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Discerning the emerging trends and patterns in global business


With a slow and sluggish economy throughout the world, your business may need to look for international shores to remain lucrative. Before assessing foreign markets, you need to undermine the major factors trending in international business and capitalize on them.

  • Emerging and growing markets are making the loudest noise. Developing nations will see the highest economic growth because they’ve got closer to the develop world’s living standards.
  • If you want rapid business development, consider selling or investing into an emerging market.
  • Economic system, financial stability, language, and local cultural elements can influence that markets and their favorability.
  • Demographic shifts and population are also important. Industrialized world’s population is aging while so many developing nations youthful populations.
  • Corporations catering to prosperous pensioners can earn revenue from developed markets, while those roping in young folds, children and mothers can look in Far East, Africa and Latin America for sustainable growth.
  • The innovation pace is increasing as numerous new companies are developing new products and enhanced versions of old items. Western corporations no longer have the hegemony of technical expertise or development.
  • This pattern will further intensify and grow as more as more companies in developing nations acquire the skills to innovate successfully.
  • More informed consumers/buyers are changing the modality of businesses today. More rapid and intense communications allow customers to buy products from any part of the world.
  • You now have access to information about everything product.
  • With the availability of quality information and pricing across every market, businesses are bound to lose their pricing capabilities, especially the ability to set different rates in different markets.

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Consumer control over data

2020 onwards, avoid buying data or acquiring it sans consumers’ consent. It is a regulatory pressure on every company. Also, 71% of purchased data happens to be inaccurate.

  • So, consumer data can come from the consumers only. Reputable data companies recommend leveraging specific seasons with a themed poll, holiday gift purchase/guide, or holiday travel/lifestyle quiz.
  • Interactive content is making the buzz with consumers. People need one-on-one personalization, which is only possible when you tie data to specific consumers.
  • Alternative lending will grow continuously. Non-bank lending forms have proven to a boon for the industry in 2018-19.
  • Considering around 80% of small business loan requests get rejection, startup founders and innovators are increasingly rooting for nontraditional resources or financiers for monetary help.
  • Apart from tripling the acceptance rate of their sector peers, alternative lenders are also simplifying the entire lending mechanism.
  • You need to personalize everything that you can personalize. Studies prove how a whopping majority of customers prefer to stick to brands that provide personalized experiences.

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The use of Artificial Intelligence

AI will drive customer experience in a huge way. It’s not about dehumanizing and frustrating interactions. Don’t knit AI with conventional and outdated marketing automation.

  • You have three levels or tiers of machine learning. AI has machines performing tasks that normally humans perform.
  • Machine learning has machines learning on their own. Deep learning has chains of machine learning to create rich learning.
  • Premier companies are imbibing AI to perform redundant, repeatable tasks. They are using AI to process huge amounts of data.
  • The idea is not to avoid or negate human touch, but to enrich human experience.
  • AI is fast becoming the dominant norm for countless practical customer experiences.
  • Communities are fast embracing live videos and interactions on social media.
  • Your smartphone might propel you to think that individuals prefer social media over personal interactions.
  • However, top firms realize that fostering great community relations bolster long-term loyalty and brand goodwill.
  • Nothing drives lucid communications better than live and in-person interactions.
  • Millions are welcoming the Z generation. The youngest generation is now stepping into their formative years and their influence is rising.
  • They are taking leadership tasks within companies and will be managing or creating Gen z task force soon.

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Businesses will adapt to dynamic and modern customers. With the opulence of choices. Modern customers are gravitating toward companies that prioritize fast delivery, personalized and seamless service.

  • Whether you’re getting your car checked, making a financial transaction, or ordering a meal, you want fast delivery.
  • In certain sectors, legacy companies are already lagging behind smaller firms that offer better customer services vis-à-vis user experiences.
  • Keeping all the brouhaha over AI intact, technology is not going to replace the human experience or touch.
  • Technology is fast improving, with the greatest and latest tools tempting every corporation, but you need to remember that predictive analysis and AI will not substitute the human in the context of customer experience.
  • While AI’s does have infinite opportunities ahead, it still needs time to become a game-changer.
  • Now, you can think of it as augmented intelligence since it can augment or enhance the human experience, providing better information, the ability to perform your roles better, and a greater insight.
  • Genuine relationships may trump and reign over technology. While technology governs our lives, it’s still relationships and goodwill that drive commerce and business.
  • Algorithms can simply tell you a certain part of a customer, but it’s relationships that drive transactions.
  • For example, you may get more followers to your social media account from sites like, but you need to engage with them to drive sales.

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New equality is the buzzword

With businesses becoming global, you have to focus on local elements like culture and ethos to bring lasting and rich rewards.

  • The future fully focuses on equality. It means more women will have leadership roles.
  • From a commercial perspective, it’s great news for both new, innovative business structures and the bottom line.
  • Women are currently shaping the way you do business. They are embracing and promoting softer values such as flexibility, collaboration and ethics.
  • Emphatic principles are intrinsic to the new business model. It employs both intuitive and analytical approaches, driving innovation as well.
  • Companies have started to harness cultural capital to nurture the passions and power of local communities.

Total transparency, smart technology, cloud culture, equality focus, and cultural capital and authentic trust and happiness are six top business patterns or/and trends you will see in the coming days.

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Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.



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