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Common Mistakes To Avoid While 3D Printing


3D printing is taking over the technological world. Artists and businesses alike are using this technology to improve their practices and break barriers. However, 3D printers aren’t simple, and they do come with a learning curve.

If you want to create successful prints, there are some common 3D printing mistakes you’ll need to avoid. Knowing the best practices will help you start on the right foot and create some awe-inspiring designs.

Not Following Safety Guidelines

3D printing doesn’t look like a dangerous activity. But while it’s safe for experienced users, you still need to protect yourself during the process.

3D printers get hot. Their nozzles have to generate enough heat to melt materials, which is more than enough to create serious burns. 3D printing also generates toxic fumes, so make sure you’re only printing in a well-ventilated area.

Misusing Slicer Settings

Newcomers to 3D printing have a lot of vocabulary to learn. ABS, bridging, fill density—knowing these terms can make or break your experience. However, few are as important as the software that dictates your design: the slicer.

Misusing your slicer settings makes it impossible to print high-quality models. An incorrect setup could cause oozing, temperature discrepancies, and measurement miscommunication. If you’re using an upgraded printer, mastering your slicer is one of the best practices for dual extruders.

Failing To Level the Printing Bed

Many experts say that the first layer of any 3D printing project is the most important. You need a solid and sturdy foundation to build the rest of your model. Failing to level your printing bed before you begin will make this nearly impossible.

3D printers are technological marvels, but they aren’t completely automatic. Many require manual leveling to ensure the printing bed is straight. Take a few minutes to set everything up the right way in the beginning so that you don’t have to deal with problems later on.

Not Asking for Help

Nobody likes to admit when they’re wrong. It’s even harder to ask for help in something that seems like a niche subject. However, choosing not to ask for help is the most common mistake you need to avoid while 3D printing.

3D printing has real-world applications, but it’s also an art form. As such, there’s an enormous community full of expert printers waiting to guide you. Your manufacturer also likely has a support department, so use your resources to answer all your important questions.

Making mistakes is part of the learning process. However, knowing how to avoid missteps will keep you from making expensive and dangerous mistakes. Apply these lessons to your own practices if you want to improve your printing quality.


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