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Features that every E-Store must have to Attract Consumers in 2022


Since we want our phones to do everything such as working as a camera, radio, giving us fun, entertainment, and then paying the bills as well. Have you ever noticed that phones and the internet have made us introverted because we now want to spend time in a quiet room with our phone and internet.

The trend of Ecommerce and E-Stores have made it more convenient for us to do all the tasks from our phones. E-stores are the greatest innovation in history, since it has changed our shopping habits and people are buying more from online stores instead of visiting the physical store.

 However, there are many online stores present on the internet and it is very difficult to attract consumers towards your site but you can do it with few features as people want ease these days and they don’t like difficult hence by adding features that can make your consumer’s shopping experience easy and fun, you can attract many customers towards your site. Although if you do not care about the customer’s ease you may lose your customers by these mistakes.

Top 5 Features that Every E-Store Must Have to Attract Consumers in 2022

We are going to tell you the top 5 features that a layman will like on your site and that can make their shopping experience super easy and time saving; Also, you can make your management easy with these features as well.

  • Search in Store
  • The Frequently Asked Questions Section
  • Review of the Customers
  • Adding Video
  • Return Policy of Your Store

Search in Store

Not every customer will be able to find the goods they require on your home page. So, it is a must-have find-in-store option. This makes it immensely handy to know which local retailers have things in stock. Customers will simply conduct their research and make their purchases in person. This is especially true for eCommerce sites, as more than 80% of young buyers conduct research online prior to making a purchase in a shop. 

If you add a search option in your E-Store your consumers will find it easy to search for the product they are looking for. Instead of searching the whole store they can directly get what they want and the ease will make them love your store even more. 

Additionally, if you add an advanced search option it will also enhance the shopping experience of your customers as people sometimes make spelling mistakes  while searching but they expect to see the right product and relevant swatches. In such cases advanced search will allow them to see all the relevant searches they are expecting to see.

The Frequently Asked Questions Section

Customers will undoubtedly want to learn more about a product before purchasing it, right? The customer will almost always conduct research on Google. However, in other circumstances, it will be ineffective, or they may not receive a satisfactory response from Google.

As a result, including a FAQ area on your eCommerce website will enable customers to receive answers to all of their questions. For example, when buying things online vs in person, complex purchases often necessitate trust in the vendor and precise information.As a result, an additional information section contains frequently asked questions that can help establish trustworthiness and enhance buyer confidence.

 The FAQs will also save you from their repetitive questions as you can just convey your message regarding the product once and for all. It saves your time and enhances the image of your store, as it allows them to feel heard by the store. 

Reviews of Customers

Customer feedback is more crucial than you may realise! Customer feedback is extremely beneficial to both sides. Because, For starters, customer reviews are obviously significant for future purchasers because they want to check what previous buyers have to say. They would like to determine the benefits and drawbacks from the user’s standpoint. Having Google client reviews can help your company flourish.

Second, client reviews are critical for your website’s search engine optimization. In this case, there are two theories at play. Furthermore, more customer reviews equate to more product-specific content. More material will assist you in reaching the top of the search engine results page. However, the second theory is also worth noting. Let’s look at two product pages side by side. 

One has no customer reviews, whereas the other has a large number of them.The visitor will come to the first page to look at the product, read all of the specifications, look at all of the details, then scroll down for customer reviews, but there will be none! The visitor may then depart. The visitor will evaluate all of the facts on the second page, as well as user reviews. You’ll note that the time spent on the second page has increased dramatically.

As we all know, one of the key variables in search engine ranking is the average time spent on a given page. The bounce rate lowers as the average time spent on a page increases. As a result, your page will eventually rank higher in search engines.

Adding Videos

In Online shopping you have to engage as many senses of customers as you can, since they want all the details of the products and then decide to buy or not. Pictures are a good option but they can not give them a clear view hence in that case you can add videos to cater their expectations about the products. Moreover, you can win their trust more through videos as compared to pictures. 

You do not need to hire any developer to help you in this case, as you can easily do this through Woocommerce Video in Product Gallery Plugin, the plugin will cost $49  that will be billed annually. You can install the plugin by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Have file ready for Add Featured Video in Product Gallery for WooCommerce.
  • Go to the Plugins area of the WordPress admin panel and click ‘Add New’ to upload and install the plugin you just downloaded.
  • To continue with the installation, upload file.
  • Wait for the plugin to finish installing. Activate the plugin after it has been installed successfully, and then proceed to the setup options.

You can do so many things with the plugin such as enable the featured video, place a link from youtube or any other site, enable a full gallery, Add videos in gallery or add videos for product variation.

Return Policy of Your Store

The Return Policy function is a must-have for any eCommerce business. It is one of the variables that contribute to internet selling’s trustworthiness. This policy provides customers with a digital assurance. So if customers are dissatisfied with a product or require a replacement, they can rely on the brand.

According to a poll, At least 30% of all products ordered on the internet are returned.

If the return process is simple, 92 percent of customers will buy again. Before making a purchase, 67% of online shoppers will look at the returns page. Therefore, make your return policy as easy as you can to attract a large amount of customers towards your store. 

It Takes Only Few Clicks

With only a few clicks customers can decide if they want to buy from your store or not: therefore, make those clicks worthwhile and allow them to enjoy the shopping they have never experienced before. Let us know in the comments below about the features you have added in your eStore to make it more user friendly.

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