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Following SEO Best Practices: Good or Bad for Online Business


Following SEO Best Practices: Good or Bad for Online Business
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In the digital marketing industry where we are working, there are lots of influencing factors that affect the ranking of the online business. This includes celebrity influencers and SEO best practices. So, does that mean SEO “best practices” is all about mastering the SERPs? What exactly are SEO “best practices?” Who defines them? Why is it practiced widely? Let’s try to find out all these answers through this piece of content. 

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Let’s start with the definition of “best practice.” It refers to a methodology that has been widely accepted at getting the right results. It includes page title lengths, word counts, and domain authority. It is a generally accepted method to optimise websites by making it more appealing for the search engines. 

Let’s now look at the advantages of following SEO best practices.

Security for Practitioners

SEO is still an unknown territory for lots of people. When you first begin to rank your website on Google, it can seem to be a mix of science and magic. With the guidance of best practices, it is possible to get the much-needed security to get the desired results. It showcases a concrete path and comfort to those who are performing SEO activities for the very first time.

Security for Clients

Best practices also give reassurance to clients and stakeholders. In case they are familiar with certain aspects of SEO, knowing that their appointed experts appear to be following the guidelines assures them of legitimacy and potential success.

The Problems with Best Practice

There are certain problems when you accept a set of practices that have not been tested yourself. Let’s look at them.

Who Decides on Best Practices?

“Best practice” is one of the best ways to adjudge whether you are on the right track. It helps you clearly define your goals. However, one problem with the SEO industry is the fact that there is a dispute amongst professionals about the best practices. Even seasoned professionals are unsure of the best parameters that constitute a ranking factor. This way, the widely acclaimed “best practices” for the industry could lead us to astray.

Differences in Opinion

“Best practices” suggest that there is only one route to achieve success. But, in SEO, we have seen there are lots of facets that contribute to growing traffic. It depends on the query posted and the results generated that signal the success. This way, it becomes difficult to suggest that there is a “best” way to optimise a page in case the signals that adjudge the ranking are weighted differently for each search query. 

Ammunition for Competition

“Best practices” is one of the best ways for SEO agencies to get their strong foothold in the door, especially for a new business. There are times when, according to “best practices,” lack of H1 on terms & conditions page or a missing robots.txt is considered to be a significant flaw in the optimisation of a site. It can bring in doubts in the minds. However, in reality, such minor things are unlikely to have a significant impact on bringing a website’s ranking down.


Cost is another factor that can be considered as one of the major concerns when it comes to implementing SEO “best practices.”There are times when due to lack of resources and financial implications that essential things are ignored, which can prove to be quite useful from an SEO point of view.  

The Best Way to Form SEO “Best Practice”

To evaluate whether SEO “best practices” is a blessing in disguise or a curse is solely dependent on the way it is formed and followed. Some SEO pundits even say that there is no such thing as “best practices” within the industry. 


Various comprehensive and valuable guides are available for SEO beginners. They provide a way forward to people who have never optimised for search engines before. They provide working mechanisms of how the search engines work. What they favor? How can websites take advantage of it? The real problem is not the resources but how SEO professionals approach them.  

SEO professionals need to treat them like a car manual, informing you about everything that is needed to know about the way the vehicle works, what the warning lights look like, and how to fix the engine if it goes wrong. With adequate knowledge, it is possible to get into the unchartered territory and explore. 

The problem starts when you approach it as a full-proof guide, and do not take into account whether your webpages have thin content, have non-existent backlink profiles or poor meta-tag usage. 

Unfortunately, there are times when you would say that the search engines did not behave in the way you expected them to. When we try to follow the best practice, we are abiding by the set of rules that are not even backed by Google.  

Search engines are complicated, and the truth is, the algorithms are not widely renowned outside the organization that developed them. If you categorically state that they work in a specific manner unless confirmed by the company can prove to be a naive judgment. Instead, you should utilize guides and checklists as your starting point. 

In the end, it has got to be said that SEO best practices provide a great head-start to your SEO dreams if you are starting your career as an SEO professional. To get your website ranked in top SERPs of reputed search engines avail SEO services in Sydney from a professional digital marketing agency today!


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