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Do You Want to Rank your Website Higher? Here are Two SEO Ranking Factors to Think About


As many as 85% of internet users don’t bother to scroll down past the first page of Google results. We call it “the cemetery of webpages” due to the low volume of visits. Every website’s primary goal is to get to the top of relevant search results because it’s where they will get the most visitors and potential revenue.

Search engine optimization plays a big role in this, in order to establish a flawless SEO strategy, you must consider the vital factors, and in this article, we will explore two SEO techniques you can incorporate to help your business shine out from your competitors.

Keeping Your Website Safe

In order to facilitate an efficient exchange of information, every website must first establish a secure connection with its audience. This is proven because Google said that security plays a massive role in terms of ranking your website on the search engine. Since this was announced, many websites have employed the HTTPS within their URL, which stands for hypertext transfer protocol security, and this protocol is to encrypt the information and safeguard consumers from fraudsters.

There are other businesses in different sectors that need to focus more on security than other websites, I’m talking about businesses that handle client personal information and work with money, so for example, banks and online gambling casinos. Online gaming platforms have to be more careful now because of the popularity of individuals playing games in the recent years, if you’re looking for more gaming options and want the potential chance to win some cash, online bonuses are available right now in selected virtual casinos, grab them whilst you can.

High Domain Reputation

The rank ability of a website, or the likelihood that a domain will appear in search results, is measured on this scale. The higher your website rises in the search engine rankings, measured on a scale of 1 to 100, the better. Keep in mind that search engines like Google want to show their viewers only the most trustworthy websites.

A website’s ability to rank higher than its competitors is determined by the domain’s authority. However, how can a website grow in authority? A website’s authority tends to increase with age, with the average age of a website being four years old. Your domain will appear more authoritative to visitors when it has higher PageRank and a more positive online reputation.

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