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How difficult it is to pass the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam?


Nothing is easy these days, as everything needs practice, discipline and focus. Same goes for any examination you take in your life.

How hard you work for something depends on how much important it is.

As the trend shows, Cloud Computing is the future as it provides many benefits, due to this the usage of cloud computing is expanding in all sort of businesses. From retail to healthcare, most of the companies are now shifting towards Cloud Computing. Because it helps them manage their Server Side budget. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, the cloud has some disadvantages as well. So if you don’t use the help of professionals to deploy it, you can get into some trouble. So that’s why you should always opt to hire highly skilled professional to enjoy the benefits of Cloud Computing.

This is why the demand for skilled professionals in Cloud Computing will increase over the passage of time.

Why choose Microsoft Azure Certification?

Getting Certified in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam can heavily increase your chance of getting hired in big companies. As I said before that nothing is easy, passing this exam can be difficult that is why some companies provide dumps, or you can also search AZ-900 PDF to make it easier for you to pass this Exam. There are tons of study material that you can find on the internet.

The demand for Cloud computing is increasing rapidly, and there are many reasons for that. Some of the important aspects are:

  • 95% of Fortune 500 companies are using MS Azure.
  • Microsoft is on track to hit $30 billion in cloud revenue
  • Over 2,000 unique customers sign up on Azure network.
  • More than 350,000 new company’s signup for Microsoft Azure annually.
  • $1 billion investment per year for cyber threats to protect customer’s data.
  • 90+ compliance offerings, highest portfolio in the industry.
  • MS Azure is providing solutions in Healthcare, Financial Services, Government, Retail, Manufacturing.

These are the important aspects of MS azure that should motivate you to pursue this skill in your Career.

Is it easy to pass this exam?

So coming back to our main question that how difficult it is to pass this exam? If you think it’s easy, then my answer is No, it’s not. You have to study hard but don’t lose hope as there are many different resources that you can use for preparation. It is difficult but you can set your career on the right path.

The average salary for certified professionals in cloud computing is $83000 Annually. The salary of a Cloud professional is likely to be something like $56375 Annually.

The future for Cloud Computing is big, the demand for professionals will only increase with time. So if you want to pursue this as your career, getting certification in MS Azure fundamentals is a must. It will give you a heads up against other professionals in this field. I recommend that you use dumps, they will help you a lot in passing this exam.


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