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Difference between Kaspersky internet security and total security 2021


Difference between Kaspersky internet security and total security.

Kaspersky Antivirus is the software company that offers you different antivirus products that look after and protect users from any harmful malicious software entering their hard drive. It is one of the most popular antivirus software provider company in the world. For the most part, Kaspersky Antivirus products are used for computers that run Microsoft Windows, or Operating System. The main antivirus solution is: Kaspersky Antivirus, Internet Security, Total Security all are best in their way. But sometimes it’s hard to choose from Kaspersky Internet Security & Total Security 2021. Kaspersky has updated its antivirus packages for 2021 and they now include protection from ransomware, crypto lockers, hackers, & talker ware, similar to spyware but which is harder to detect and much more.

What is Kaspersky Internet Security & Total Security?

  • Kaspersky Internet Security– is mainly what the name hinted, and is any set of safety measure taken to ensure that a customer’s computer is not spread through with threats like viruses and malware plus complex ones like spy apps, crypto lockers & XSS attacks, or any other software that may take information sent across a network and make use of in a way that proves unfavorable to the user or his computer.
  • Kaspersky Total Security– is the multi-device family security that protects PC and Mac from viruses, crypto lockers, and other threats. Get faster safeguards without slowing down the device only with Kaspersky Total Security 2021. It offers world-class security against viruses, malware, and other dangerous threats that can harm your device badly.

Key Features of Kaspersky Internet Security & Total Security

Kaspersky Internet SecurityKaspersky Total Security
Award-winning SecurityAward-winning Security
Protect for Mac OS and Android devicePassword Manager helps in remembering a complicated password
Get extra layers of protection from our Safe Money technology.Get Best Firewall Protection
VPN encryption helps to hide data from hackers and ISPs.Full range of Parental control features
Protect your children from online dangers by using Parent Control features with Safe Kids.Superior protection online as well as offline
Free Premium Password ManagementEasy to use & set up
Free Smart & Secure VPN   Also include smart & secure VPN
Includes Firewall with powerful application controlFile Backup option for your Data

Some Extra Features of Kaspersky Total Security 2021

  1. Password Manager– You can sync passwords across all over Windows, iOS, Android, macOS devices with Kaspersky Total Security Password Manager. You can check the strength of your password or if is weak then you can also use the password generator to get a strong replacement for that weak password with Total Security Password Manager. If you purchase a Password Manager separately then it will be $14.99 but in Kaspersky Total Security you will get it Free of Cost.
  2. Secure & Safe VPN Connection– here you will get an excellent VPN service that encrypts the communication between the server and the browser. Kaspersky Total Security VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps to protect you from all the ads, cookies, hackers that take advantage of your using public wifi, etc.
  3. Kids Safe-With this Kaspersky Safe Kids product, you can manage your child screen time, View their locations, and manage their public Facebook activities. This is the best feature of Total Security for parents to keep an eye on children’s. The easy installation of Safe Kids is provided by clicking the Kaspersky Total Security single button. Get online safety for your kids free of cost Total security.
  4. Backup and Restore– Total Security helps to prevent the loss of your precious files from online backup. Here you will get a straightforward backup system that lets you create as many backup jobs as you need for local or Dropbox backup.

Different between Kaspersky Total Security & Internet Security on the Basic of price

Kaspersky Total Security VS Kaspersky Internet Security 2021– Both Kaspersky Total and Internet Security are reasonably priced. But above we have mentioned that the Kaspersky Total Security comes up with some of the extra features that is why it cost a little bit higher than Kaspersky Internet Security. You can pick up any one of them according to your device’s needs and importance. Regularly active user on the Internet who wants complete security protection for your device then you must choose Kaspersky Total Security. Shop this total security only at $49.99*/ Yearly 5 Devices. The users who use the Internet for time pass or do not want any high level of security protection then you must take Kaspersky Internet Security that price $39.99*/ Yearly 3 Devices.


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