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Gift ideas for cousin’s birthday


Somewhere in childhood we all have made crazy plans for each other’s celebration just to make it special and memorable. You did that too, right? Those were the moments that kept us together and held us tight.  The bond you shared with your cousins was one of the amazing things that made every childhood different. But somewhere between, we all have that cousin which holds a special side in your heart.  Don’t we? And you never want to let any moment slip away from your hand just to surprise them and make them feel amazing!! But you’re tired of looking ways and repeating the old same ideas? Oh, don’t worry. It’s all sorted out now.

The year brings you with the new and amazing ideas to surprise your beasty-buddies with everything different.

Gift ideas for cousin's birthday

Here are the 10 exciting and most happening gift ideas you can try out this year to make the memories relive again and to bring back the joy of moment!

We bet. They are insanely wonderful!

1. Gift a’ Go

You must have spent a crazy childhood with your favorite cousin making a new journey every new day. This is definitely going to be the perfect gift for an adventurous person who loves to swirl around. Planning a GO Gift for your cousin is the best thing to make the day special as well as the most memorable one. No matter what your pocket size is, you can plan a free day out for the celebrations hand packed with loads and loads of memorable snaps! Piling up the memories together as you did before. Doesn’t it sound so amazing? A Gift a’ Go for you to GO!

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2. The Makeover

Aren’t you tired of seeing the old face of your cousin? We know, you are! Let’s go for a change then. Why not choose a makeover to give your cousin a complete new look. That’s going to be a quite amazing surprise for him/her. Aah, com’on. We all know how lazy we have become and this makeover is going to be a complete package for your loved ones to bring out the new in them. You will definitely receive praises for this one!

3. Back at the memory lane!

You still remember all those funny acts and stupidest things that you master minds created together? What is going to be better than going back through all those insane memories and reliving them again? Nothing matches such moments of friendships between cousins. This gift is going to bring tears of happiness showering with uncountable emotions that will be worth everything. Sure it’s going to be worth spending time together just as you used to do when you were little munchkins!

4. Hook up with book

Is your cousin a geek freak and complete mad when it comes to books? Don’t think much. Books are the eternal love for such person and you’ll be no less than an angel if you gift him some. It’s a smart move to impress your cousin by preferring his choice over any other thing. Nothing much to think about it. The choice is made easier for you. Bang into the book store and grab copies of your cousin’s favorite series to gift him and experience what true affection is.

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5. Hit the hobby Ah,

We know it’s quite boring to gift the person what he already loves to do but sometimes this is all what matters to them. Their hobby is everything. And if you value it, you’re an amazing cousin to him. So, if you are surrounded by some passionate cousins, start keeping an eye on what they are into nowadays! Spy on their activities, likes or dislikes. You will know their current hobby soon. And that’s the trick. Surprise them with a gift before they even open up to you or else you can gift them the best tennis racquet to remind them the outdoor games that you guys have.

6. Let’s play Senti!

What is the best way to express your feeling and the purity of bond between you and your cousins? Of course, it’s time to go senti. Make a plan on it and gather all those scenes and journeys and words that you’ve shared since childhood and turn it to a customized doodled card or a book or even a scroll. You can even get a piece of fabric made out of it or co complete digital with an animated video clip. Whatever suits you! Choose your moments and recreate them.

6. Bits of material

Spent your childhood with a person who loved to collect things? And still has the same old thoughts? Yes, you got it right! It’s your time to make a material move now and find the best gift for your cousin that matches his choice and taste. (But make sure you know one before) Surprise your cousin with a nice pair of cupcakes and some balloons or send the goodies (in case you are planning it for a baby cousin, then get them a best beyblade) to their workspace and make them feel special.

8. Phone a’ friend

True cousin-ship is what makes you happy and emotional at the same time. It’s your time to prove that you hold up to your cousin’s happiness and knows what he’ll be really surprised to see. Find the oldest friend of your cousin and call them around to give him an old school surprise.  Wait, no. Throw out a party with all of them and surprise him up! He’ll explode into tears as meeting your pals goes never out of date. Specially now, when were too busy with our lives.

9. Gift of 12 you just need to prepare a gang.

When the day comes, go to your cousin with streamers, balloons poppers and blowers at night. Turn on all the lights and yell a Happy Birthday song. (You can also go for a karaoke) Take along a cake too for smashing it on your cousin’s face. If you like, you can also take a gift. But what matters is how passionately you do it. And how smoothly your plan runs.

10. Flooded with love

We know it’s difficult when you’re all grown up but away and far busy in your lives. But you still wish to make your special ones day more special by surprising them? No worries, technology has got your back! Just flood his social media with love gathered from everywhere around sending him loads of wishes and prayers that he’ll be blessed with. If you wish, you can also post the oldest and ugliest picture of your cousin to bring him in the limelight.

Try out a surprise for your cousin and see how it turns out!

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