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Different Types of Banners And Their Uses


Banners are the most affordable way for displaying messages and having people notice them. Decorating a whole storefront can be expensive, but banners, even big ones, are very affordable. For businesses on a low budget but need to attract attention with their signage, this is a great solution.

There are a lot of different types of banners in the market, each serving a different function. To help you choose the right kind for your business, we have compiled a list below.

They’re not the newest digital signage solutions, but their low cost and high visibility make them ideal for small businesses.

Web banners

A web banner’s size and placement varies by publisher, but it can contain varieties of text, images, and links. Web banners are usually created in HTML or Flash, but you can also use rich media to include media components.

For maximum visibility, you should place web banners above the fold, meaning above the initial screen viewable without scrolling down. You can also place them in a sidebar where they won’t get in the way of your content.

Text banners include a short description of the product or service. Image banners feature a graphical representation or photo of the item advertised.

Banners that use graphics tend to be more visually appealing and engaging than those with only text. Some marketers also find text banners to be less intrusive and more likely to get clicks from visitors who don’t want to see ads on their website.

How to choose the best banner for your company?

Banners are an extremely inexpensive form of outdoor advertising that you can use for all sorts of different occasions. A banner sign, which is usually made of lightweight cloth, can be used to promote a sale, welcome people to an event, or even recognize the members of a group while they are out on the town.

Because banners are so easy to transport and set up, you can pick up one or two at a moment’s notice and use them for virtually any type of occasion. For instance, you can use a banner to welcome customers to your restaurant on your opening night or give people directions when you are hosting an event in a new location.

Banners are extremely effective at getting across your message quickly and effectively because they are big and have bold designs. They are also durable enough to withstand changing weather conditions for extended periods of time.

If you’re still not convinced that banners are the way to go for your next event or need some help making the right selection, check out the following types of banners and their uses.

Fabric banners

To take advantage of the maximum impact that a fabric banner can provide, many businesses choose to have them printed with full-color, photographic imagery. For this reason, fabric banners are often used for advertising purposes in venues where a professional appearance is especially important, such as trade shows and conventions. No other option provides the same level of sophistication and flair.

Vinyl Banners

If you plan to use your banner outdoors, consider vinyl. This durable material is waterproof and can withstand even the strongest of elements. However, it can be difficult to see in direct sunlight, so we recommend it for indoor display only.

The most sought after vinyl banner is with an aluminum base. You can use this lightweight design indoors or out- even at night! – and comes with a hard-sided carrying case for easy transportation.

Pop-up displays

Pop-up displays are also perfect for use as event banners, where you set them up and take them down in a timely manner. Because of their sturdy construction and smaller size, they’re even more mobile than other types of banners.

An often-overlooked benefit to pop-up displays is that you can customize the front and back sides of these signs with different visuals. This allows you to create a cohesive campaign across multiple touch points, such as online and offline, print and signage.

Pop-up displays are great for outdoor advertising as well, since they provide better protection against the elements than traditional retractable banners. And unlike traditional fabric retractable banners, pop-up displays should last longer than just one season.

Corflute signs

Corflute signs are a great way to advertise your business, spread a political or social message, or call attention to a special event. Depending on the size of the sign and the message you want to convey, you can place these signs almost anywhere. They’re ideal for storefront windows, both as permanent fixtures and as one-time displays.

Corflute signs are also a great option for temporary signage at a shopping mall, fairgrounds, or event venue. Unlike paper banners that may blow away or be damaged by rain and sunlight, corflute signs will remain intact for as long as you need them.

Corflute signs are made from lightweight corrugated plastic that is flexible enough to bend slightly without breaking. The material is also tear resistant and water resistant. It can withstand wind and rain yet remain readable during all types of weather. Corflute signs have no problem standing alone on flat surfaces but can easily be staked into the ground if necessary.

Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are usually printed on vinyl, but they can also be printed on mesh material itself. The difference is that vinyl printed mesh banners are more durable and weatherproof. They are perfect for permanent installations, but require professional installation.

Mesh banners come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and styles. Your banner can be square or rectangular shaped. You can choose from black mesh or white mesh printing with vibrant full color printing. You can use mesh banners to showcase new products, promote sales events, build brand awareness or simply create general awareness of your business! Custom-sized mesh banners are great for window display applications or building sides. They easily attach to existing structures for instant impact!

Pull-up banners

Pull-up banners are the most common banner type, found at almost every venue from small tradeshows to large conventions. They have a simple and easy-to-use design: a pull-up banner stand has a single pole and a banner on each side of it.

Because they are easy to transport and setup and pull-up banners are also great for retail signage. As we mentioned earlier, they tend to be six feet tall and around four feet wide (which is why they make such great retail signage).

A new type of pull-up banner stand is the roll up. This variation is very similar to its predecessor; however, it has one main advantage: people use it both as an indoor display as well as an outdoor one. While this might not seem like much of an advantage, you will often find yourself faced with having to set up your booth in a covered area outside – which can be problematic if you need sunlight to show off your product.

For these reasons, we recommend using this particular style of banner stand – but only if you need it for both indoor and outdoor use!

Outdoor pole banners

You can use outdoor pole banners outdoors and occasionally indoors. You often see them on the streets and avenues of downtown districts, promoting festivals, concerts and events. However, you can use them for a variety of other purposes, such as decorating the main thoroughfares of colleges and universities, promoting retail spaces like shopping malls, or adding a splash of color to casinos, hotels and entertainment spaces.

Event banners

Event banners are a great way to grab attention, and they have a variety of uses. For instance, if you’re promoting a concert or a trade show, you can hang them up at the event itself. If you’re hosting a special event like a wedding reception or a birthday party at your home, you can use banners as decorations. Some guests even take them home as party favors.

Event banners are portable and lightweight, making them easy to set up and take down. They make a bold statement about your business or special event without costing too much money. Best of all, they’re customizable to fit your specific needs.

Choose the right banner for your business and convey the message in the best way!

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