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Must Try Top 5 Simple App Ideas That Make Money


Searching for the simple app ideas that make money? Hmm! We have something interesting for you. Generally, people create an app for business purposes or marketing their own perspectives. 

Do you know most apps couldn’t make money or profitable for owners? Meanwhile, the reason is the profitable app ideas and concocting plans for app creation. The parameters of creating a successful application include revenue, app downloads, and so on.

This post includes the same information for you. The secret of successful apps relies on profitable app ideas. This piece of content recites the list of top 5 simple app ideas that make money for sure. 

Being a member of a leading mobile app development company i.e. Acquaint SoftTech. I witnessed many successful apps that have bloated design and gone through robust development. According to my personal experience, there is a secret recipe behind every success. 

The profitable app also seems like the same compared to others, but their app ideas and monetization plans make them stand out. That’s what we have to hit in through this post. Here we begin. 

Simple App Ideas That Make Money

Top 5 Simple App Ideas That Make Money

1. On-Demand App

The on-demand app is the most talking point in the mobile app development articles. 2019 is the year of many exciting technologies and the on-demand app is one of them. The on-demand app simply means an application that caters on-demand services. 

There are some of the most popular categories that make money in the term of the on-demand app. Here the list. 

  • Taxi App Like Uber
  • Food Delivery App Like Uber Eats
  • Home Services App Like Today
  • Beauty Services App Like LeSalon
  • Health App Like ZocDoc

The on-demand app idea is no doubt a profitable idea. The important thing is to add every required feature that can engage the audience. The on-demand app market attracting approx. 22.4 million user’s attention per industry. So all you have to do is create an app for resolving any issue that the audience is facing. Having the right app development partner is also important.  

2. Cryptocurrency App

Cryptocurrency is a financial term but it attracts approx every digital nomad. Every news journal and technical article leverage from the cryptocurrency and bitcoin transaction. No matter the response is good or negative towards cryptocurrency but the thing is crypto has huge popularity. 

It’s always a good business idea to invest in cryptocurrency and statics are also indicate the same side. So how we can ignore this digital currency from the future app ideas. However, there are many apps for cryptocurrency exchange and other payment transaction but users want everything under the umbrella.

Thus, creating a cryptocurrency app will surely profitable for owners because there is a huge opportunity. Hire a leading mobile app development company to make the best out of your dream idea.     

3. Social App

Both the sentence “We are addicted to smartphones” and “We are addicted to social apps” seem to differ but sound similar. Mobile audience glued with the social app i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. The key reason behind the huge engagement is an easy, fast and reliable way of communication.

The social market size is growing rapidly but only the top three applications handle the market. Meanwhile, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have the most users base, but that’s not a concern for us. All three apps are categorized as a social app but they differ from each other, Instagram is a photo-sharing social app, Twitter is also one of a kind social app for short content sharing. 

Therefore, cutthroat competition always affects the clone app, if your app brings value and USP for the users then you can easily drive handsome ROI. Try to create an application for a particular region, country, or language to filter the audience.

4. Gaming App

The gaming app is always the first choice for app owners. The statics and app store report says the Game app category has the maximum downloads of the app store(Google Play Store & Apple App Store). If an app category ranked top for the last several years, then everybody gonna invest in this i.e. game apps.

One more thing, gaming apps generate more revenue than others. Also, user engagement reaches the best height. Therefore, gaming apps are one of the best app ideas for stakeholders. Here are some popular gaming apps. 

  • Clash of Clans
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Coins Master
  • Pokemon GO
  • Candy Crush Saga 

The bitter truth is most gaming apps are failed due to a lack of trending technologies. App owners lost in thought while making the app, they put every feature on the board but ignored engagement features. Having a top app development partner can be helpful.

5. Entertaining App

The entertainment industry always on the peak because of the user interest. The internet traffic shifted through the web to mobile. Entertaining apps taking leverage from the fastest internet in the world by providing on-demand video streaming facilities. 

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Youtube
  • Pandora
  • Flixster App

Creating an entertainment app is always a profitable idea but it requires app promotion and monetization plans. App promotion attracts new users and monetizes plans to make money in the right way. Again the backend support and quality testing is a crucial part of the success of this type of apps.      

Other Simple App Ideas That Make Money:

  • Business & Utility App
  • Financial Application, E-wallet
  • Educational App like Khan Academy
  • Book Review App
  • App Compatible With AR/VR

Final Thought 

While wrapping up, one thing is clear robust app ideas are the gateway for profitable apps. The idea always matters in every success story so try to give proper time for ideation. To turn profitable from the apps you should focus on many things apart from just simple app ideas like bloated features, affordable cost or free, app promotion, and reputed mobile app development company. 

If you are looking to create a mobile app that makes money for sure, then we are the right source. Acquaint SoftTech is a top mobile application development company USA having vast experience of crafting futuristic and profitable apps. Discuss your dream idea with our experts.

Author Bio:

I am Elijah Williams working as Sr. Mobile App Developer in Acquaint SoftTech, the best mobile app development company USA. I have several years of working experience in the company and working with a team of dedicated developer those are well known for the top iOS/Android application developer in the USA. I am very passionate to read and write the guest post for the latest app development technology.


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