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How These Cool Tech Gadgets Can Help You To Improve Business Profile


Cool Tech Gadgets Can Help You To Improve Business Profile


Are you looking for ways to enhance the performance standards of your company? If so, then this topic will prove useful to you. Here you will learn about a few gadgets that deserve to be at your workplace. Continue reading to find out more.

The smallest innovations can be excellent timesavers. They can also prove to be breakthrough devices for the right company. Some of the best tech gadgets revolve around security encryption devices, dashboard cameras, and more. These devices can help in solving some of the challenges faced by your company and allow you enough time to focus on other things.

Here is a list of devices that you should check out.

1. TrackR Bravo:

Are you seeking something to help you keep track of your company’s property? Then you should try TrackR Bravo. It’s a small attachable disc. It isn’t larger than a quarter and its thickness is about 3.5mm. You can attach it to your house or car keys, phone, or anything else.

The machine is very much like radar. If you’re missing an item, then you can locate it by using this device, the accompanying app, and the Bluetooth signal. However, the item that you’re looking for has to be within 100 feet. If it’s farther away, then you can use more of these devices as a collective cloud to locate what you’re looking for.

2. Energous WattUp:

Whenever you ask for business growing tips these days, everyone will suggest you rely on gadgets. In that respect, the next device on this list is the Energous WattUp. Wireless routers are mandatory for office environments. However, you will surely appreciate a router that can charge specific devices wirelessly.

The WattUp uses RF, Bluetooth, and its own technological prowess to charge phones, tablets, and other similar gadgets within 15 feet. It’s a smart device that can prioritize items that have the lowest battery power. You can also customize a few other settings.

3. Thinkware Dash Cam F750:

Any mobile app development agency inclined towards gadgets will suggest business owners use the Thinkware Dash Cam F750. You will find it valuable if your business runs with the support of a fleet of vehicles.

This device will record the drives of your vehicular fleets in 1080p HD. It also has an inbuilt Wi-Fi hotspot. With it, you can transfer videos to your phone immediately. It even has GPS and road-safety warning systems to keep your drivers on track.

4. Vysk QS1:

Every mobile app development company understands the pangs associated with corporate espionage. For new businesses that worry about corporate espionage, you should go for the Vysk QS1.

It’s the best phone case that can block third-party access. It protects your texts, calls, photographs, and videos from prying eyes. The device runs on high-quality encryption systems. The case also prevents hackers from using the camera of your phone.

5. Sengled Boost:

The technologically amplified LED bulbs that are available these days can do more than just brighten a room. This particular device is a Wi-Fi extending bulb. It eliminates spotty connectivity inside the office building. It means that you’ll be able to work as effectively inside the conference room as you can in your cubicle.

6. Kensington KeyFolio Thin X3:

A popular cross-platform app development agency is in love with this gadget. It can make any iPad user jealous of its Windows Surface kickstand and integrated keyboard. Kensington brought forth the solution through a new case for Apple tablet users. It provides the services mentioned above and comes with a powerful battery that extends the battery life of the iPad and charges an iPhone.

7. Griffin MultiDock:

This machine is a charging station. It can store, charge, and even sync 10 iOS or Android smartphones without removing them from their cases. It has a relatively compact footprint, but it’s slightly larger than laptops. The device possesses individual LEDs that show the charging status of each bay.

It also has a locking panel that proves effective in securing devices overnight. ChargeSensor technology detects the charging characteristics of every phone connected to it. The MultiDock supplies an optimal charging rate of 10 watts per bay.

8. Victorinox SSD with 1TB Flash Drive:

For small businesses, the team is similar to an army knife that serves multiple purposes. Now you can purchase and use such a device that performs several tasks. The Victorinox SSD is one such device that comes with a USB flash drive. The storage capacity of the latter is 1 TB.

It can also connect to eSATA II/III and USB 2.0/3.0 with just one connector. The best thing about it is that it has a graphic display that shows everything saved on the drive. It supports 256 AES encryption that negates all issues concerning file security.

9. Ring video doorbell:

Employees of small offices often find themselves alone. Situations like these can create a potential security hazard if strangers walk in from nowhere. This device has to offer a wide-angled HD video system with night vision.

It lets you see the person’s face at the door. The gadget also sends an image of the stranger to a cloud server. It also possesses motion-detecting systems that warn you about people who choose to enter the premises without knocking or ringing the bell.

One last device

The iPhone app development company that shared the information given above has one last suggestion to make. You should look into the Karotz Smart Rabbit. They look like toys but they are, in reality, smart gadgets. These internet-connected smart rabbits can update your social media pages, send emails, and read text messages. It also comes with voice recognition systems that allow it to search the web, play music, checks weather forecasts, and consume RSS feeds. It even has an inbuilt microphone and webcam.

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Jayanti Katariya founder & CEO Moon Technolabs Pvt Ltd

At the center, Moon Technolabs Pvt Ltd – android app development company is driven by the vision, sharpness and flourished under the leadership quality led by none other than the founder & CEO: Mr. Jayanti Katariya. Managing requirements and serving productive results to entrepreneurs.


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