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Get Ready and Protect Yourself From Identity Thefts Online


Identity theft is a loss of personal data due to scam or criminal activity. It has become common in today’s internet world. Your job does not end after buying the best wifi internet connection. You have something more to focus on. The personal data includes:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Banking Information
  • Credit Card Number
  • Health ID
  • Social Security Number

Such data can be hacked and create a lot of problems. It will be used without your permission. Do not let any kind of fraud activities happen from your data. Innocent people have become victims of internet identity thefts. Along with personal data, business information loss is also a major concerned area.

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Beware Of Phishing Websites

What exactly is meant by the phishing website? It showcases to be the legal business website. But, it is a fake website in reality. These websites are present to steal your personal data. You might be worried about your username and password. It also scrapes the person’s phone number, address, and other personal data. Be cautious when any of the websites ask for your personal data.

Sometimes, you will have to provide the information for a legal purpose. It can be the application for a credit card. If the site has no clear purpose, then it must be red flagged. Do you still doubt whether the website is real or not? Call the official business and ask for the correct data. This should solve the purpose.

Utilize OpenDNS

The city’s best wifi internet service provider will be having good knowledge about OpenDNS. It is an amazing way to increase the speed of our internet connection. The features seem to be practical in nature. One of the features is a content filtering option. So, when a person visits a suspicious website, it alerts the user.  It is termed as phishtank service.


Online Shopping At Reputed Websites

All of us love to own the best wifi internet connection. The main reason is that you can buy anything online. You will find the website that sells anything you want to buy. Everything happens at the fingertips. But, you need to share the personal details before buying the item. How sure are you about the data security? Will the website keep your data safe? There are few online sites to check whether the site is safe to make the purchase or not. Also, you can use the browser plugin to check the security level of an e-commerce website.

Keep Your Wireless Network Secure

When you ask the best wifi internet service provider, they want you to secure the network. It has to be done along with the purchase of a new internet connection. It mainly helps you to reduce online identity thefts and fraud activities. Do not dare to keep your internet open. It happens when you do not opt for WPA encryption. You are making it very easy for the attacker to exploit the wireless network. The hacker can get access to personal information as it is not encrypted. Only a few website names are more than enough for the hacker to scrape your identity. One of the best ways is to add the wifi password and secure the network.

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Check The Credit Profile Consistently

One way is to be very strict and careful about sharing personal information online. In addition, you should make sure that the information is not scraped already. The sooner you check, the better you learn about credit profile. What else you can do? Educate yourself about online identity thefts. Learn how to be safe. It is your responsibility!

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