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How Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are Enriching Mobile App Development?


AI and Chatbots are Enriching Mobile App Development?

Artificial Intelligence is growing rapidly and emerging out as one of the most popular technologies across the software industry. Artificial intelligence is widely used in mobile app development to help the user complete day-to-day tasks easily and efficiently. AI technology, if used in smart devices, can function on the security, entertainment, and monitoring requirements of the users. Artificial intelligence is closely combined with chatbots, predictive analysis, and speech recognition.

A Small Introduction to Chatbots

A chatbot is messaging software that can engage in a conversation with the user based on user data and prefixed answers. Chatbots are of two types, the first one being basic ones that answer simple questions, and the second one being a more intelligent bot that uses technologies like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). The modern chatbots are capable of voice conversation and language processing and are used by leading companies and major brands. A few examples of modern chatbots include Amazon Alexa, Google Allo, and Apple Siri.

Advantages of AI and Chatbots in Mobile Applications

Advantages of AI and Chatbots in Mobile Applications

More Effective Messaging Apps

Chat or text messaging is one of the important features of a mobile app. Chatbots make the messaging app more effective and engaging by integrating with the application and enhancing the overall messaging experience.

Social media linking

Chatbots are linked with the social media accounts of the user. This feature comes in handy in applications like Slack, in which, if one person opens an account, it also gets added to other members’ accounts.


Personalization is one of the most in-demand features in mobile apps, and the mobile app development company is aware of that. Chatbots and artificial intelligence play a crucial role in personalization by providing accurate suggestions and recommendations. The technology also provides users’ real-time insights and location. These insights help businesses in gathering useful data to recognize customer behavior.


Chatbots are inexpensive to develop and integrate. Moreover, chatbots perform a wide range of business requirements, making them highly efficient and cost-effective. Therefore, chatbots can make mobile apps more engaging and interactive at minimal costs.

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App Marketing

Chatbots and artificial intelligence can get real-time demographic statistics. This data can be used by businesses for applying multiple marketing strategies. It further helps you gather crucial marketing data and reduce mistakes.

Reduction in the Number of Apps

Artificial intelligence can reduce the number of applications in the device of a user. The applications and websites we use are nothing but a collection of information. With the help of AI, all the necessary information can be bundled in one app, making other apps in the device less useful. Presently, tasks like booking hotels, flight tickets, and movie tickets can be done using a single application.

Face Detection

One of the most popular applications of AI is face detection. In face detection, artificial intelligence combines with face detection technology and deep learning for accurate face detection. Companies use Image Recognition (IR) technology to verify their users’ faces in their security tracing apps. Developers are further using IR technology for processing card payments with face detection in mobile apps.

Landmark Detection

Artificial intelligence enables you to read radiology pictures automatically by detecting certain points in the image. AI can help you detect both artificial and natural structures in an image.

AI-based chatbots make the search experience better. All you need to do is type a search term, speak it, or upload an image, and the AI-enabled bot will come up with appropriate results.

Improved Onboarding

Studies suggest that a large number of users don’t return to an app after using it once. One of the primary reasons for this behavior is an unpleasant onboarding experience. AI-powered chatbots make the value proposition clear and provide an engaging user experience.

Some Use Cases of AI Chatbots

eBay Shopbot: eBay shopbot operates as a personal shopping assistant that helps customers in finding the ideal products and best deals. eBay shopbot is not only limited up to text conversation but also allows verbal conversation. You can also upload an image to ask for suggestions and recommendations.

Stubhub: Stubhub is a widely known event ticket selling app that regularly updates its users about new events and the availability of tickets. Stubhub chatbot has a business-driven interface which helps users to find new concerts and events, and their tickets.

Whole Foods: Whole Foods is a food retailer app that uses a chatbot to help customers find desired food products within seconds. The chatbot also connects with Facebook Messenger to help users find the desired items with a few messages. The chatbot can also communicate through the emoji of the food items.

The Bottom Line

AI and chatbots together have revolutionized the user experience by saving time and providing an engaging and trouble-free experience. Adding chatbots in mobile applications promotes conversation with the users, thereby increasing user involvement. The user interface and use experience can be further improved by adding advanced technologies like conversational AI. Moreover, AI-powered chatbots have proved their worth in engaging users and handling their queries at every stage of the user life cycle.

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