website is an amazing way to attract more visitors on the website and create brand awareness. And here is how you can do it.

Ways to Add YouTube videos on the website

You can adopt different methods to add youtube videos on your website, and here are some of the simplest ways to do it.

1.    Social media Aggregators

Social media aggregators are an amazing tool that helps you in collecting social media feeds from desired platforms and then allows you to embed them on your website. In addition, most of these aggregators provide a dedicated YouTube widget that can collect and display YouTube videos on your website. These widgets are capable of streaming videos without any hassle and without affecting the speed of your website.

Also, they provide you with the customization option where you can personalize your widget as per your need. You can change the font size, font style, try different themes and layouts, and more to increase the charm of your widget. These measures make your website more appealing to the visitors and help you in creating a good impression. And we all know the importance of having a good impression, and sometimes a good impression can be the factor to achieve sales.

You can even embed the whole playlist on your website; hence, you can embed playlists from your channel to the website. With it, your visitor and go through all the videos from your channel and hence it can increase the engagement of your website. Moreover, these tools provide an auto-update feature, where the feed provides all the latest posts on your website as soon as it uploads on the platform. So there is no need to refresh the feed to embed the video every time manually.

In addition, the tool provides a responsive feed that adjusts itself according to the size of the screen. So whether your visitor is using mobile, tab or PC, the magic of your feed remains the same.

2.    WordPress Plugins

If you are using a WordPress website, then it is simpler for you, all you have to do is install Youtube feed WordPress plugins, collect Youtube videos and embed them on your website. Various YouTube feed WordPress plugins assist you in the embedding process. You can easily find them on the WordPress plugin store, and there are ample plugins on the app store for the same purpose. So choose the plugin that best suits your needs and fits your requirements.

Like the tool above, these tools also allow you to customize the feed as per your requirement. You can make modifications to add charm to the feed, which eventually enhances the beauty of your website. Moreover, these tools are compatible with streaming videos without affecting the speed of your website and hence do not affect your brand reputation.

3.    YouTube Embedding Code

One can argue that, you can simply copy the embedding code of the desired video and paste it on the backend of your website. Although this seems an easy task, but, it is a time-consuming process. Because every time you need to embed any particular video, you have to go through the same process each and every time. Another limitation of this process is that you cannot customize the widget as per your requirements.

Keeping those limitations aside, it is one of the easiest ways to add YouTube videos to your website and add a great visual appeal. Videos also provide a great measure to showcase details about your products and hence helps you in convincing your visitors.

The Ending Note

Adding youtube videos to the website is an effective way to increase views on your videos and, at the same time, to increase the visual appeal of your website. We highly recommend you to use social media aggregator for this purpose, and if you have a WordPress website, then the YouTube WordPress plugin is a need for your website.

Embedding YouTube videos on the website adds beauty to your website and, at the same time, markets your brand. So opt for any of the ways to embed the website, use the style that suits your style and watch your brand grow.


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