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Everything You Need To Know About End-To-End (E2E) Testing


Need To Know About End-To-End (E2E) Testing

End-to-end testing (E2E testing) is a software testing method that aims to test an application flow from start to end. The testing methodology checks the software application’s integration with hardware, network connectivity, external dependencies, databases, and other peripherals. The objective of E2E testing is to optimize the data and workflow between the interconnected applications. It identifies the risk within the application and helps to deliver improved performance, stability, and integration.

End to End Testing involves several parameters, including test case preparation, checking the progress of weekly tests, weekly distribution of defects, and checking the environment’s availability to perform the tests effectively. You need to execute the test cases sequentially to build an efficient workflow. Typical E2E testing can be time-consuming. Hence you can combine manual and automated testing for a smooth completion. E2E testing helps to determine the system dependency of the software product. It also facilitates the data integrity between the product and the system and ensures that the application communicates seamlessly with the system.

End To End mobile testing solution enables testers to build effective testing strategies that will allow you to deliver top quality and performance for your mobile apps. The end-to-end testing process can be divided into three categories, i.e., user functions, conditions based on user functions, and building test categories.

User Functions

The following activities should be performed as a part of user functions.

o List the features of the software system and the subsystems that are interconnected.

o Keep track of functionality along with input data and output results.

o Find the relation between different functionalities performed from the user’s end.

Conditions Depending On User Function

o Build a set of conditions for each user function, including parameters like timing, data conditions, and sequence.

Build The Test Cases

o Write more multiple test cases for each functionality, and enlist each condition as a separate test case.

When To Apply End-To-End Testing

The global business software and services market size was valued at USD 322.91 billion in 2018. Software applications have become integral for business operations as it helps to improve function and efficiency. It helps to increase your product sales, customer service, and business visibility. E2E testing allows you to test the critical functionalities of the application. Tests are planned and designed for the particular application using testing frameworks or platforms, and the tests are executed, usually on different devices. If any test script fails, the developer debugs that specific code and reruns the test.

Testers try to replicate the real user scenarios using E2E testing to check the system’s validation for integration and data integrity. There are two main types of E2E tests, manual E2E testing and automated E2E testing. In manual testing, test cases are executed by a human tester. It is time-consuming and takes up human resources. Automated testing has better capabilities that can reduce redundancy in the testing process. You can combine both the testing methods for optimized results.

End-To-End Testing Lifecycle

It consists of four components.

  • Test planning: It is used to specify the critical tasks, schedules, and resources.
  • Test design:It is used for test specifications, test case generation, analysis of the associated risks, usage analysis, and schedule tests.
  • Test execution:It is used to execute test cases and document the testing results.
  • Results analysis: It is used to analyze test results and perform additional testing if it is required at any stage.

E2E Testing vs System Testing

System testing is conducted on a complete integrated system to check its compliance with its specified requirements. It helps to verify if the product meets the specifications mentioned in the requirement document. It checks both the functional and non-functional requirements.

End-to-end testing ensures that the integrated components of an application function as expected. It takes place after completing the system tests. E2E testing validates checks of both the main and interconnected systems, whereas System testing validates only the integrated software system. E2E testing checks the system’s complete flow, while system testing checks the system’s features and functionalities.

Top 5 Benefits Of End-To-End Testing

Decreases Repetitive Efforts

E2E testing is checking the flow of activities from scratch until the method. Hence, it reduces the probability of frequent breakdowns.

Ensures Complete Correctness And Health Of The Application

E2E testing checks the software application’s performance through the data layer, business layer, integration layer, and presentation layer. Thorough testing help to maintain the correctness and health of the software application.

Increases Confidence In The Application

E2E testing is regularly conducted on finished products and systems to review the functionality of the completed system. Hence, it increases the confidence in the application’s functionality across different devices and platforms.

Reduces Future Risks

E2E testing checks the application from beginning to end after every iteration and sprint. Hence, it decreases the risk factor, which can lead to the failure of the application.

Reduces Costs And Time

End-to-end testing minimizes the need to perform repetitive testing. It is a cost-effective and time-saving testing method.

To Conclude:

E2E testing helps to replicate real user scenarios so that the system can be validated for integration and data integrity. It allows the developers to reconfigure the product concepts to take care of the application’s error or redundancy. This testing methodology helps to test an application flow from start to end.


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