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How Is AI Transforming Digital Video Marketing Industry?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most advanced digital technology that is influencing almost every industry. Healthcare, pharma, education, manufacturing, fashion, retail, and many more sectors are modernizing their work processes, service delivery channels, and production and warehouse management services using AI technology.

Video marketing is also one of the most popular segments with tremendous growth. Yes. The role of AI in digital video marketing is moving to its next level and assisting organizations, mid-sized companies, and entrepreneurs in approaching their targeted audience worldwide.  

Unlike placing service banners and marketing through humans, AI helps companies make efficient and results-driven strategies for business promotion across all corners of this world. There is no doubt that AI has bright scope in the future of video marketing.

Today, in this article, we would like to give you brief information on how AI technology fuels video marketing and how businesses can reap from the revolutionizing AI trend for marketing.

Firstly, before jumping into our actual session, we will discuss a few lines about the definition of video marketing.

What Is Video Marketing And How It Is Beneficial For Companies Across Sectors?

Video marketing is the best data-oriented business strategy to promote your services and products on social platforms, engage the audience, and drive sales. Businesses can grab the viewer’s attention and improve lead conversions with ease.

Besides business promotion, video marketing will play a key role in augmenting brand-to-customer rapport by providing quick and instant digital responses and services.

 On top of these benefits, video marketing will help companies in broadcasting live events spreading their word to the global audience conveniently by sitting in one place. Hence, video marketing is the best platform for companies to sustain for the long run, improve brand credibility, and generate a flow of profits.

Advantages Of Online Video Marketing:

  •  Brands can reach and connect with a broader audience base.
  • Improve service visibility across the world through marketing short and pretty business-related video content
  • With the “Watching is more powerful than listening” concept, video marketing ways allow the audience to remember more about services and products
  • Custom AI-based video-making solutions would help businesses create impressive videos.
  • Video content improves click-rate, organic traffic, and business conversions as well.
  • AI gives real-time updates on user engagement in your video content.
  • chances of conversions are high for businesses that promote video ads on social sites.

Just imagine, if general video marketing activities are ensuring these many advantages, what about if the companies adopt AI in video marketing? Yes. The future of AI in video marketing applications would be promising.

 If you are looking ahead to implementing AI and its intelligent, automated, predictive, and analytical capabilities for modernizing your ordinary video marketing functions, here is the best guide that we crafted for you.  

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Video Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that is used for developing high-level and most advanced software applications that will be executable with minimum human interaction. Here are the top 5 Artificial Intelligence Applications in video marketing.

1. AI Analyzes Data & Offer The Best Insights

AI technology is coupled with machine learning applications and deep learning to quickly analyze data which is mostly engaging your audience and helps businesses improve the quality and uniqueness of their video content. 

2. AI In Video Marketing For Personalization

It is one of the best advantages of using AI for video marketing. Designers can create more curative and user-friendly video content and improve personalization, better engage them and finally, increase lead conversion rate.

AI software analyzes previous watch records of the user’s library and offers more personalized video content recommendations for the users.

For instance, YouTube is the best video streaming app where businesses or individuals can upload videos and make their brand visible globally. This trending video streaming app using AI and deep learning technologies will predict which content is liked by the users and send push notifications to them to watch similar videos. 

It is one of the best ways to engage your audience and extend your brand credibility and reliability.

3. Help Businesses Predict Audience Emotions  

 AI can do miracles in video marketing. AI not only helps in creating the best data-driven videos, but AI software applications will also play a significant role in determining which type of videos promotion will ensure the best business results.  

AI-powered apps will also play a crucial role in boosting the video performance and analyzing the viewer’s emotions.

4. Strengthens Sales Metrics

Highly user-engaging videos are the best ways to boost user experiences and sales. Over 70% of companies have already generated profitable sales using AI-based video marketing tools, systems, and applications. 

After viewing short videos of the product’s features, functionalities, and benefits, people are most likely to buy a product. According to research reports, 80% of internet users and people across social media profiles are watching video ads to know their features and uses. It will improve the overall sales performance is an organization.    

5. Lessen The Burden Of Digital Marketers

AI machines or tools exactly replicate what a human can do. Yes. AI applications are pretty innovations derived from intelligent technologies. From video content search, image selection, perfect timing, and video crafting, AI can provide you with the proper digital assistance.       

AI software applications will surf through pre-defined databases and offer accurate titles and subtitles for your video content, and removes the burden of subtitle selection.

AI-integrated systems will also suggest color themes, and appropriate graphics make your videos more attractive. It will also assist companies in never letting the audience scroll down without watching your videos. 

Wrapping Up:

These are a few reasons why digital marketers adopt AI in video marketing activities. In this digital sphere, AI has a great impact on video marketing or digital marketing.

The use of AI in video marketing is growing adversely and assisting marketers in searching for the best video content, creating user-engaging videos, predicting viewers’ interests, pitching an audience, and generating lucrative sales.

In the next few years, AI, ML, predict analytics, and deep learning technologies will make a boom in video marketing in this digital space.

Author’s Bio:

Prasanna Simhadri is a well-known tech writer. She has deep experience in providing research-oriented, unique, and plagiarism-free content in an impressive writing style. Her content elaboration will attract the reader’s attention, better engage them, and gives factual information on desired technologies, custom software application development, and digital transformation tactics.


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